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Just as the old man from the Purple Moon Imperial Land was about to break open the profoundbing, he was stopped by Feng Quan.

"Can I do it myself?" Feng Quan was a Ranker from Heaven Realm, it would be easy for him to break this profoundbing, he felt that the probability of him dropping a treasure like this was higher.

To him, breaking through profoundbing consumed a lot of energy. Every time he broke a piece of the profoundbing, it would seem as if he had aged a few years.

A white glow suddenly seeped out of Feng Quan's fingertip and entered the Black Tiger profoundbing. The profoundbing was stimulated by the immense power from the outside and immediately turned into a pile of ice crystals.

Feng Quan immediately rummaged through the pile of ice crystal particles with his eyes wide open, looking extremely anxious, but no matter how much they rummaged, they couldn't find anything inside. This made him secretly curse in his heart, and an indescribable rage arose in his heart.

He deeply felt that he had been deceived. The Purple Moon Imperial Land had obtained such a peculiar group of profoundbing.

let out an angry snort and returned to the private box. Giving Purple Moon Imperial Land so many Spar for free, no one would be happy about it, but Purple Moon Imperial Land had also taken a huge risk.

He earned another one hundred and forty billion Spar, which made the higher ups in Purple Moon Imperial Land feel a lot more comfortable.

The auctioneer said that there were a total of fifteen unique profoundbing. The profoundbing that were brought up next, all had different shapes and colors, and compared to the profoundbing from Golden Yang Building, they were all extremely special, because it was very hard to understand why these profoundbing that did not have anything in them could be so beautiful. For example, the white lotus profoundbing from before.

In the next few auctions of the profoundbing, Chen Xiang only partic.i.p.ated a few times. He released the fog, causing people to think that he stumbled upon it by chance, but he did not partic.i.p.ate anymore, because he did not even manage to see what was inside the profoundbing.

Very quickly, it was the last piece. The profoundbing s from before were all bought, but their prices were all very low, with the highest price being 500 billion, and no treasures appeared at all. As long as the number of distinguished guests in the box exceeded 300 billion, they would not increase their bids.

He had already auctioned fourteen profoundbing s, but aside from one that had sold Sky Stone, the other profoundbing s had nothing. Moreover, there were many strange profoundbing s that looked very beautiful, but they were still empty inside, and everyone understood now, the more beautiful the profoundbing, the less treasures would be inside, because the profoundbing that had produced Sky Stone and Sky Profound Stone previously did not look very pretty.

Finally, they reached the last piece. However, everyone's mood was very low. It seemed that it wasn't going to be easy to sell.

What was brought up was a very huge profoundbing, it was as big as a bed, elliptical in shape and pitch black in color. However, there were many dots of light on the surface, which made people feel like it was a star chart, because those dots of light on top of the profoundbing wanted to see what was formed in the night sky.

This piece of profoundbing was actually like a star map, it was extremely magical, causing many people's hearts to palpitate. Although this piece of profoundbing looked very good, but when everyone thought about the beautiful profoundbing s from before, they all gave up on thinking about it. It seemed not bad, but there was a high possibility that there were no treasures inside.

"The starting price is 500 billion Spar," the host shouted. Since the starting price was already so high, many people had to give up, and if they had to fight over it, they might even reach the top price of a trillion. There were more than ten examples in the past, and many people had already become very rational, not losing their ability to think just because of their appearance.

"Senior, seize him," Chen Xiang looked inside the Chaos Divine Eye, and saw that there was something strange going on, he hurriedly sent a sound transmission to the White Tiger.

The White Tiger immediately raised the bid, "50.1 billion."

Before, because two giants had lost over a trillion Spar, later on there were only a few hundred million or so Spar, but now the starting price was too high, so it had exceeded the limit of many people.

This is my last chance, the profoundbing looked like a small starry sky. If it suddenly became pitch black here, no one would be able to tell if the stars on the profoundbing are real or fake, "the host said, as he thought the price was too low.

"So what? Don't tell me there really is a treasure inside? You can be certain, don't fool people. You guys sold so many profoundbing and only one treasure came out."

"Looks like it won't work. If it doesn't look good, I think I'll think about it."

Now, many people were certain that they would not be buying beautiful profoundbing. The previous example told them that beautiful profoundbing did not contain any treasures.

"I can buy quite a few ordinary profoundbing with five hundred million. It's just a test of luck anyway, so I might as well use those profoundbing. Now, it seems that these strange profoundbing are no different from those ordinary profoundbing."

Everyone agreed with this statement. Many of them had heard that there was a trend to sell profoundbing at the profound Cold Ancient Realm, but because many people could not get anything from the profoundbing, they did not plan to sell it themselves.

"Deal!" The host sighed in his heart and shouted.

He was a little excited in his heart, because he knew that there must be something inside. Although he was strong, to be able to experience this kind of joy in the ordinary world made him feel that it was very meaningful, especially when he was together with Chen Xiang, the great swindler.

There were also quite a few Spar on the White Tiger's body. After he finished delivering them, he hurriedly said, "Don't get rid of them yet, I want to take a look so that I won't be able to see such a magical thing again."

The White Tiger was speaking the truth. He caressed the star-like dots of light above the profoundbing and when he got closer, he could see that other than the glare of the multicolored light, there was nothing else special about it.

Everyone felt that the Purple Moon Imperial Land must have gotten a lot of these strange profoundbing, but they could not get any good stuff from them, so they took them out to sell. Thinking of this, those people that bought the profoundbing before felt very unhappy.

"En, we can shatter it now," Bai Hu said as he took a step back. He didn't want to show off his strength, so he let the old man from Purple Moon Imperial Land do it.

The old man took a deep breath and gathered all the strength in his body into his fingertip, causing a strong flame to gather on the tip of his finger.

His fingertip lightly tapped on the huge black profoundbing and coincidentally tapped on a light blue colored light that was emitting from it. The entire profoundbing also crumbled in an instant, turning into a large piece of debris.

Suddenly, with a "hua" sound, the ice shards were blown away by a force. He saw three black beads emitting waves of terrifying black air. This piece of profoundbing actually produced a treasure.

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