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That guy still has five hundred and twenty profounddi fruit s. According to his current fastest speed, he should be able to refine fifty batches in two hours. He can refine two of them in a single pot. Long Xueyi said: "But he can only produce one pill per furnace."

Chen Xiang was still refining his pills at a leisurely pace, not affected in the slightest by the other party's terrifying speed. This was because he was extremely confident in himself, as long as he was familiar with refining Qi Shen Dan, he would a.s.similate the methods inside the Heavenly Alchemy.

Based on the current situation, even if Su Meiyao understood Chen Xiang's ability very well, she didn't know how he would win. However, she knew that Chen Xiang would definitely use the heaven defying method inside the Heavenly Alchemy.

"He has already made ten batches, he hasn't even made a single batch!"

"Hehe, looks like after he refines this furnace, he will finish refining his own ingredients before going back to refine his. It seems like he's definitely going to lose."

"He won't suffer much loss if he loses. At most, he'll only damage the reputation of the Xi Yi Pavilion."

"With his current speed, he basically has no chance of winning, but why is he still so calm?"

Chen Xiang had now linked his consciousness with the furnace and sealed off the connection to the outside world, making the furnace exist only in his mind. It was as if there was only him and the furnace in this world, because he had reached the most crucial moment!

"My Heaven fire is definitely not weaker than the heavenly fire. Previously, when I was going through the Thousand Refinements Tribulation, I swallowed the Fire Seed condensed by the Robbery power. The reason I am unable to unleash the power of the Heaven fire right now is because in my heart, I am telling myself that after the Heaven fire evolves, it will cause me a great deal of harm! "

Chen Xiang already felt an inexplicable sense of restlessness. He told himself rationally that now was not the time to release the Heaven fire, because once released, his Heaven fire would very likely evolve into a Sky Fire. With his current strength, he simply could not suppress that kind of terrifying flame.

The reason why he had such a thought was because he had seen Li Baojun's strong Heaven Flames. Now, he was even clearer on the convenient place for the genius pill refining compet.i.tion to use the Heaven Flames, which made his heart crave for it!

"I myself am very clear, that my current physical body cannot withstand the power of my Heaven fire's evolution. I have already mastered Immortal Devil Body, but I am still unable to withstand that flame! It could only mean that the fire was not as simple as the Heaven Flames! What kind of flame would that be? "

Chen Xiang suppressed the impulse in his heart, and allowed himself to become rational. Otherwise, he would lose his mind from the desire in his heart, and make an irreparable mistake.

"The Heaven fire is already very powerful, but I haven't made full use of them yet." Chen Xiang unleashed his formidable divine power, allowing his divine power to drill into the insides of the medicinal herbs, allowing him to clearly see the structure of the herbs. After that, he brought the flames in and permeated through the fine parts of the herbs.

This was the first time he had entered the interior of these medicinal herbs. Inside was a vast world, and this world was filled with many different colors, which was why it was emitting such a beautiful multicolored light! The world inside was full of vitality, which was why there was such a strange life force. After it was consumed by a person, it would produce other effects!

Chen Xiang now understood the meaning of "flower and world". At this moment, he knew that even though he was burning the world inside these medicinal herbs, he wasn't destroying them, but rather allowing them to blossom in the brilliance and color of his beautiful internal world!

In that instant, the profounddi fruit and the chunk of tree root, which were originally difficult to smelt, instantly turned into a ball of soft, dazzling light. Chen Xiang never thought that he would actually have such a breakthrough. Furthermore, the reason why he refined the pellet was to destroy the medicinal ingredients, suppress them, tame the medicinal ingredients, and burn them all to become Medicine aura s.

However, when he saw the inner world of these medicinal herbs, he wanted to make the inner world of these medicinal herbs disappear in the best way. It was beautiful and shocking, like a shooting star! He understood the world of these flowers and fruits, and inadvertently had a strange exchange with them, causing them to give up resisting, cooperating with his Heaven fire, and melted into a colorful Medicine aura!

"I didn't expect it to be wrong for so long!" Chen Xiang opened his eyes and took a deep breath. He had already withdrawn his spiritual will and flames. Seeing him like this, many people thought that he had failed and gave up.

But at this moment, the Medicine aura inside the pill furnace had already gradually fused with the medicinal powder, and quickly turned into a cyclone. Following Chen Xiang's will, the ball of air split into three, turned into three b.a.l.l.s of air, and spun quickly.

The most critical and difficult time of concocting the pill, he actually did nothing. However, many people were able to understand what he had done, and it actually caused the Medicine aura in the pill furnace to gather its own consciousness, forming its own pill!

Many Alchemist had noticed that when Chen Xiang had not completed the Core Formation stage, he had concealed all of his power and no longer used his flame and consciousness to control the pill furnace.

Even Su Meiyao didn't know how Chen Xiang did it, she guessed that it was a method from the Heavenly Alchemy, but it didn't seem like it.

Chen Xiang opened the lid of the pill furnace and green light shot out. It was as if a treasure was born, causing everyone to be dumbstruck. What was even more surprising was the three light green pills that floated out of the furnace!

Unexpectedly, there were three Qi Shen Dan s formed, and their quality had reached its peak. The three Qi Shen Dan s had an extremely bizarre life force coiling around them, making people feel as if these three pellets were three little lifeforms, and that the aroma was like the spring breeze, gently spreading out in all directions, releasing a fragrance that would cause one's heart to tremble, showing just how high the quality of the three Qi Shen Dan s was!

To be able to refine three pellets with the roots, it was still unbelievable because even if one used the most perfect and highest quality profounddi fruit to refine, they would only be able to push the price to the limit by three pellets. The three Qi Shen Dan in front of him were like treasures!

There were already people who planned to buy these Qi Shen Dan at a high price after the compet.i.tion ended.

Hou Feishao sat in the palanquin, watching until his eyes turned red. His heart was filled with jealousy, he could naturally see that this Alchemist was not ordinary, he felt that this genius Alchemist should either be roped in, or killed!

Although he managed to refine more than ten batches, he knew that if they were to compare their value, the over ten Qi Shen Dan s he refined would be far inferior to Chen Xiang. Furthermore, Chen Xiang had only used one portion of the medicinal ingredients, but he had refined ten.

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