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Until now, Chen Xiang had already a.s.similated three Chaos Fire Token. It was probably because of this that he was able to see that the group of people just now were all from the Chaotic Mountain. It was just that he did not expect that if he ran, he would lure all the people from the Chaotic Mountain away.

Hearing the words Chaos Fire Token, the White Tiger's body trembled. He did not think that Chen Xiang would actually get seven pieces, he seemed to know about the Chaos Fire Token's situation.

"Leader has left!" Li Baojun sighed: "Being able to come to Sacred Dan Realm is also not bad, this is Alchemist's holy realm."

Chen Xiang had just told them that they could go find Du Hai, the Dan Immortal, and settle down.

The White Tiger had already heard from Chen Xiang that there was a Starry Sky White Tiger Race in Sacred Dan Realm, so he planned to look for him himself now.

"Sacred Dan Realm, they seem to be using Spar as well. That brat probably bought quite a few high levelled pills here and then went back to scam others." Huang Jintian looked at Gu Dongchen and and asked: "Have you brought enough Spar with you?"

Yao Shumei said: "I hope that we can find some undiscovered mines here."

"If not for Chen Xiang, we would have attacked them just now. Those fellows are very strong!" Lv Qinlian looked around: "I do need the resources in this place, but if I want to obtain them, it will be difficult!"

"We can't go back for now, let's get familiar with this Sacred Dan Realm first!" An ancient power's leader said.

"We'll gather here again ten years later. Take care, everyone. We'll be leaving first!"

Soon after, those ancient powers all went their own ways. They all went their own ways in order to avoid fighting over good things when they were together.

"Elder Li, I have some private matters to attend to!" He wanted to find Bai Xing.

"En, I also want to walk around here alone. I want to see how the Alchemist s are like!" Li Baojun nodded.

The White Tiger and Li Baojun also left. The other small powers were discussing about the alliance, but at this time, another group of people rushed over. There were even more people than before, as many as a hundred thousand people!

"d.a.m.n, this Sacred Dan Realm is too unfriendly!"

Everyone saw that the other side had so many people, and all the Rankers had already left. They all flew away from the Sacred Sacrificed Alter, and in an instant, all of them scattered.

"Big Bro ran off by himself again. I wonder how he'll fare in the future!" At this time, she, Xue Xianxian and Wu Qianqian were walking behind Liu Meng'er, and behind them were Dongfang Xinyue and Hua Xiangyue. The few girls were in a forest, because Hua Xiangyue had said that there might be spirit medicine inside.

"You have to follow this kid. At the very least, you have to have the strength of the Great Elder beside him. Otherwise, you won't be able to deal with the enemy he is facing." Liu Meng'er sighed, not mentioning Leng Youlan, even she was not strong enough.

"Elder Brother Xiao Xiang is like this, it's not like you don't know!" Xue Xianxian did not mind, as she was completely at ease with her husband.

"We should discuss our next plan!" Dongfang Xinyue said. At this time, he and the other girls had all changed into suits that were convenient to move around.

"I will first search for spiritual medicine here, then leave this place and inquire about a place called Zi Lan Mountain Valley. That kid told me that I can find an acquaintance of his there!" Liu Meng'er said.

"Is it a woman?" Hua Xiangyue asked.

"Yes sir!"

The girls were silent. Other than Leng Youlan and Dongfang Xinyue who didn't really care about this, they secretly cursed in their hearts.

"I've finally found you!" Lv Qinlian brought two mature and seductive women, falling from the sky and stood in front of Liu Meng'er and the others.

Yao Shumei also appeared along with her. She had a very good relationship with Lv Qinlian, and she only brought one person.

"We're all girls, let's be together!" Lv Qinlian chuckled, and came to Liu Meng'er's side.

"En!" Liu Meng'er and the others knew that this Demon Empress was not bad, and her strength was also strong.

Yao Shumei looked at Xue Xianxian and laughed: "The man in your family is really powerful, he can even provoke trouble in Sacred Dan Realm, and it seems that he has provoked a very powerful force!"

Xue Xianxian stuck out her tongue, and laughed: "I have long gotten used to it!"

Within this group of ten or so ladies, they were searching for spiritual medicine in the forest. What surprised Hua Xiangyue the most, was that Lv Qinlian's ability in finding spiritual medicine was also very brilliant, and he had a good understanding of spiritual medicine.

On the other side, Huang Jintian brought Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming, as well as two elders from Peach Island, and entered a stone mountain.

"Luckily that kid didn't bring my son." Lian Yingxiao said.

"Old Lian, why are you so concerned about your son? I remember that you had a huge conflict with him in the past! " Gu Dongchen was completely puzzled.

"Because Ming Dong is more promising, he's the one that I'm more satisfied with!" Lian Yingxiao curled his lips and said: "You don't have a son, so you won't understand!"

Huang Jintian looked at the tall and big stone mountains around him. "To be able to come to a high realm that I'm not familiar with, is truly exciting!"

"Martial Ancestor, even if you are excited, don't bring us down a path of death!" Gu Dongchen anxiously said.

"Don't worry, let's do some calculations. We won't die so soon!" Huang Jintian laughed, right after he finished speaking, a terrifying beast roar came out, the rocks suddenly exploded, and dozens of gigantic black bears appeared.

Seeing these black bears that were as big as mountains, Gu Dongchen wanted to curse out loud.

"What are you all still standing there for? Hurry up and run! " Huang Jintian shouted, as he ran far away.

Wu Kaiming and the others were cursing in their hearts as they ran. They were supposed to be showing off their skills but who knew they could run so fast?

… ….

Chen Xiang stepped on the Shrinking step as he brandished his blade and attacked a few people behind him. When he felt that it was about time, he used the power of the spatial laws and used all his strength to allow himself to travel through s.p.a.ce. In an instant, he disappeared and arrived beside a large river.

"This is troublesome, I did not expect to come to this d.a.m.ned place, the strength of Chaotic Mountain's group is truly terrifying." Chen Xiang laid in the river, looking at the white clouds in the sky, he laughed: "Luckily these guys are very afraid of the Chaos Fire Token's flames, with my current strength, I can use these fire tokens to release quite a lot of flames."

"After the traitors took all of Di Tian's resources, they all hid in this place. In that case, there must be treasures here. I think those ancient powers knew where the treasures were, but they didn't say anything!" Su Meiyao said.

"That's right, maybe they all have treasure maps left behind by their ancestors! In the end, they were still tricked by this group of people. However, it doesn't matter, they will definitely anger many powers. When the time comes, perhaps even they won't be able to return to Di Tian. " Chen Xiang said.

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