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"Not only that, there is another job called the Icebreaker job at profound Cold Ancient Realm! Breaking through a piece of profoundbing can get one hundred million Spar! " The White Tiger looked at Elder Li and laughed: "If Elder Li makes a trip to profound Cold Ancient Realm, I can definitely earn a lot more easily, faster than refining pills!"

Li Baojun shook his head and laughed: "If Leader were to go, he would definitely earn more than me. He can tell whether there is anything inside the profoundbing or not with the help of the profoundbing.

Chen Xiang only wanted to use those profoundbing to refine pills, the Earth Profound Pills needed to swallow the Earth, and the Mysterious Ten Thousand Moons Pill needed a large number of mountains and rivers. If he refined too much, it would be punished by the heavens, so Chen Xiang did not dare to play around with them anymore.

The temperature of the Heaven Thunder City dropped suddenly, the cold Qi pressing down, it shocked many of the strong warriors here, they all thought that the giant who cultivated the power of ice exploded with power after his breakthrough, although it surprised many people, it did not cause too much of a commotion.

Chen Xiang, Bai Hu and Li Baojun were just about to go to the place where the Heaven Thunder Purgatory had disappeared from, when the earth suddenly shook violently. A surge of energy came from outside the city, it was the direction where the Heaven Thunder Purgatory had disappeared to.

"This power is very strong!" Chen Xiang's expression changed slightly. "Quickly go over and take a look!"

Just as Chen Xiang finished speaking, many Rankers in the sky, who did not care about the restriction of flight, started flying out of the city, all flying towards the direction of the surge of energy.

"Let's go as well!" The White Tiger leapt up and followed closely behind the group of people, with Chen Xiang and Li Baojun following closely behind.

After reaching a high alt.i.tude, many people saw that on the ground below where the Heavenly Lightning Whirlpool had once appeared, a hole as large as a city had appeared. A burst of white light was gushing out from below!

No one dared to go near because that force was too powerful. They were separated by several hundred zhang as they stood in the air, looking at the thing that was rising from the giant pit.

At this time, when Chen Xiang saw the expressions of the ancient powerhouses, he was actually very excited!

In the midst of the crowd, a beautiful figure that Chen Xiang was familiar with suddenly appeared. It was Ji Meixian!

Ji Meixian followed closely behind the Leader. At this time, her position in the White Sea Imperial Land was very high, she was herself a Ranker from the Heaven Realm, and her strength had risen quickly. She also had Zhao Yiprofound, the super strong female slave, to provide her with resources, and Chen Xiang had also given her many benefits.

"Fairy Beauty, it's me!" What exactly happened? " Chen Xiang sent a sound transmission to Ji Meixian, causing him to be slightly surprised. She immediately searched for Chen Xiang within the crowd, but did not discover him.

Ji Meixian and Zhao Yiprofound knew that Chen Xiang was about to establish a sect called Dragon Subduing School. When the Dragon Subduing School's reputation rose, they all felt very surprised, especially the dragon vein!

"Leader, your current situation is very dangerous. All the ancient powers have sent powerful experts from the Heaven Realm with strength similar to Ling Feng's, at that time, they might even encircle and annihilate our Dragon Subduing School. If they were to see you here, it would be even more troublesome!" Ji Meixian did not answer Chen Xiang's question. Instead, he was extremely concerned about Chen Xiang's safety.

"I'm not afraid. Tell me what happened." Chen Xiang was using Heaven tour method to explore the hole that was emitting the white light, but he was blocked by a force. Furthermore, the white light inside the huge pit was slowly floating.

At this time, the Demon Empress Lv Qinlian, Huang Jintian, Gu Dongchen, Liu Meng'er, Hua Xiangyue and other rankers familiar with the place had all arrived, and they all looked at the gigantic pit with grave expressions.

Ji Meixian replied: "My current status is already very high in the White Sea Imperial Land, but they still hold some reservations towards me. Yi Xuan might know a bit more, but she's already in the Heaven Realm, so it's hard for me to contact her!"

"Tell me what you know."

"I know this is an altar, called Sacred Sacrificed Alter!" Ji Meixian said: "That's all I know!"

Chen Xiang immediately sent a sound transmission to the White Tiger, "Senior, do you know anything about the Sacred Sacrificed Alter?"

"It really is the Sacred Sacrificed Alter. Could it be that they want to use the Sacred Sacrificed Alter to summon a Saint Devil?" The White Tiger's voice carried a sneer.

"What is a Saint Devil?" Hearing this name, Chen Xiang felt that it was powerful.

"A powerful existence between G.o.ds and immortals, humans are called saints, demon beasts are called saints, sages or demon beasts are called saints! This thing is many times stronger than the Demon Lord! "

Hearing the White Tiger's explanation, Chen Xiang was stunned, the Heaven Thunder Devil Lord that he killed earlier had suffered heavy injuries and its power was so terrifying, he had expended a lot of effort to kill it, but if another Holy Demon appeared, wouldn't this group of Di Tian be done for?

"Senior, are you saying that those ancient powers want to bring out a Saint Devil?" Chen Xiang asked in shock, "Is there such a fellow in the Nine Heavens and Ten h.e.l.ls?"

Chen Xiang suddenly felt that this White Tiger was a Holy Beast, this kind of existence!

"I will not let this Saint Devil be reborn!" The White Tiger's words made Chen Xiang feel a lot more at ease.

Huang Jintian seemed to know something as he immediately shouted towards the ancient powers, "You b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, your ancestors were all b.a.s.t.a.r.ds. Other than knowing how to collude with this kind of thing, what else can you do? You guys will definitely bring disaster to Di Tian by doing this! "

"Hmph, if we don't do that, we will be the ones to suffer!" Feng Quan from the Feng Clan sneered.

The people who brought out this Sacred Sacrificed Alter were really from an ancient power like them. Chen Xiang really wanted to know who these traitors had colluded with before?

Of course, he guessed it was a Saint Devil, but that Saint Devil was defeated in the end and was about to die. Now they had to revive a Saint Devil!

Looking at the happy faces of the traitors, the corners of Chen Xiang's mouth twitched as he chanted the Heavenly dragon seal's incantation.

"Little Naughty Dragon, quickly tell me. One is powerful, and can keep my Heavenly dragon seal hidden!" Chen Xiang anxiously asked, he also stopped chanting the incantation, because if he used it, his ident.i.ty would be exposed, and now that news of his ident.i.ty had been spread to the Heaven Realm, his previous battle records were all here, and many of the Heaven Realm experts knew that he was using the Imperial Dragon Race's Heavenly dragon seal.

"Even if you use the strongest Heavenly dragon seal now, it will be useless. Your strength is too weak! This Sacred Sacrificed Alter is not that easy to destroy, but I can still damage it. " Long Xueyi sighed softly, "Let me teach you another technique that I don't want to teach you!"

"You little colored dragon, taking advantage of me like this, you actually have a powerful ability that you won't teach me!" Chen Xiang said with dissatisfaction.

At this moment, the altar had already floated up. It was extremely large, and from afar, it looked like a city. It emitted a white glow, and its shape was that of a huge circular plate!

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