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Chen Xiang immediately held onto the Philosophic stone tightly and channeled his divine power into the beast that was the size of a grain. At this moment, he suddenly felt a type of extremely destructive cold energy from the profoundbing, and it was even a very strange energy.

Previously, he had tried to use his divine power to spy on these profoundbing, but they were all blocked outside. Now, after taking out the Philosophic stone, he could actually clearly see the inside of the profoundbing, and he could clearly feel the quality of the energy.

Through the Philosophic stone, Chen Xiang could now see what kind of character the profoundbing had!

"Seal, destroy!" Chen Xiang did not know why, but all of these information suddenly appeared in his mind, and he felt that it was something that could only be seen through Philosophic stone s.

"What does that mean?" Bai Youyou asked curiously.

"I think it should be some kind of powerful strength that specifically used these profoundbing to kill something that was difficult to destroy. First, it released a strong sealing power, and then, during the sealing process, it gradually released a destructive power!" Chen Xiang said.

"Could it be that there was something very powerful in the profound Cold Ancient Realm back then? So they were destroyed by this power? It seems like those profoundbing all contain a very strong power of the natural way! " Su Meiyao said: "You should wait until you are stronger before heading to profound Cold Ancient Realm!"

"That's right, the profound Cold Ancient Realm has many terrifying things, but these profoundbing cannot destroy those things. It seems that not long from now, those things will be resurrected!" Chen Xiang released the Magic method furnace, threw it inside, and then activated Burning Fire!

"I don't know why, but only by holding onto the Philosophic stone can I deal with it!" Chen Xiang was very confused. Now that he held the Philosophic stone, he could burn it like it was a normal thing.

The profoundbing released waves after waves of white colored light. The profoundbing was not as stubborn as before, but now that Chen Xiang was using the Heavenly Alchemy, it was as if it was refining a normal thing, and was refining the profoundbing into a pellet.

"These profoundbing are indeed mysterious. They don't need to be compressed in any way to melt into small pellets. What I want to do now is to refine these profoundbing into edible pellets!" Chen Xiang was currently trying very hard. The reason he could see the mysterious power within the profoundbing was also because of this mysterious power, which was difficult for the profoundbing to see through.

If not for the Philosophic stone and the Heavenly Alchemy, it would have been difficult to deal with these profoundbing, and all of them were missing. But now, the strange powers of those profoundbing were being separated by him, and he saw those powers as the power of nature, because after separating, they immediately disappeared without a trace.

After the magical power within the profoundbing was separated out, Chen Xiang's expression immediately changed, because he felt that the intense ice power inside the profoundbing went out of control. It was originally the combined power of dozens of profoundbing, but now, without the magical power controlling it, it suddenly exploded!

Chen Xiang released his divine power to suppress it, but the ice cold Qi was too dense, it was not something he could suppress with his current strength!

"This is trouble!" Chen Xiang was shocked, he never thought that after so many profoundbing lost control, they would actually produce such a dense ice cold Qi.

"Can it be swallowed?" Bai Youyou asked anxiously.

"I can't. There's too much of it. Furthermore, it's too muddy to directly refine!" Chen Xiang sweated profusely: "If I don't control it, Heaven Thunder City will become an ice city! A radius of five hundred kilometers will turn into a world of ice and snow, I never thought that profoundbing would actually contain so much ice cold energy. After dozens of large profoundbing were compressed into a single piece by me, they became even more powerful! "

That was equivalent to squeezing a mountain's immense and violent strength into a single point, and then releasing it to explode. Its might was boundless!

"Brat, what are you doing?" The White Tiger fiercely rushed into Chen Xiang's room and broke through a door. It looked at the ball of white mist and ice energy within the Magic method furnace and its eyes revealed a trace of fear.

"Senior, I'm going to lose control of this ball of energy, hurry up and think of a way!" Chen Xiang was ecstatic, and anxiously shouted.

At this moment, Li Baojun also felt the terrifying destructive power from the white mist. He estimated that if Chen Xiang let go now, everything within thousands of miles would turn into a world of ice and snow!

The White Tiger's palm cleaved through the air, creating a black spatial rift.

"Throw your stuff in!" The White Tiger shouted anxiously.

Chen Xiang immediately threw the ball of air that was about to lose control into the spatial crack, and in that instant, the spatial crack suddenly closed, and the ball of terrifying cold energy exploded outside the dimension. However, the entire Heaven Thunder City suddenly turned chilly, and the temperature plummeted.

Chen Xiang collapsed to the ground. If he could not control himself, he would have been in for a beating as well!

"How did you do that?" The White Tiger let out a long sigh.

"When I refined and fused the pieces of the profoundbing, it became like this. At the beginning, I easily refined all the pieces into a single pill, and then I separated some of the energy out of the stone and became like this!" Chen Xiang said.

Chen Xiang took a deep breath and continued: "I feel that I can refine these profoundbing into a pill. This time, I'm only using too many of them.

He was very confident in the Heavenly Alchemy.

The White Tiger sent a sound transmission to him, "Were you refined using the Heavenly Alchemy? "Then be careful!"

"Why? I am not a river refiner! " Chen Xiang asked curiously.

"Back then, Qi Shi tried to refine this stuff, which was why he started stirring up trouble. I can't say too much about this, or I'll be in trouble! However, I do not object to you refining, because you have done better than Qi Shi. Back then, Qi Shi was still unable to do what you have done now. The White Tiger told Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang nodded his head, the white tiger only told him to be careful, which meant that he could still refine the pill.

"Elder Li, where does the city have profoundbing?" did not have any more profoundbing in his hands anymore, so thinking about the previous ones, he felt that it was a pity. But this also allowed him to have a deeper understanding of these profoundbing, he planned to gather more profoundbing s and make them into a small pellet.

Li Baojun shook his head: "Because Philosophic stone can appear within these profoundbing, so the current profoundbing are all very expensive, and are all sold by weight, with one kilogram and one hundred million Spar! Only the ones that are to be formed are bought, while the ones that are to be broken are worthless. "

Chen Xiang could imagine that in the future, there would be many fragments scattered within Di Tian. After many years, those fragments would become profoundbing s.

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