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"You …" Upon hearing Chen Xiang's words, Jing Shuang Ze became speechless. His momentum immediately weakened a lot as he said, "Hmph, today I will take you down!"

"Take me down and claim my credit, right? I'm truly a mediocre commoner. With such a strong desire, I've lost my face for nothing." Chen Xiang laughed in ridicule.

They all knew that Li Baojun was not someone to be trifled with, and since Chen Xiang was strong enough to be able to kill Heaven Thunder Devil Lord, they also knew that their Great Clan Elder was someone they could not see through.

All the big shots in Purple Moon Imperial Land had died, and the people of Purple Moon Imperial Land had not thought that their unity would stabilize, but instead wanted to fight for the position of Leader. Especially Tian Nu, because she was a beauty with extraordinary strength, her prestige was very high, and she was also sought after and supported by many. She felt that if she could defeat Chen Xiang, the position of Leader would belong to her.

"That's only you using an evil technique. Today, I will let your evil technique be exposed so that the world can see your true appearance." Two purple long swords appeared, transforming into two purple clouds that pierced towards Chen Xiang's throat and one of his eyes.

Chen Xiang carried his hands behind his back, and two fire dragons surged out from his eyes. Facing the two swords, the fire dragons swallowed and spat out flames, accurately putting the two swords into their mouths.

As the flames disappeared, the two treasured swords had already turned to dust!

"I use an evil technique? But I didn't enslave rogue cultivators to work hard in the Heaven Thunder Purgatory, right? I didn't steal the Storage bag of a rogue cultivator, right? Instead, I saved them, but the Heavenly Emperor of Zi Yue angered you. He wanted to kill me, but his skills were inferior to others and he was killed. Who can you blame? "

"Bullsh * t!" Jing Shuang Ze was infuriated; his treasured sword had actually disappeared in an instant. "Today, I will definitely capture you all!"

"Boasting shamelessly!" Chen Xiang sneered.

Jing Shuangze gritted his teeth and suddenly took out a huge purple rock. Upon closer inspection, it looked very much like a stone tablet with many ancient Spirit grain carved on it.

"It's the Purple Moon Sacred Tablet, it's actually in the hands of this little girl!"

"There is an ancient jade in the Tong Tian Aristocratic Family, and there is a sacred tablet in the Sheng Domain. They are all very powerful things!"

At this moment, Jing Shuang Ze's confidence soared and his face was filled with pride. Having obtained this item, meant that she had gained the Leader's favor.

"In front of the sacred tablet, you have no power to resist!" Jing Shuangze's jade face turned cold as she activated the power within the sacred tablet. Her long hair danced wildly, and her jade face was heavy. Her beautiful eyes glowed with a purple light as her body overflowed with purple light. Right at this time, the sky suddenly darkened, a purple moon hung high up in the sky, the purple light released by the purple moon all gathered on Chen Xiang and the others.

"Seal!" Jing Shuang Ze shouted, and that round of purple moon's rays of light exploded forth. A large purple formation appeared, and a purple and profound Spirit grain flashed with a blinding light. The terrifying pressure caused many people to feel slightly frightened.

The purple array formation seemed like it was going to destroy the earth, it smashed down fiercely from above Chen Xiang and the others' heads.

"Great Mountain River Formation!" Chen Xiang stamped his foot on the ground, causing the ground to tremble violently, and the powerful Innate Qi in his body surged like a flood into the sky. The vast divine power arrived along with it, and in the dark sky suddenly appeared a mountain and river picture that was tens of thousands of metres long, with countless large rivers surging and surging torrents like the roar of thunder, the power of the mountains and rivers shook the world, concealing the stars and moon, completely displaying the might of the earth, intimidating all the living beings in this world.

No matter how powerful the Saint Tablet was, the person who used it did not use all of his power. The power of the formation was greatly reduced, as though a purple moon had been blocked by the Mountain and River Diagram that Chen Xiang had released.

Jing Shuang Ze's expression was serious. His purple skirt and black hair were wildly dancing, and the sacred monument in front of his chest was emitting a purple light. She was using the purple moon diagram to confront Chen Xiang.

"It's just an adaptation of the Celestial Slain Method, there's nothing to be proud of!" Chen Xiang saw through some of them, and the Qi on his body immediately soared. Innate Qi erupted, like a dragon erupting from his body, it soared up and danced in the sky.

"Great Void Stellar Seal, end it!"

Above the purple moon array, there were suddenly dozens of phantoms of giant stars. These phantoms of stars formed a large array and their strength was even stronger, flashing with multicolored light, as they swirled and fell, the rich power of the stars roiled and surged, falling from the sky, smashing the purple moon until it exploded and dissipated in the sky!

The appearance of the Great Void Star Seal greatly changed the complexions of many of the giants. Jing Shuang, seeing this incomparably powerful Star Seal crushing down with unstoppable force, felt an incomparable surge of fear, but it was already too late! The Great Void Stellar Seal turned into a big hand in the air. The big hand was made up of numerous star shadows, carrying an earth-shattering power as it pressed down towards Jing Shuang Ze.

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! A deafening sound rang out. Jing Shuang Ze was completely enveloped by the giant hand print. In the midst of the rumbling sounds of destruction, he was turned to ash!

At the same time, the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword appeared in Chen Xiang's hands. He flew over and slashed at the Purple Moon Divine Tomb on the ground.

"Brat, don't be too arrogant. Brother Han, let's capture them together!" The one who spoke was Feng Quan, an expert of the Feng Clan! Han Kang was the same, he was a Ranker sent by the Flying Immortal School.

"Feng Clan, do you want to join hands? If you two were to make a move against me, you would be the first one Dragon Subduing School will kill! " Chen Xiang looked at the two Rankers fearlessly.

"Who do you think you are? So what if he said he would wipe out? " Han Kang jumped down and stood by Chen Xiang's side. Chen Xiang controlled the dragon vein, what would happen if he killed Chen Xiang!

Feng Quan shouted, "Stop talking nonsense with him, attack!"

Chen Xiang and Li Baojun looked at each other. They knew that it was not their turn to take action now, so they just stood there, not moving.

Feng Quan was like the wind as he rushed towards the White Tiger. The berserk energy on his palm struck the air at an extremely fast speed, causing waves of explosions.

To be able to attack a White Tiger, wasn't that just looking for death? Chen Xiang and Li Baojun sighed in their hearts!

The White Tiger had not acted this entire time, but its expression was indifferent as it watched from the side. Now that there were two such powerful people attacking them, Chen Xiang and Li Baojun definitely could not handle it.

"They're dead for sure now!" A person sighed.

Feng Quan's palm was extremely terrifying. Just the force of the impact was enough to split the entire street, and just as it was about to crush the White Tiger's head, the White Tiger's palm suddenly extended, and actually wanted to receive it with its own palm!

"You're courting death!" Feng Quan felt that the White Tiger's actions were very imaginable. The power in his palm became even more berserk at that moment, and he exchanged blows with the White Tiger!

The two palms collided. Bang! Bang! Bang!

The sound of bones breaking resounded like a cannonball. Feng Quan let out a miserable scream, and at the same time, his body flew backwards.

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