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In one breath, Chen Xiang devoured an extremely large amount of Dragon Power, and almost caused the meridians in his entire body to explode.

"One breath!" Chen Xiang shouted. He had devoured a lot of Dragon Power, and it was extremely violent as well, adding the Dragon Power of himself and Long Xueyi, it was more than enough to swallow that treasure.

"This is bad..." The man saw the square plate in his hand tremble and immediately shouted, wanting to put it away.

Bang! Fang Pan suddenly exploded in the big sized man's hands, and at the same time, the group of Poisonous beast s rushed towards them!

"This b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" Prince Imperial Dragon reacted and knew that it was Chen Xiang who broke the treasure. If they wanted to track Chen Xiang now, it would be troublesome, since they had to face a large group of Poisonous beast s.

"Beautiful!" Long Xueyi laughed and shouted, "Kill this Dragon Pearl, I feel that the powerful guy is inside this Dragon Pearl!"

Chen Xiang looked at the blood-red, enormous dragon pearl in front of him, and couldn't help but shiver in his heart. The fellow who had made him tremble with fear the entire way, had actually entered this dragon pearl to cultivate.

"Fine, one doesn't need to do it first, two doesn't need to do it!" Chen Xiang took out the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword and leaped into the air. With a loud roar, the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword suddenly became extremely huge and released a powerful aura. This huge divine blade seemed as if it could easily cleave the heavens and the earth.

"Stop!" Prince Imperial Dragon already knew what Chen Xiang was going to do.

"Hurry and retreat!" Prince Imperial Dragon shouted in anger.


The Green dragon demon-slain broadsword landed on top of the gigantic dragon pearl and after Chen Xiang poured a lot of power into the blade, it became extremely heavy and it was so easy that it split apart the gigantic dragon pearl!


A roar came out, the group of Poisonous beast were all blasted apart by the angry sound wave, the dragon pearl that was broken was shattered by a strong and angry force, bringing about a burst of gale that swept out in all directions. The entire land was like a rolling sea. A large amount of soil and forests were shaken by the violent power until they looked like a surging tide.

The thunderous roar from earlier had shaken the entire Sacred Dan Realm, especially the first floor. Right now, it was in the midst of the aftershocks, and the eighteenth floor was also shaking violently.

"Big trouble, haha …" Chen Xiang had already shuttled through s.p.a.ce continuously, using the fastest speed he could muster to leave this Immortal-poisoning Devil Forest. As for the group of people from Prince Imperial Dragon, he felt that even if they managed to escape, they would suffer heavy losses.

The instant Chen Xiang slashed open the dragon pearl, he left through s.p.a.ce. He couldn't see what was inside, in short, the things inside were extremely terrifying, he felt that he would need the White Tiger to go all out to kill it.

Prince Imperial Dragon suffered a huge loss this time. Not only did he waste so many days, he even let the treasure that could only track Green dragon demon-slain broadsword be destroyed, and now he was even trapped in an extremely dangerous situation!

Chen Xiang was already rushing towards the eighteenth floor, as long as there were no treasures, it would not be easy to find him. He had already been away from the Immortal-poisoning Devil Forest for a few days, but nothing was chasing him.

The Chen Xiang who took away seven pieces of the Chaotic Mountain's Chaos Fire Token all those years ago was actually still alive, and had even returned in an extremely domineering manner. After killing many people in the Chaotic Mountain, the bounty the Chaotic Mountain placed on him had increased once again, and the streets and alleys were filled with his portraits.

The Chaos Fire Token were extremely important to the Chaotic Mountain, and this was something that everyone knew. Back then, in order to capture Chen Xiang, the Chaotic Mountain had intentionally released a few Chaos Fire Token to attract Chen Xiang, but who knew that not only did they not catch Chen Xiang, they were even taken away by Chen Xiang?

At that time, everyone thought that he had died, but in the end, the people from Chaotic Mountain found out that the Chaos Fire Token still existed. As long as the Chaos Fire Token was still there, it meant that Chen Xiang was not dead, so they kept bounty on Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang used his Shrinking step and stepped on the clouds as he ran in the air. Suddenly, he heard a scream from below!

"This voice is very familiar, it seems to belong to that stupid girl Jing Jing." Long Xueyi said.

"It is indeed Dongfang Jing's voice. Why is he here?" When Chen Xiang heard the voice, his heart could not help but tighten. Although this simple girl was somewhat stupid, she was still extremely lovable.

He immediately flew down and high up in the sky, he saw a young man laughing wickedly while dragging his clothes. Dongfang Jing's clothes were tattered and his face was covered in tears.

There were two purple-robed elders not too far away from the young man. One of them shouted, "Kid, hurry up and finish this. We still have to hurry on our way!"

"I will make sure this little girl dies comfortably soon, haha..." The young man laughed sinisterly.

When Chen Xiang saw this scene, he was infuriated. He immediately teleported through s.p.a.ce and appeared behind the young man, activating Angry dragon slay. He released a furious roar and slashed diagonally in the air, chopping the young man into two.

"Jingjing, don't be afraid!" After Chen Xiang released Dongfang Jing, Dongfang Jing immediately began to cry bitterly. She took out a sword, gritted her teeth, and started to chop at the young man's body, crying out loud with a face full of grief and indignation.

The two violet-robed men, hearing the furious roars of the dragons, immediately hurried over.

"You are … Chen Xiang! " An old man saw the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword in Chen Xiang's hand and shouted in shock.

This old man from Purple Moon Imperial Land was not very strong. Although he was able to get through Nirvana Tribulation, the other person was very strong.

"Jingjing, get a good night's sleep!" Chen Xiang knocked Dongfang Jing out, and placed him into the ring. He knew that Dongfang Jing had definitely received a huge shock, and that she had followed Dongfang Chaoqun here. If Dongfang Chaoqun wasn't by her side now, she might very well be killed.

"Dongfang Lingyun!" Chen Xiang recognized one of the old man, it was actually the Great Elder of the Dongfang family.

When Dongfang Lingyun saw Chen Xiang, his face was filled with anger. Even in his dreams, he wanted to kill Chen Xiang.

"Brat, you're dead for sure!" Dongfang Lingyun's face was sinister, he took out a sword and rushed forward like lightning, the other elder's eyes were also red, because the young man who died was his son.

Chen Xiang was currently filled with rage, and shouted: It's you who's going to die! As he spoke, he activated the Magical corruption gas stored in his body.

The colourless and tasteless Magical corruption gas was released by Chen Xiang with a gentle breeze, enveloping his surroundings. The corpse on the ground suddenly turned purplish black, and Dongfang Lingyun's old man also sensed something!

"It's a demon corruption …" Dongfang Lingyun's face changed drastically as he immediately channeled all of his energy to prevent the Magical corruption gas from spreading within his body. Before he could finish his words, Chen Xiang had cut his head off.

The other old man's face was pale and his entire body was trembling.

"Let's go!" Chen Xiang flashed in front of him and slashed at his neck, causing his head to hit the ground and his body to instantly turn into a purple black color.

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