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Three Realms Talk was not finished, and was just using another method. If the world that Sacred Sacrificed Alter leads to is not solved, then the three realms would still be in trouble in the future.

Although Chen Xiang had only pa.s.sed through the Four Nirvana Tribulations, his strength was already shocking to the point of being unparalleled. Adding on the power of the mysterious Great Clan Elder, it made the entire Dragon Subduing School stronger, causing many people to ask about how to join the Dragon Subduing School.

Heaven Thunder City did not immediately calm down. Originally, many people thought that once Three Realms Talk's meeting ended, it would become very quiet, but suddenly there were sounds of fighting coming from outside the city. The location of the battle was extremely far from Heaven Thunder City, but the energy fluctuations that exploded out shook the ground and caused Heaven Thunder City to sway slightly.

What was worth noting was that the aura was a Dragon Qi that many big shots were very familiar with, it erupted using the powerful Dragon Power. At the beginning, many people thought that it was Chen Xiang and Prince Imperial Dragon fighting, but in reality, it was not, someone else fighting the Prince Imperial Dragon!

"This direction seems to be towards the Sacred Sacrificed Alter. Why is the Prince Imperial Dragon going there? The time to open the Sacred Sacrificed Alter is not up yet! " Chen Xiang said as he followed the white tiger and Li Baojun to Sacred Sacrificed Alter.

At that moment, they did not need to change their appearances. With the deterrence from the White Tiger before, no one dared to look for trouble because that would mean they were courting death.

The Sacred Sacrificed Alter was protected by a few dozen experts from ancient powers, and not far away from the Sacred Sacrificed Alter, Prince Imperial Dragon, who was dressed in a golden dragon robe, was currently fighting with a burly man who was completely naked.

His upper body was shining with a golden radiance, making him look like a golden man made of gold. Suddenly, his muscles contained a terrifying and mysterious power, and a violent aura gushed out from his pores one after another, forming a layer of radiance that shrouded his body.

The Prince Imperial Dragon was very refined compared to the big sized man. The big man's attacks were very violent, his pair of thick and long arms were like two terrifying giant golden hammers, smashing towards the Prince Imperial Dragon quickly and fiercely. Although it looked like he was using brute force, if one looked carefully, this kind of chaotic attack was able to suppress the Prince Imperial Dragon a little.

Of course, the real strength of the Prince Imperial Dragon was when he had turned into a dragon. In his current human form, his power was not very strong.

"Why is the power used by this big guy so familiar?" Suddenly, the image of a bald youth appeared in Chen Xiang's mind!

"Great Strength Race's! Although the Prince Imperial Dragon has not used his own strongest power, this Great Strength Race is still useless. "

Hearing the White Tiger's words, Chen Xiang nodded his head, Xiao Chou was his disciple, the last time Xiao Chou used a move that was extremely strong, he had become a huge giant!

If the Prince Imperial Dragon became a dragon, then the big size man from the Great Strength Race would also become a giant, and their strength would also be comparable.

At this moment, there weren't many people spectating. Many powerhouses had returned to arrange matters, and only a few rogue cultivators with great strength were allowed to spectate.

"As far as I know, the Great Strength Race has always been very ununited. If the Great Strength Race was united, then this would be a very powerful force." Li Baojun said.

"The matters of the Great Strength Race are also very mysterious. Although this group of people are very good at fighting, they aren't stupid at all, and many powers have looked down on their unity for many years. But you all should know, among all the human races, the Great Strength Race is still very strong." The White Tiger said.

Chen Xiang had asked Xiao Chou about some things related to the Great Strength Race before, but Xiao Chou did not say much. However, Xiao Chou had still revealed a lot about the Great Strength Race. For example, the Great Strength Race had once gathered once, maybe they had already gotten back together.

"Great Strength Race and Imperial Dragon Race have always had a grudge, I wonder what kind of grudge is this?" The White Tiger actually didn't know about this matter.

When Chen Xiang was fighting with Xiao Chou before, Long Xueyi had also mentioned this matter.

"This grandson shouldn't know anything about the chaos dragon curse!" Long Xueyi suddenly said.

"Why do you say that?" Chen Xiang asked.

"The Primal Chaos Dragon Curse can only be inherited from the Emperor's Mandate when a dragon is born." Long Xueyi said complacently: "But this grandson's dad definitely knows how to use the Primal Chaos Dragon Curse, otherwise he wouldn't dare to call himself Dragon Emperor."

"You can pa.s.s it on to me, but can't his father pa.s.s it on to him?" Chen Xiang looked at the fighting Prince Imperial Dragon in the distance. This Prince Imperial Dragon was indeed very strong, he felt that he was still a distance away from the Prince Imperial Dragon.

"Then the meaning is different. I was born to understand it! That's why he came down to investigate. If he could kill that dragon, then he will be able to sit firmly on the throne in the future. " Long Xueyi snorted: "Wanting to kill my future Heavenly Dragon Supreme Lord, this grandson is still too tender!"

Chen Xiang really wanted to let Long Xueyi out right now and let her have a fight with Prince Imperial Dragon. He wanted to see just how strong Long Xueyi was and how he would call Prince Imperial Dragon his grandson.

The attack of the naked man was extremely fierce, but it was clear that he did not plan to fight Prince Imperial Dragon to the death. Both sides had kept a hand in the fight, and now they were only testing each other's strength, but the scene of the battle was extremely shocking.

Suddenly, Prince Imperial Dragon's lips moved slightly. He was chanting an incantation, and one look was enough to tell that he was about to use his Heavenly dragon seal.

Crack! A thunderclap resounded throughout the sky as a streak of lightning split the sky and descended. It instantly struck the body of the burly man with a naked body, directly penetrating through his head.

Chen Xiang had used this before, but this was specially used to deal with those who wanted to escape from the enemy with extreme speed. Now was not the right time to use the Flash Dragon Punishment.

The bald man's hair danced wildly from the hacking, and he suddenly became angry. One of his arms suddenly swelled up more than ten times, making his body look very uneven, even though his body was also very tall and st.u.r.dy.

The gigantic arm didn't slow him down in the slightest. With a twist of his body, he actually avoided Prince Imperial Dragon's Shining Dragon Punishment. The gigantic arm was like a gigantic golden hammer, moving so fast that it left an afterimage in the air as it smashed onto Prince Imperial Dragon's head.


Prince Imperial Dragon dodged the attack during the most dangerous moment, and when his fist landed on the ground, the force penetrated deep into the ground, causing it to explode underground, causing the ground to be like a fountain, spouting out a large amount of rock and soil into the sky!

"All of you stop, don't destroy Sacred Sacrificed Alter!" An expert from an ancient faction shouted.

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