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Chen Xiang and the other two were very eye-catching as they walked through the empty streets. Although the White Tiger's appearance was extremely ordinary, its figure was tall and lofty. Its eyes emitted an absolutely terrifying light, causing people to not dare to look straight at it.

Li Baojun smiled, holding the flickering red Kylin fan in his hand, it pierced the eyes of many people, all the way while it burned their body and mind, making them feel terrified.

There was even less of a need to talk about Chen Xiang, his appearance had long been deeply imprinted in people's hearts, finding someone who did not know him was extremely difficult, his current bounty was so high that it was scary, thus many people looked at his portrait 9 to 5 days ago, trying to remember it! However, most of them didn't want to capture him for the reward and remember his appearance. They just wanted to avoid provoking this fiend and avoid him as long as they saw him, lest it bring about a fatal disaster.

"Isn't taking the Kylin fan the Dragon Subduing School's Elder Li? He seems to be the one in charge of the Dragon Subduing Dan Hall, and the other middle-aged man seems to be the Great Clan Elder of the Dragon Subduing School.

"Could it be that Chen Xiang is also from the Dragon Subduing School? Furthermore, you have a very high position in the Dragon Subduing School! "

"It's said that Sky Dragon had descended last night because of Three Realms Talk. I never thought that Dragon Subduing School would also come, and it's even Chen Xiang as the representative. Now we're going to watch!"

"Let's keep going. All the people in Dragon Subduing School are targets of those ancient powers."

The people on both sides of the street quickly dodged, and this matter quickly reached the ears of the big heads of the major forces. Chen Xiang represented Dragon Subduing School, and even brought two elders of the Dragon Subduing School with him!

Those big shots thought that the people from the Dragon Subduing School would come and cause trouble, but they never thought that it was actually Chen Xiang who brought the people here!

Before, Chen Xiang had killed Zi Yue Tian Zi and the powerful Purple Moon in a high profile in the Heaven Thunder Purgatory, and then killed Heaven Thunder Devil Lord. One must know that Heaven Thunder Devil Lord was considered as a guardian by those traitors!

Many of the big heads immediately thought of the day when the Sacred Sacrificed Alter was attacked by the Primal Chaos Dragon Curse, and thought that it was very possible that Chen Xiang had hidden himself to attack. Now that the Holy Dragon of the Imperial Dragon Race had come down, it was precisely for this moment that Chen Xiang had appeared.

Someone's coming, leave this little one to me. If I can't beat him, Elder Li, then you can attack! Chen Xiang, who was in the air, could see a large group of people rushing over from all directions.

Before long, the roofs on both sides of the street were filled with people. These people were originally going to partic.i.p.ate in the Three Realms Talk, but they were all attracted by the two elders and Chen Xiang.

"Chen Xiang, you're actually from the Dragon Subduing School? You should not be showing yourself so arrogantly right now, the reason the Imperial Dragon Race's Dragon King descended upon the Heaven Realm last night was because he was aiming for you! " Lv Qinlian's voice was full of reproach because she did not want to become enemies with the Imperial Dragon Race, but she could not not not help Chen Xiang either. If Chen Xiang had been attacked today, based on the friendship between her and Chen Xiang, she would definitely intervene.

"Big Sis Lu, don't worry, to be honest, I am a Leader of the Dragon Subduing School, I am here today for the Crown Prince of the Imperial Dragon Race, if he dares attack me, I will kill him and establish my authority!" Chen Xiang's voice was full of dominance, causing him to be stunned.

Chen Xiang sealed the Divine Sense Sea and did not receive other people's sound transmissions, continuing to advance along with the White Tiger and Li Baojun.

A burst of purple light suddenly appeared in front of them, and over 10 people dressed in purple robes blocked their way, their faces revealed fierce expressions, with weapons in their hands, the first to attack was actually Purple Moon Imperial Land!

Huang Jintian and the others also received the news that Chen Xiang had appeared, but Huang Jintian was not worried at all. He brought Gu Dongchen and the others into the compet.i.tion grounds.

"What are you doing here?" A middle-aged man from Purple Moon Imperial Land asked with a stern voice.

"We are here to partic.i.p.ate in the Three Realms Talk's compet.i.tion, here is our order badge!" Chen Xiang took out the recommendation badge from Zuo Zhenxuan.

"Hmph, you can tell at a glance that it was stolen!" The man from the Purple Moon Imperial Land sneered.

"I gave it to him. Why not?" Zuo Zhenxuan who was at the side said coldly: "Does your Purple Moon Imperial Land not recognize the sects that my Devil-subduing College approves?"

Li Baojun took a step forward, and shouted: "Get out of the way, and use your weapon to face us, don't blame me for being rude!"

The Purple Moon Imperial Land suffered a huge loss at the hands of Chen Xiang, and also suffered a huge loss in front of the Dragon Subduing City. On that day when they attacked the Dragon Subduing City, they lost a lot of experts, and thinking about it now, they felt a pain in their hearts, and their strongest, Ling Feng, had also been killed by someone not long ago!

"Chen Xiang, you and the ancient forces like us are irreconcilable. Don't even think about joining the Three Realms Talk today …"

"So long-winded!" Li Baojun raised the Kylin fan in his hand and ferociously swung it. A fiery red astral wind surged out and stirred up a wave of fire, which swept forward like a bolt of lightning!


The fire wave instantly struck the Purple Moon Imperial Land's people, the extremely terrifying fire energy frantically drilled into their bodies, and then exploded inside, causing their souls to be destroyed, leaving not even their remains.

"Those who have enmity with the Dragon Subduing School, or those who have enmity with the Leader, just come forward. We will accompany you to the end!" Li Baojun's voice was calm and transmitted in all directions, but when the rest heard it, they were extremely shocked. They could already tell that Chen Xiang was Dragon Subduing School!

The dragon fountain was actually obtained by Chen Xiang! Then, Chen Xiang created the Dragon Subduing School. Now, they understood why the Dragon Subduing School would go against those ancient powers time and time again, because the Dragon Subduing School was created by Chen Xiang. However, many people still could not understand how Chen Xiang managed to create such a powerful city!

"Isn't it just using the resources at hand to rope in some experts? Your own strength is only that much! " A charming woman dressed in a purple dress slowly landed on the ground like a leaf. When this incomparably beautiful woman in a purple dress appeared, many men stared at her with dazed eyes.

could guess that the purple-dressed woman was probably the heavenly daughter of the Purple Moon Imperial Land, called Jing Shuang Ze. She was incomparably beautiful, and her every move carried a charming and gentle charm.

"Oh? If my strength is only that much, then wouldn't your Leader, who is known to be at the pinnacle of strength, be beheaded by me? I also killed your traitor's master, Heaven Thunder Devil Lord. Your master died miserably in my hands, what right do you, a bunch of dog slaves have to belittle me in front of me? " Chen Xiang activated his Innate Qi, purposely speaking loudly so that his voice would reverberate in the sky.

"You idiots shouldn't belittle me now, because that would only lower yourselves. When you mock me, why don't you think about how many years you've suffered at my hands? I am the most qualified one to laugh at you all! "

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