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The medicine used to refine Qi Shen Dan was very special. Although it was a kind of fruit, it was rooted in its roots and its roots were very long. During the process of growing, it was very likely to have problems, which resulted in a lot of abandoned herbs.

Every fruit was connected to a wrist sized root, and the fruit was only the size of a child's fist, looking like a wrinkled apple. It was slightly red, giving off a faint trace of spirit energy.

Zhang Yanqing quickly picked out two quality profounddi fruit and threw them into the furnace, beginning to refine them! Because these profounddi fruit were of the worst quality, when the two of them were combined, the Medicine aura would be more complete. However, if they did not have some skill, it would be very difficult for a normal Alchemist to fuse two together like this.

This was not difficult at all for Chen Xiang. Forget about combining two, even if it was ten, he would still be able to obtain a hundred portions easily, let alone two.

profounddi fruit s were the only main ingredient in refining the Qi Shen Dan, they were all piled up with a piece of tree root, and this root was not simple at all. As long as one was connected with the profounddi fruit, they could still absorb the spirit energy from the outside, preventing the profounddi fruit from dying quickly.

"What a waste, to actually throw away this cut root, this cut root is as important as the profounddi fruit!" Su Meiyao used her divine sense and saw that when Zhang Yanqing was dealing with the medicinal herbs, he separated the profounddi fruit from the tree root and threw away the tree root.

When Chen Xiang picked up a piece of the tree root, he could clearly feel the strange spirit energy inside. It was indeed a very important thing, but the root was also very strange, it was actually as stiff as iron, and there were even many impurities inside.

"After the profounddi fruit tree absorbed a large amount of spirit energy, it would send the spirit energy into the roots of the tree, allowing them to grow. But when the roots grew very long, they would become as stiff as iron, and then give birth to profounddi fruit s. Therefore, this piece of tree root contained a Medicine aura as unique as the one inside the profounddi fruit! If you can melt this root and extract the impurities from it! This profounddi fruit's quality is just like normal, perfect. " Su Meiyao said.

"This is not difficult for me. I have refined an entire Sparite vein and refined countless mountains before. How difficult can this thing be?"

Chen Xiang directly threw the piece of root and the profounddi fruit into the pill furnace, he had only dealt with a few parts of the trash that could be removed.

"Does he know how to forge pills?" The profounddi fruit was actually thrown in at the same time. Was he refining a weapon or concocting pills? That piece is harder to smelt than iron! "

"Although there are quite a few Medicine aura s in that cut root, to refine this root to perfection is extremely difficult! Even though Zhang Yanqing possessed the Heaven Flame, he still did not do such a thing.

"Don't joke with me. If you guys were the one who threw this piece of tree root in, it might have exploded by now!" Look at them, they are stable in all four directions, the fire's intensity fluctuates between big and small, and the fire's intensity changes quickly, but it's not chaotic. It's very regular. " An old man stroked his long beard.

There were a lot of people watching the compet.i.tion at the entrance of Xi Yi Pavilion. There were a lot of Alchemist s, but there were not many that could see through a bit, and as long as it was a Alchemist with a high level of alchemy, they could see that Chen Xiang's foundation was extremely deep. Even Zhang Yanqing had no choice but to look at the person in front of him in a new light.

According to the change in the fire force in Chen Xiang's furnace, a small portion of the Alchemist knew that it was Chen Xiang's first time concocting this pill, and could also tell that Chen Xiang had used the Foreseeing Alchemy to correct his mistakes multiple times. If it was let the other Alchemist do the concocting, they would probably be fl.u.s.tered the first time, but Chen Xiang did not.

Lin Xiyi and Fan Yakun knew of Chen Xiang's abilities. They had all been defeated by Chen Xiang in the field of pill concocting and Chen Xiang had taken first place among the Sacred Dan Realm s back then. They now believed in Chen Xiang very much and looked forward to the pleasant surprise that Chen Xiang would bring them.

The difficulty of the Qi Shen Dan's refining process was not very high, but if it was to be refined with that piece of tree root, it would be rather difficult. For Chen Xiang, refining that piece of tree root was not difficult, what was difficult was that in terms of time, it was only for one day, and the other party was an extremely proficient genius who was able to refine this pill. Chen Xiang guessed that Zhang Yanqing definitely had the experience of refining this kind of pill many times before, and that the Alchemist who could turn this type of medicinal herb into a pill was very popular in any power.

As expected, Zhang Yanqing very quickly finished refining a furnace, he had only refined one pellet, and the final result was to compare the number of pellets he had concocted, and after Chen Xiang refined the root, he was confident that he could refine two!

"The heavenly fire is powerful indeed, it is much stronger than my Heaven fire!" Although Chen Xiang had his eyes closed, the situation inside Zhang Yanqing's pill furnace appeared in his mind. As a Spirit Cultivator, he could easily see through it with his strong divine power, not to mention that his opponent's pill furnace had won in an ordinary way.

Not only were the materials hard to incinerate, even the Medicine aura inside them were very "barbaric". If there was a strong enough flame, those Medicine aura would become much gentler under the appropriate strong flames. Having strong flames did not mean that one would burn it hard, but to control the heat of the flames according to the experience of the Alchemist. If one did not suppress the Medicine aura, it would lead to failure in concocting the pills.

However, after your Heaven fire evolved into a Heaven Flames, it will be close to the Code. No matter how strong a Fire of Chaos is, they are still within the Code. " Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang was mult.i.tasking. As he refined his own set of Qi Shen Dan, he observed the situation inside Zhang Yanqing's pill furnace and learnt from it how to refine pills. He learnt a lot from this.

His speed was extremely fast, causing many old Alchemist who were watching to feel inferior. Many people guessed that Zhang Yanqing would only need half a day to refine all of the Qi Shen Dan's medicinal ingredients, and then, he would even be able to refine all of Chen Xiang's medicinal ingredients!

Even so, Chen Xiang was still very calm, he was not nervous at all, this state of mind was quite admirable, but many people did not look favorably on him.

In a few moments, Zhang Yanqing had refined another furnace and his speed was even faster than before, causing many Alchemist to exclaim in disbelief. Now, many people understood why Zhang Yanqing was called the future Pill Saint!

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