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If the prices for these profoundbing in the backyard of Golden Yang Building were right before, it would at most be over a trillion, and now that someone offered 10 billion to buy these profoundbing, they would definitely be able to see that there were treasures in them. As long as they were not crazy, they wouldn't be sold out at this time.

"This old sir, I wonder if you can help us break these profoundbing?" He was a Dan King and could see that Li Baojun's flames were extraordinary.

In this period of time, Three Realms Talk was going to start, it was not strange for many reclusive experts to come out. After all, this piece of land was Di Tian, who once stood above all the ten great lands of the Nine Heavens and Ten Great Earth!

"Elder Li, just help them out, there's nothing inside these profoundbing!" Chen Xiang's joyful voice rang in Li Baojun's mind, causing him to secretly admire Chen Xiang. This made Golden Yang Building's heart ache even more.

Li Baojun immediately took action, because there were a lot of profoundbing here, his speed was very fast. In just a few moments, he had already counted all the profoundbing here!

All of the profoundbing broke into pieces and turned into piles of ice crystal powder. The people from Golden Yang Building carefully checked the powder, trying to find a bird from it.

"One trillion Spar, if I sold it just now, I would be at a loss to that big dumb guy!"

"Golden Yang Building is too unlucky!"

"They're going to die from heartache, they must be very regretful. Why didn't they break open the profoundbing back then? Why didn't you sell all of the profoundbing here to me back then … "

When Lv Qinlian saw the pleased look in Chen Xiang's eyes, he exclaimed in his heart. Others say that their Demon Charming a.s.sociation's women are extremely beautiful and gentle, but are actually as poisonous as a snake or scorpion! looked simple and honest at the moment, but her heart was unfathomably dark. She felt that compared to Chen Xiang, the Demon Charming a.s.sociation's Poison Spirit was like a sky and a earth. Furthermore, after Chen Xiang tricked her, the others didn't even know what had happened.

"What a pity. The next time a new profoundbing comes, I will definitely come again." Chen Xiang looked at those elders whose faces were filled with dejection, let out a long sigh, and then turned around and walked out.

"Young master, can you show me some face by going to my residence?" Lv Qinlian said softly, his voice was extremely flirtatious, causing people to look at him with fire and envy.

"We are extremely honored!" Chen Xiang laughed.

Actually, Lv Qinlian wanted to take back the five hundred billion Spar. She was a little worried about this fellow Chen Xiang, she was afraid that she would be tricked by him and be unable to react.

Chen Xiang bade farewell to Li Baojun and the White Tiger, then left with Lv Qinlian. At the same time, he had also destroyed his plan of following Chen Xiang around the Golden Sun Sheng Domain.

Along the way, he saw many beautiful and seductive bewitching girls, each and every one of them were extremely enchanting and dressed in thin clothing, their snow-white bodies still releasing a fragrance. When looking at people, their lovely eyes seemed to be able to hook away their souls, making Chen Xiang wish he could live here forever.

Seeing Chen Xiang's naughty expression, Lv Qinlian snorted and warned him with her eyes. She knew that Chen Xiang was not an easy person to deal with women, and was worried that her Demon Charming a.s.sociation Demons would be harmed by Chen Xiang. Back when Chen Xiang was trapped in Heaven Thunder Purgatory, she had already seen how anxious Liu Meng'er, Dongfang Xinyue and Hua Xiangyue were. At that time, she was also very surprised, especially towards Liu Meng'er, who was Xue Xianxian's and Leng Youlan's master!

After Lv Qinlian withdrew all the spirit demons from the third floor, he stretched out his jade-like hand. "You can give it back to me now, right?

"Tsk, who do you think I am? Would I lack this much Spar? " Chen Xiang tossed the Storage bag over. He was very familiar with Lv Qinlian now, and he used the Magical corruption gas and Lv Qinlian to exchange for the Holy Lotus Seed.

"Why are you so restless right now? You made such a big scene in the Heaven Thunder Purgatory just now, why didn't you just hide properly and come out to cause trouble? " Lv Qinlian said sternly, as if she was a big sister reprimanding her little brother.

"I came out to cause a ruckus. How could I possibly have such a great harvest?" Chen Xiang laughed.

Lv Qinlian took off her veil, revealing her elegant and beautiful jade face. Snorting softly, she poured Chen Xiang a cup of tea. Even though she was the Demon Empress, she had always been very polite to others and did not put on any airs. Furthermore, the feeling she gave others was that of a refined and refined girl, gentle like water. Now that she and Chen Xiang had gone through that transaction once again, their relationship was extremely deep. It was probably because they felt that their most fatal secret had already been discovered by the other party that they acted in such a manner! Of course, after the two of them got to know each other, there was also a sense of trust!

"Can you let me see that Philosophic stone?" Lv Qinlian sat down and smiled at Chen Xiang: "I never thought that you would actually understand something like the Chaos Divine Eye. Can you use the Chaos Divine Eye to see what's inside?"

Chen Xiang took out the Philosophic stone and handed it over to Lv Qinlian's jade palm. When he retracted his hand, he even gently stroked her soft and smooth jade hand, causing Lv Qinlian to fiercely glare at him.

"If I said I couldn't see it with the Chaos Divine Eye, would you believe me?" Chen Xiang laughed.

"I don't, you played such tricks in the Golden Yang Building, and you expect me to believe you?" Lv Qinlian held the Philosophic stone tightly, and looked at the Spirit grain above. She sent her consciousness inside, and was immediately shocked in her heart, because it seemed as if there was an endless sea of Spirit grain inside, every single Spirit grain contained a large amount of information, and that was the power of the natural way.

"My Demon Charming a.s.sociation is very close to the profound Cold Ancient Realm. After the Three Realms Talk pa.s.ses, can you come to the Demon Charming a.s.sociation?" Lv Qinlian returned the Philosophic stone to Chen Xiang: "I won't treat you badly!"

Chen Xiang understood what Lv Qinlian meant. If Lv Qinlian wanted to let him see the profoundbing, her Demon Charming a.s.sociation must have obtained a lot.

"Hehe, you know about my wealth, Big Sis Lu. It's not easy to bribe me!" Chen Xiang laughed.

"You already called me big sis Lu, can't you give big sis some face?" Lv Qinlian pouted.

"I can make a trip to the Demon Charming a.s.sociation, but you have to do something for me." Chen Xiang's face suddenly became serious.

"Speak!" Lv Qinlian's beautiful eyes flickered.

"No matter what happens in the future, we must ensure that the Chen Martial Continent area does not get attacked by any powers! Even if your Demon Charming a.s.sociation were to be hostile to me in the future, you have to guarantee the safety of that place! " Chen Xiang said.

"Even if I don't do anything, your master can still protect that place!" Lv Qinlian frowned, she did not understand why Chen Xiang asked her to do this in such a serious manner.

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