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Now, everyone understood the intentions of this foolish big guy in front of them. Even if they lost, it would be worth it to be able to get to know so many powerful people, especially the powerful Spirit Demons of the Demon Charming a.s.sociation. /. *

And it was very hard to become friends with Dan King like Li Baojun!

"Then I'll begin!" Li Baojun laughed, his face had a pleased smile, everyone thought that he was going to win, which was why he was laughing so shamelessly.

Li Baojun's trembling fingers touched that piece of profoundbing. At that moment, everyone held their breath, especially the people from Golden Yang Building, as long as they could reach that point, they would be able to determine whether they had won or lost!

Many people wanted to stop at this moment because they too wanted to take part in the bet, but they did not have enough Spar s.

Li Baojun's finger, like red-hot iron, lightly tapped on that piece of green profoundbing. In that instant, everyone gulped their saliva, and also at that instant, that green profoundbing exploded with white light!

Seeing this array, everyone's heart stopped. This was clearly the light of a treasure being born, Chen Xiang had actually turned the tables on the last piece of profoundbing! Many people could not believe it, because Chen Xiang had won far too many!

After the white light flashed, everyone waited for the profoundbing to break. Inside, they saw a palm-sized green rock with many Spirit grain s densely packed on it. At this time, many people suddenly shouted out, and sat on the ground with their hands clutching their heads.

These people had used their spiritual sense to search for this green stone, but for some reason, their heads suddenly hurt, as if they were about to explode.

"Hehe, I've won!" Chen Xiang laughed and picked up the green stone.

Lv Qinlian sighed: "If you're willing to admit defeat, then take it!" She was only cooperating with Chen Xiang's acting, and Chen Xiang would return it to her afterwards.

"Two trillion Spar!" After Chen Xiang took Li Baojun and Lv Qinlian's Spar, he looked at Shi Fenggrong and the others.

They had completely lost, so it was only natural that they would give up to Spar Chen Xiang. After all, if they were even willing to admit defeat while betting on the Demon Empress, how could they, the group of men, lose? And there were still a lot of people watching!

The other hundred billion were the Spar s that Chen Xiang had bought from these profoundbing. In the eyes of the audience, the Spar were all fools, but now, they had earned around three trillion wildly, which was something that could only be obtained by a large power mining a lot of mines.

Of course, what they were most curious about was what exactly was that green stone inside the profoundbing. Not to mention those who were weaker, even those who believed that they were not weak, would have a splitting headache if they used their soul consciousness to look at that rock!

"What is this?" Li Baojun held his head and walked over, even he was not spared.

"It's a Great Way Stone, also known as the Philosophic stone! It could be said that it was a stone that could comprehend the Great Dao itself. Although it did not have any power in it, its comprehension of the Great Dao was beyond ordinary. It could even be said that this stone was a soul possession of the Great Dao! As long as you hold this stone in your hands, you will be able to comprehend the great Dao of nature with half the effort and twice the effort. His face was filled with shock. He did not expect that the profoundbing s would actually contain the thing he had been bitterly searching for all these years.

After this incident, the matter with the profoundbing would probably become famous. It could actually get something like it from the inside that helped people to defy the heavens!

"Even in Heaven Realm, this Philosophic stone is a priceless treasure!" Lv Qinlian took a deep breath, and didn't dare look at the Philosophic stone anymore. "Only those who possess Philosophic stone can use it!"

When the group of Golden Yang Building's people heard it, their faces turned even more green. They truly regretted not breaking these profoundbing open and selling them like this, giving them to others for almost three trillion without a use, and even losing the chance to obtain this Philosophic stone!

Chen Xiang immediately dripped his blood on the Profound Sky Sect Master, only to see the Philosophic stone releasing a strange green glow that enveloped the entire courtyard. In that moment, everyone felt a very strange feeling, that kind of feeling was hard to describe, and it was also this kind of feeling, that made them feel like they were suddenly enlightened. Previously, when they were struggling with their cultivation, they had been able to solve it easily, many people thought that if they went back to cultivate, they would be able to break through their bottlenecks!

This Philosophic stone was indeed a rare treasure. If the Golden Yang Building knew that the profoundbing had this thing, even a hundred million Spar would not sell it. This made Shi Fenggrong and the others wish that they could immediately s.n.a.t.c.h it, but they did not dare, because the Little Demon Empress was here.

"There are so many profoundbing here, name a price!" Chen Xiang swept his gaze across the profoundbing in the courtyard. Looking at him, he knew that he was going to kill them all in one go, since he had just defeated so many Spar and he was a rich person, it would definitely not be a problem for him to swallow all the profoundbing.

"You guys don't want to sell it?" Chen Xiang shook his head and laughed: "Then forget it, if it was me, I wouldn't sell it now either!"

When Lv Qinlian saw the people of the Golden Yang Building being tormented by Chen Xiang to such an extent, he could not help but laugh: "The possibility of a treasure being taken out of a profoundbing is very slim, it has a very large element of luck, if we are unlucky, even if we break through over a thousand of them, I'm afraid there won't be a single item."

"The profound Cold Ancient Realm is very vast, there are millions and thousands of profoundbing inside, but the treasures are probably only as rare as phoenix feathers and qilin horns."

Shi Fengleng took a lot of effort to make himself look better. After some thought, he said, "My friend, we are not going to sell it, unless you offer a very high price! No one can deny that our profoundbing s can produce treasures, so it is normal for us to raise the price temporarily. "

"How much?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Three trillion Spar!" Shi Fengrong's words made many people secretly look down on him. It was not because they did not want to sell, but if Chen Xiang could get good stuff out of the remaining ten profoundbing s, their Golden Yang Building would be better off.

Chen Xiang shook his head: "Five trillion Spar, I want them all. Are you selling them?"


"8 trillion!" Chen Xiang said again.

Shi Feng Rong suddenly thought that Chen Xiang could tell if there was something inside the profoundbing or not, that's why he kept bidding.

"I just said, I want 3 trillion!" Shi Fengrong said.

Seeing Chen Xiang continuously raise the price, everyone else felt the same as Shi Fengrong. They felt that Chen Xiang possessed the ability to watch over profoundbing, which was why he had decided to buy all the profoundbing here.

"One trillion!" Chen Xiang frowned, and his tone was slightly anxious, he could tell that ten billion was already his baseline. Everyone started to become suspicious, just what kind of background did this idiot have, to have such shocking amounts of Spar, even the Tong Tian Aristocratic Family and Sheng Domain wouldn't be able to take so many out so quickly.

"Not selling, and we've decided to break these profoundbing s apart now, unless you can take out 30 trillion!" Shi Fengrong said resolutely.

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