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Chen Xiang no longer had Luotian Gate s, otherwise he would have been able to teleport there. However, based on his experiences in the Sacred Dan Realm, this place should be on the tenth floor of the Sacred Dan Realm.

The terrain of the Sacred Dan Realm was like a ladder, the highest eighteenth floor was the strongest, and the gravity was also very strong.

"When Di Tian was about to break up, those traitorous powers definitely plundered the most precious resources. Thus, there weren't too many of them. I think they should hide these things together!" Bai Youyou said: "Especially Immortal jade Spiritual crystal, if you store them all in one place, the more the better. It can even improve the quality. If it's a strange plant, it's the same. "

"That's right. Only if they join hands can they create a powerful array formation to protect those things!" Su Meiyao also agreed.

"Forget it, I'll go to the highest levels first. There must have been some huge change in the entire Sacred Dan Realm! In the past, there wouldn't be this many people coming out from Chaotic Mountain, but now, there are tens of thousands of them, and I feel that the Chaotic Mountain has already ruled over the entire Sacred Dan Realm.

Chen Xiang took out the Chaos Fire Token. These Chaos Fire Token were related to the Primal Chaos world, and Long Xueyi had said that the ancient books of her Imperial Dragon Race recorded that the people inside those Chaotic Mountain s could very likely be from the Primal Chaos Clan.

"I want to go to Heaven Sacred City to find an old acquaintance!" Chen Xiang used a transformation technique, changing his appearance to that of a middle aged man, concealing his presence, and then leaped into the air, stepped on the Shrinking step, and rushed towards the top of Sacred Dan Realm.

The Heaven Sacred City was a large and important city in the eighteenth floor of the tower. He might be able to find Yan Zilan there, but Yan Zilan had already announced that he would cultivate in seclusion.

"Chen Xiang, don't even think about escaping!"

Chen Xiang suddenly heard a familiar voice sound out from behind him, and started to secretly curse in his heart. The person who had arrived was actually the Prince Imperial Dragon, and other than that, there were also his followers and the eight dragons!

"And the Great Strength Race, they're actually together!" Chen Xiang was shocked, he immediately rushed down into the forest, he alone could not face so many experts.

"Are you going to use the Chaos Fire Token?" Chen Xiang started to run in the forest, waves after waves of terrifying power continued to descend from the sky.

"Best not to use it, don't forget that the reason you were able to fuse with Chaos Fire Token back then was probably because of the dragon blood. If it wasn't effective on those dragons, it would be hard for you to escape. Long Xueyi said.

"How did these guys know I was here?" Chen Xiang had already activated his Water Escape Technique to allow himself to escape from the ground and appear on the large river.

Right now, he had to return to the first floor, where a piece of Immortal-poisoning Devil Forest was the safest.

"I remember now, there is a treasure in the Imperial Dragon Race that was specially used to search for Green dragon demon-slain broadsword s. It was refined by some old dragons in order to recall their Green dragon demon-slain broadsword s. As long as it is within a certain range, they can sense the direction!" Long Xueyi said: "You have fused with the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, I am afraid you will not be able to avoid the reaction of the treasure, this is truly troublesome!"

"How many areas are there within a certain range?" Chen Xiang also felt a headache coming on. He stepped on the Shrinking step on the surface of the river and followed the flow.

"I don't know, but it will take a lot of energy to use that magical equipment. As long as you break that magical equipment, they won't be able to track you." Long Xueyi thought for a moment, then said: "Only dragons can use that treasure, it's mainly used to absorb Dragon Power, if you see anyone holding that treasure, you can follow that treasure and absorb its energy, and just pour that into your Dragon Power!"

"But that magical equipment is pretty powerful, it's not easy to explode, even if you and my Dragon Power combined can't!"

"They're chasing again, they're really fast!" Long Xueyi said: "Use all your strength to run. When we have the chance, kill them all."

Fortunately, Chen Xiang still had some understanding of the Sacred Dan Realm, so he ran towards the first floor. As long as he went to the Immortal-poisoning Devil Forest there, he would be safe.

"If I had known this would happen, I would have brought the big white cat with me!" Long Xueyi said with regret.

"No, with a White Tiger, his ident.i.ty will be exposed sooner or later. When that happens, who's strong enough to know where the White Tiger is? Not only us, but also the White Tiger." Chen Xiang said. He had already heard from Chen Xiang that the White Tiger could not easily reveal his ident.i.ty.

The Sacred Dan Realm was a high level world. The experts that Chen Xiang had met last time were not the strongest here, because it was said that there was a Pill Saint in the Chaotic Mountain. If there was an existence of this level, there was a high chance that there would be a Saint who was mentioned by the White Tiger!

Prince Imperial Dragon and the others chased very closely, they were all very strong, so even if they had been chasing for many days, they would not get tired. That was why they dared to do this, seeing that Chen Xiang did not have the White Tiger by his side.

Chen Xiang had been chased for a few days, and had finally reached the first level, and even entered the Immortal-poisoning Devil Forest!

"Your Highness, the poison in this forest is very powerful. If I'm not mistaken, this forest was once stained with the dragon's blood! It is very likely that the missing Poison Dragon died here! " The follower came out from Immortal-poisoning Devil Forest with a trace of fear.

The Immortal-poisoning Devil Forest was shrouded in poisonous miasma, all of the flowers and trees inside carried poisonous miasma, if the strange flowers and plants inside were not poisonous, then it meant that these strange plants were extremely powerful, and had the ability to resist poison.

"If we want to go in, we'll need to use at least half of our strength to resist the poison, and we can't consume too much of the other half." An old man from Great Strength Race said.

"Let's go, even Chen Xiang can enter, why can't we?" Xiao Long tightly clenched his fists as he looked at the Immortal-poisoning Devil Forest in front of him.

"Lock on to his position. Let's go in together and take him down." Prince Imperial Dragon had already made a decision, they would not give up until this point.

The last time Chen Xiang entered the deeper parts of the Immortal-poisoning Devil Forest, he did not meet any ferocious Poisonous beast because of Du Hai. However, it was different now, and he planned to enter even deeper, where even Du Hai did not dare to enter.

"The Poisonous beast here shouldn't even be afraid of the dragon's Qi, because this place already has a very dense dragon's Qi. If they were to meet a living dragon, I reckon many strong Poisonous beast would be interested in it." Long Long Xueyi laughed.

Only the weak Poisonous beast would be afraid of the Dragon Qi, the strong ones were not afraid, they even treated the Dragon as a delicacy.

The last time he was here, he was already chasing after a dragon with Du Hai. He never thought that it would actually be ten dragons and a group of Great Strength Race chasing after him, which made him feel that it was somewhat funny.

Of course, when Chen Xiang came here this time, he was much more powerful than last time. Furthermore, he had the Shrinking step, which had fused with the spatial Rule spiritual bead, allowing him to have the ability to travel through s.p.a.ce.

However, Prince Imperial Dragon and the rest were different. After entering deeper in, the poisonous miasma was even stronger, so they had no choice but to slow down their pace. Right now, they could only find the direction of Chen Xiang through the treasure. They were still far from Chen Xiang, and they still had to rest!

Suddenly, a gust of wind blew from the Immortal-poisoning Devil Forest, turning the poison mist into a poisonous aura. Following that, a thunderous roar that came from a beast the whole day sounded out, shattering a large part of the trees!

"This... A very strong aura! " Prince Imperial Dragon's expression changed slightly.

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