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Chen Xiang kept the Philosophic stone. He already had a few ideas on how to use the Philosophic stone, but that would require him to train in seclusion for a while before he could finish the vast project.

"Leader, there are a lot of people looking for you outside. That Philosophic stone is truly too rare.

Li Baojun was not exaggerating at all, many of the branches of the large powers that were stationed in the profound Cold Ancient Realm all received orders to look for the profoundbing in large numbers.

"That place isn't for fun, just let them go. In short, I don't want to go in again." It seemed like he already had a shadow over that place. This was also the thing that made Chen Xiang the most surprised. He really wanted to know what exactly made the White Tiger so afraid.

The craziest way to find Chen Xiang was probably because they wanted to dig up the entire Heaven Thunder City to see. They had suffered such a huge loss, and they did not even know who had made them suffer such a loss.

The White Tiger and Li Baojun were walking around the city, while Chen Xiang was studying the powder of the profoundbing in his room.

"Although the color of these profoundbing are different, and the cold energy they emit is also different, there isn't much of a difference overall. After turning into ice crystal powder, every grain's ma.s.s is the same! As for whether or not I can successfully forge a pill, you can give it a try. Bai Youyou said. From the intense cold Qi these profoundbing released, it was extremely useful, but she was unable to use any of them.

Chen Xiang threw a pile of profoundbing particles inside and injected it into the flame. It immediately caused him to be greatly shocked, because his flames were unable to melt these profoundbing!

"Even if Xue Yi uses her fire, it won't melt! I'm afraid that even Li Baojun's will will not be able to melt them, at most, they will just be shattered into pieces. " Bai Youyou sighed: "I tried to use the cold Qi inside to devour, but to no avail."

"Let me burn it again!" Chen Xiang used his strongest firepower to burn the profoundbing particles inside the Yanlong furnace, and also urged the array inside the Yanlong furnace to speed up the incineration process.

Four hours later, Chen Xiang stopped his incineration. He poured out all the ice crystal particles from the Yanlong furnace s, but not a single one of them melted. Furthermore, after he burned them with his strongest firepower for four hours, the cold air coming out from these particles became even more intense.

"What exactly are these profoundbing? The hotter it gets, the colder it gets! " Chen Xiang grabbed a handful of ice particles, and the cold immediately drilled into his body, which was something that had never happened before. Just when he thought he could absorb the cold air, something unexpected happened again. The cold air that just entered his body suddenly returned to those particles, and even brought back some of his energy.

Chen Xiang immediately scattered all of the ice particles on the ground. In just an instant, he lost a lot of energy, and even though the ice particles released a very strong cold energy, he was still able to keep the cold energy in a certain range. He used the cold energy to drag in more spirit energy, and then continued to emit the cold energy.

These strange profoundbing granules actually had this kind of heaven opposing cultivation method, which caused Chen Xiang to be extremely shocked!

"This is a very strange thing, its ability to reproduce itself is very strong, I can promise you, if you throw away this small grain, many years later, a huge profoundbing will appear! And when this piece of profoundbing is attacked by a very strong power, it would immediately turn into a pile of tiny particles, and then dissipate along the wind. After many years of self-cultivation, those countless tiny particles will definitely turn into countless pieces of profoundbing! "

Bai Youyou already had a basic understanding of these profoundbing, and he speculated about their method of reproduction: "If a tiny profoundbing floated onto a few strange flowers and herbs, it can let these strange flowers and plants thrive and grow, and at the same time, condense into profoundbing for protection!"

"In other words, the treasures within the profoundbing were all because of the many tiny particles that suddenly fell from the profound Cold Ancient Realm all those years ago. No one knows what happened after that, but these tiny particles all grew into gigantic profoundbing! At that time, there were many treasures being protected inside, and there might even be corpses, or even corpses of people inside profoundbing s! "

When Chen Xiang was in the Golden Yang Building's backyard, he took away all of the profoundbing's granules. Although he couldn't use these ice granules, he still thought that these were treasures.

"I don't believe that these things aren't worth it!" Chen Xiang looked at the ice particles that were releasing cold air and released one of them to cover the pile of ice particles on the ground.

It could refine everything! This G.o.dly skill was terrifying even to the White Tiger, and was something that caused the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord to be killed!

He circulated the Heavenly Alchemy in his Dantian and ignited the flames, causing the flames to be released in a specific way within the Heavenly Alchemy, creating a strange type of firepower. He injected the flames into the Magic method furnace, burning those particles!

Not long after he used the Heavenly Alchemy, the granules suddenly released a ray of multicolored light, looking like a pile of golden sand. The golden light was sparkling, causing Chen Xiang to be extremely happy.

"It's working, haha!" Chen Xiang became excited and continued to burn these crystals using the Heavenly Alchemy.

"There's a change!" Bai Youyou was the same, but she suddenly saw the fire baked particles inside the Magic method furnace shrinking together.

"What's going on?" Chen Xiang frowned, and looked carefully. Although he could make these particles glow, he could not melt them.

A moment later, the pile of grains fused into a single grain the size of a grain of rice!

Seeing this, he continued to take out more profoundbing granules and placed them all inside the Magic method furnace, using the Heavenly Alchemy to refine them.

He had collected dozens of pieces of profoundbing's granules, and there were quite a few of them. However, he had only used an hour to melt all of the profoundbing's granules into rice sized white colored ice crystals!

"d.a.m.n it! I've been busy for so long, but I still haven't figured out how to use it!" Chen Xiang looked at the pressing cold white particle in the center of his palm and couldn't help but let out a long sigh.

He took out the Philosophic stone and looked at these two things helplessly. These two things were both extremely mysterious and had a lot of power, but he did not know how to use them. He sighed, and just as he was about to put away the profoundbing, the rice sized profoundbing suddenly flickered with a red glow, and the Philosophic stone also emitted a weak green glow.

These two things unexpectedly resonated with each other, shocking Chen Xiang yet again!

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