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Everyone was just enjoying themselves, but Prince Imperial Dragon and the Great Strength Race stopped. They looked at each other with calm eyes, as if they had no hatred in them at all.

"There are very few Great Strength Race s in the Heaven Realm. I never thought that I would meet such an outstanding Great Strength Race here. If I have the chance to try again, you and I both know that we can't just go all out and fight them." Prince Imperial Dragon said lightly.

"That's right!" The man nodded.

"Why don't we go into the city and have a drink?" Looking at him, he seemed to be intending to befriend this young ranker from Great Strength Race.

What surprised Chen Xiang was that the burly man from Great Strength Race had actually left with him.

"Haha, this grandson's mastery of Heavenly dragon seal is not good, otherwise he would not have used Dragon Flash Punishment just now, maybe he only mastered this!" Long Xueyi smiled proudly from within the ring.

"What's so funny about that?" Chen Xiang said as his mouth twitched. He knew that the Prince Imperial Dragon would come looking for him sooner or later, because he knew the Primal Chaos Dragon Curse and the Heavenly dragon seal, and he also had the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword. Furthermore, the White Tiger had killed one of his followers.

As the son of the Dragon Emperor, he doesn't even have the memories of a Heavenly dragon seal. And this was even taught to him by his father, but he has it since the moment I was born. Long Xueyi laughed.

The White Tiger shook its head: "What exactly is going on with this little demon from Great Strength Race? has always had enmity with him, I can't forget it wrong! "

"What's that?" Maybe something happened in Great Strength Race, and I plan to reconcile with him, but there's a high possibility that I'll submit to him! " Li Baojun said as he flew towards the Heaven Thunder City.

"Looks like Great Strength Race is going to intervene in this matter. That fellow from before could only be considered a junior in Great Strength Race, and the old one should be in Heaven Thunder City." The White Tiger said.

When he returned to the Heaven Thunder City, Chen Xiang saw the big sized man who was fighting against the Prince Imperial Dragon. He had changed into a set of extremely clean black clothes, looking like he was rich.

"You are Xiao Chou's master?" The big sized man looked at Chen Xiang and asked coldly.

"That's right?" "What's wrong?" Chen Xiang never thought that this big sized man would actually look for him.

"It's nothing, Xiao Chou said before that you are the strongest human among the young generation, I will definitely kill you! Because you are Xiao Chou's master, people of our Great Strength Race cannot have a human master. Furthermore, I want to obtain your Green dragon demon-slain broadsword. "

Hearing that, Chen Xiang clenched his fists tightly, and was about to attack! However, the people of Great Strength Race had no intention to fight him, and turned to leave.

"I am Xiao Long. I'll give you a little more time to raise your strength to my level. I don't want to kill you so easily!"

Chen Xiang sighed slightly. The people of Great Strength Race were extremely arrogant, he knew that Xiao Chou was the same as the others.

"This guy belongs to the Great Strength Race, but he has the Imperial Dragon Race's bloodline. What's going on?" He had also noticed it just now.

A Great Strength Race with the bloodline of a Imperial Dragon Race! Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi were both shocked. If this was the case, then this Xiao Long must be very strong.

"d.a.m.n it, that little b.a.s.t.a.r.d Xiao Chou took me as his master, why did he kill me?" Chen Xiang scolded in a low voice: "But it's fine too, looks like Xiao Chou did not do well in Great Strength Race. It's all because of this reason that I killed him, and let Great Strength Race and the rest see him."

"Hmph, those fellows from the Great Strength Race are becoming more and more unyielding. Besides having an arrogant mouth, it's just a fart! Have they forgotten how the Sacred Dragon lineage suppressed them back then? I never thought that Great Strength Race and I would have a secret relationship, could it be that we have to lower our heads to Imperial Dragon Race? " Long Xueyi said in disdain, "Little scoundrel, why don't this Dragon Emperor take action and deal with both this Prince Imperial Dragon and this Xiao Long!"

"The one being challenged is me, don't cause trouble!" Chen Xiang didn't care about Xiao Long at all, but he was more concerned about Prince Imperial Dragon because Prince Imperial Dragon knew how to win over people's hearts. He was worried that it wouldn't be long before Prince Imperial Dragon established a very powerful force in Di Tian.

It was already very difficult for Heaven Realm to come here, but Prince Imperial Dragon didn't need to use Nirvana Doom, so they could stay here for a long time. However, Chen Xiang was different, after crossing the Nine Nirvana Tribulations, he would level up.

Three days pa.s.sed by quickly, and those that partic.i.p.ated in the Three Realms Talk had already arrived at the top of Sacred Sacrificed Alter. Other than that, there were also a few leaders of some small forces in the Demon and Devil Realms who brought some strong subordinates.

Each power could only send ten people, and most of the ancient powers could only send ten people. On the other hand, those who were familiar with Chen Xiang were somewhat surprised, especially Gu Dongchen and the others. However, Huang Jintian and the other Chen Martial Continent s could only bring two people with them.

That place was unknown how dangerous it was, and Yun Xiaodao and the others had better places to cultivate. Chen Xiang did not want to bring them to danger because they were, after all, one of the few people in the Dragon Subduing School.

Great Strength Race's Xiao Long also came. He followed a tall and big old man and their team also had ten people.

What surprised Chen Xiang was that the Prince Imperial Dragon was actually able to gather all ten of them. Other than him and his follower, the rest were eight burly men who looked like eight dragons.

Sacred Sacrificed Alter was extremely huge, and even if a lot of people were to stand on it, it would not be crowded.

"We've already obtained the offerings. Right now, all we need to do is to release our powers together and activate the altar's powers. We can open a s.p.a.ce Gate and head to the place where our ancestors stored a large amount of Di Tian's resources." An ancient power's leader said.

In the middle of Sacred Sacrificed Alter was a big pit, those ancient powers had all thrown a few living fierce Evil Barbarian beasts, there were a lot of of them.

"From now on, everyone just needs to release their own power. The Sacred Sacrificed Alter will absorb your power by himself, and then open the s.p.a.ce Gate!"

Heaven Thunder City had already been temporarily sealed off from the city, so no one was allowed to go near. Otherwise, they would be affected or even killed by the power of the altar.

Everyone held back a little, as they did not release all of their power in one breath. However, this also caused the Sacred Sacrificed Alter to flash with an extremely strong light, and from there, a black spatial gate appeared above the Sacred Sacrificed Alter.

"That's enough, there is also a Sacred Sacrificed Alter in that world. When the time comes, we will use the same method to return." According to the agreement, the first to enter was An Xin's ancient faction, they were leading the charge.

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