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It was late at night, and the cold wind was blowing in the Heaven Sacred City, but the entire city was still bustling with noise and excitement, unlike during the day. Especially around a five story tower, many people were looking at the handsome youth at the top of the tower. /

He was dressed in purple and was seated cross-legged in front of a crystal-like pill furnace. After he poured in the medicinal ingredients, he injected them into the flame and the medicinal ingredients inside were incinerated, releasing a dazzling green light.

Chen Xiang saw this from afar and secretly smiled in his heart: "This kid still likes to be in the limelight so much."

The tower was opened by a girl called Lin Xiyi. The girl came from Chaotic Mountain, and was supported by her parents to open this shop. When Fan Yakun fell in love with her, he helped her take care of the pill shop.

"Seems like I've found the right place." Chen Xiang walked over, just as he was about to step into the pill shop, he heard a clap of thunder, and the green light outside disappeared.

"Who is it!" Fan Yakun shouted angrily. His precious crystal furnace had been struck by a bolt of lightning just now, causing it to explode and become extremely damaged.

Chen Xiang was the same as everyone else, they were all extremely shocked. They raised their heads to look for the person who attacked Fan Yakun, causing such a huge commotion in the Heaven Sacred City, as this violated the rules of the Heaven Sacred City.

"Hmph, showing off all day. Other than this bit of skill, what other tricks does your medicine shop have?" A tall and handsome youth mounted on a purple flame lion with wings flew over from the distance.

"I was wondering who it was, but it turns out to be your grandson. It's not strange that you could do this sort of thing in secret!" Fan Yakun kept the broken crystal furnace and clenched his fists.

"Why is it you again? Are you annoyed?" Lin Xiyi suddenly appeared at the top of the tower, her white clothes fluttering in the wind.

"Hmph, your Lin Family is about to be chased out of Chaotic Mountain, what are you being so arrogant for? "Why don't you just marry me obediently. Although this kid is a bit capable, he's much weaker than me!" The man riding the purple flame lion glanced at Fan Yakun in disdain.

Fan Yakun scoffed, "You are just a little stronger than me, if we are comparing notes concocting pills, you are far weaker than me. Give me some time, I will definitely surpa.s.s you!"


A burst of m.u.f.fled sound came out, the purple flame lion suddenly opened its mouth and spat out a ray of purple lightning that struck Fan Yakun's body.

That purple flame lion that could fly was indeed powerful, with one bite, it instantly caused Fan Yakun to vomit blood. If it were not for Lin Xiyi hugging him, he probably would have flown far away.

No one had expected this man to be so powerful. He had not done anything, yet he had already ordered his mount to attack this man!

"Hmph, the weak are the weak, this is the best proof!" If you were a strong warrior, you wouldn't have let me bully you like this! " The man said arrogantly, he then looked at Lin Xiyi: "Tomorrow, I will bring people to challenge your Xi Yi Pavilion, I will smash your signboard with my own hands!"

When Chen Xiang saw this scene, he was secretly infuriated. He could also tell that the families behind Lin Xiyi and Fan Yakun had lost their power, otherwise, they would not have been bullied like this. He took out the Death-haunting arrow and stealthily aimed it at the purple flame lion.

"Using the strongest Dragon Power, he pierced right through the lion's heart. This guy likes to sneak attack others, and I'll let him have a taste of being ambushed!" Chen Xiang sneered in his heart, circulated the vigorous Innate Qi in his body, turned it into a Dragon Power, and poured it into the Death-haunting arrow.

Although there was currently a majestic amount of energy circulating, to the point that Chen Xiang's control was extremely strong, and his Death-haunting arrow had become very powerful after being modified by Liu Meng'er and Dongfang Xinyue, there was not a single bit of aura being released.

"Don't blame me for not reminding you. Tomorrow, I will bring a very powerful Alchemist to ruin your reputation, haha …" The young man laughed wildly.

"Arrogant my a.s.s!" Chen Xiang thought about it as he secretly released an extremely terrifying arrow. This arrow was condensed from a large amount of Dragon Power, and when it flew out, it made a whistling sound. In that instant, everyone felt a strong sense of oppression.


Some people with sharp senses saw a white light suddenly flash by, bringing along a terrifying power as it tore through the s.p.a.ce, flying towards the purple flame lion. After it penetrated through the bottom and entered the purple flame lion's body, the violent Dragon Power exploded, causing the purple flame lion to explode!

The man let out a strange cry as a silvery white light barrier appeared around his body, protecting him within.

"Who is it!" The him who had always been high and mighty, no one in the Heaven Sacred City dared to stop him. But now, he was ambushed, and even his precious mount was blown into pieces.

Just as the man shouted, Chen Xiang released another arrow, which struck onto the silver shield, causing a strong explosion of air, sending the man flying. However, the man was not injured, he must have been carrying a very strong treasure.


He was worried that if he were to continue, he would be killed. He immediately flew away, flying towards a very tall stone tower in the middle of the Heaven Sacred City.

"Isn't that guy Primordius' grandson? I never thought that someone would actually dare to attack him.

"This is called the Circulatory Cycle of Wind and Water. Heh heh, this is quite interesting. That purple lion is a rare beast, but it was actually killed by someone, not even a beast core was left behind."

Chen Xiang had aimed at the beast core earlier and detonated the inside!

Fan Yakun also wanted to know who was making a move in the dark, but he was severely injured, and the attack from the purple flame lion was extremely powerful, so Lin Xiyi had to carry him and leave right now.

Chen Xiang turned into a black b.u.t.terfly, followed them to a hall, and then changed back to her original appearance.

Lin Xiyi still looked at Fan Yakun's injuries, while Fan Yakun scolded the man from before.

"Brother Fan!" Chen Xiang shouted, giving Fan Yakun and Lin Xiyi a big fright. Seeing Chen Xiang's mischievous smile, the two of them heaved a sigh of relief, but their faces were filled with surprise.

It had already been more than a month since Chen Xiang came to the Sacred Dan Realm, and the fact that he appeared again was already long known to the Sacred Dan Realm. Furthermore, there were many powerful forces near the Heaven Sacred City, but Chen Xiang actually dared to come, and they all thought that the person who secretly attacked the man just now was Chen Xiang.

"Chen Xiang, it was you …" Fan Yakun was stunned for a moment, then laughed out loud: "Well fought, that grandson, with his grandfather's strength, is overbearing here, why didn't you kill him!"

Lin Xiyi shook his head: "You shouldn't have come. You are currently in an extremely dangerous situation, and all the powerful forces in the Chaotic Mountain are looking for you."

Chen Xiang laughed: "It's nothing, if I want to hide, it's not easy to find me!"

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