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Although Magical corruption gas s were powerful, they could only deal with people with strength around the Ninth Nirvana Tribulation. If the Prince Imperial Dragon, who had a powerful body like a dragon, were to be poisoned to death within a short period of time, he would escape. Therefore, Chen Xiang did not dare use the Magical corruption gas s on these people, otherwise, this matter would be exposed. ka. /

Chen Xiang released a burst of flame and burnt the corpse. When the corpse was burnt to ashes, he saw a folded yellow beast skin!

It was not burnt by his flames, and it did not occupy any Magical corruption gas either. It could be seen that this beast skin was no ordinary thing! He immediately picked it up, unfurled it and discovered that it was a map!

"The powerful warriors of the Purple Moon Imperial Land are basically all dead, only these few guys came here on behalf of the Purple Moon Imperial Land, could it be that the treasure on this map is where the ancestors of the Purple Moon Imperial Land hid their treasures?"

Chen Xiang was a little excited, he carefully looked around, memorized the general location, and then placed the beast skin into the ring. However, the ring was still in his hand, and he had not entered it!

"What a strange map, it can't even be placed inside the ring!" Chen Xiang was startled, and tried again a few times, but it still didn't work.

"It might be that there is some powerful invisible Spirit grain inside, and cannot be placed inside! Otherwise, these people would not have brought them with them! " Su Meiyao said. At this time, she and Bai Youyou were taking care of the unconscious Dongfang Jing.

Chen Xiang ran towards the location marked on the map, it was right around here.

"Is that girl alright?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Her internal injuries are very serious, but she's slowly recovering after eating the Relive Dan. It seems like she's suffered a huge blow!" Su Meiyao sighed lightly and touched Dongfang Jing's face.

"When she wakes up, I'll comfort her and then take her to find the Warm Moon. Those are her only family members." Chen Xiang sighed, thinking back to how the kind and simple Dongfang Jing had slashed that young man's body with her sword, she could see the hatred in her heart.

Chen Xiang followed the map and walked according to it. He wanted to find this place quickly and bring Dongfang Jing to look for him, he hoped that Dongfang Xinyue and the others could follow his instructions to look for the Zi Lan Mountain Valley. Otherwise, given how big the Sacred Dan Realm was, it would not be easy for him to find them.

He did not encounter any danger along the way. On the contrary, the terrain was extremely dangerous, but it was nothing to him. The map indicated that the item was hidden within a large mountain.

"It doesn't seem to be anything big. This thing looks like a very small altar!" Chen Xiang arrived outside the mountain and looked at the map, just about to look for the entrance to this building.

"Can this small altar take me to another place?"

The map showed that there was a map that looked very similar to the Sacred Sacrificed Alter inside the mountain. It looked like a small altar.

"This mountain has a formation. For many years, this mountain has been protected by this formation!" Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang also noticed it, and he could tell that this array was not simple, breaking it wouldn't be easy either. He unfolded the beast skin and walked around the mountain. Suddenly, the beast skin emitted purple clouds. With a thought, he pointed the beast skin towards the formation. The entire mountain lit up with purple clouds, and the formation disappeared.

As he approached the mountain, he pushed open a huge rock, saw a purple door, and then opened the door with the hide.

"This ancestor of the Purple Moon Imperial Land is pretty amazing, he can even make a piece of the beast skin this amazing!" Chen Xiang praised. As he walked along a tunnel, the four walls radiated with a gentle white light.

Not long after, he arrived at a stone room. There was indeed a small altar in this room, but it was too small and didn't seem like it was used for transportation. It was only the size of a regular round table, but there was a shallow groove on it.

Chen Xiang compared the beast skin with the previous one and discovered that it was the same size as the one in the groove, barely able to be laid out.

After laying it down, a circular Array appeared on the beast skin, like a purple moon. The small altar slowly started to spin, then burst out with a purple light, and a purple square stone piece floated up, looking like a palm in size. However, when Chen Xiang took it over, he felt it was very heavy.

"There seems to be a Void Heavenly Stone inside this rock, could this be the treasure?" Chen Xiang carefully looked at this purple stone piece, then channeled his G.o.d Power inside. He saw that this stone piece suddenly grew in size, and a map actually appeared on top of it, which made him even more excited, he felt that this was the real treasure.

Beast Skin Map cannot be stored in Storage magic treasure and cannot be incinerated. This way, it can be pa.s.sed down and this place can be found.

When Chen Xiang placed the stone piece at its largest, it was only the size of a bed. He carefully looked at the map on it, and realized that this map was only one piece of the map.

"Do you need many of these pieces for a complete map?" Chen Xiang suddenly thought of something: All the ancestors of the ancient powers hid such a stone piece, and the things they hid were all gathered together, moreover, they needed all of the ancient powers to join hands, so it cannot be lacking!

But now, he had obtained a piece of the Purple Moon Imperial Land's stone, which meant that if he were to lose them, the efforts of the ancient powers would be in vain.

"The broken shoes are everywhere, so it doesn't take me any effort to get them, hehe …" Chen Xiang placed the stone piece into the ring. This stone piece could fit inside a Storage magic treasure, unlike the beast skin from before.

Chen Xiang left and rushed to the 18th floor.

"Is that stupid girl awake?" Chen Xiang asked.

"No, she looks very tired, and she even recovers from her injuries. Her mental condition is also seriously damaged, so she might need to sleep for a few days." Su Meiyao said.

"I wonder what exactly she went through. This level of injury wasn't caused by the people from Purple Moon Imperial Land, especially the damage to her sea of consciousness. She suffered a mental attack, and she wasn't injured at all! The internal injuries were not caused by the power of the Innate Qi, but were caused by the power of Spiritual Sense. " Long Xueyi said.

"If she did not have the clan's Blood Soul in her body, she would have died a long time ago. It seems like Dongfang Chaoqun merged the clan's Blood Soul into her body, allowing her to live! She and her father must have met with some powerful object, and only she escaped in the end, falling into the hands of those Purple Moon Imperial Land fellows. " Long Xueyi said.

The Blood Soul of the Dongfang Family was a heaven-defying existence that allowed people with the pure blood of the Dongfang Family to pa.s.s through the Nirvana Doom smoothly. It was for this that Dongfang Lingyun schemed against Dongfang Chaoqun and Dongfang Xinyue back then.

"I need to find Dongfang Xinyue quickly, this little girl must be extremely sad, Dongfang Xinyue is her aunt, seeing her family, she should feel better." Chen Xiang increased his speed.

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