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Seeing that someone was scolding Chen Xiang for having his head kicked by a donkey, the experts of Golden Yang Building were immediately dissatisfied, and looked at the man with eyes filled with killing intent. Although they thought so, when the man said those words, Chen Xiang did not continue, but in their eyes, Chen Xiang was a Sparite vein in human form, and was currently giving away the Spar to the Golden Yang Building.

At this time, Chen Xiang bought a yellow profoundbing that was even bigger, with a total of 35 billion Spar. Everyone felt that he was just messing around and did not use his third eye anymore, because he had never seen that yellow profoundbing before.

Actually, Chen Xiang's mastery of the Chaos Divine Eye had already increased, so he did not need to open his third eye, because the third eye was the most powerful Chaos Divine Eye. Using his original two eyes was enough, he had already used the Chaos Divine Eye to look at this piece of yellow profoundbing, and did not notice anything strange, which meant that there might not be anything inside the profoundbing.

"Old man, go ahead!" Chen Xiang anxiously said as he tossed a Storage bag to the Elder Wan.

The Elder Wan was overjoyed. He had already forgotten about the loss of the Snow Jade Gra.s.s, he believed that it had already gone back to normal.

Li Baojun only used a finger that was as red as fire to lightly touch the yellow profoundbing and it shattered!

It was another pile of ice crystals as small as a pile of sand. Seeing Chen Xiang prying open that pair of sand like ice crystals, everyone immediately sighed out repeatedly, at the same time laughing at Chen Xiang for throwing away another thirty-five billion Spar!

"Leader, delivering the Spar to Golden Yang Building, this isn't your style!" Although Li Baojun knew that Chen Xiang was confident in being able to get something out of these profoundbing, he was still very uncomfortable in his heart. This was because Chen Xiang had already given the Golden Yang Building many Spar s for free.

"Don't worry, I will make them vomit all of it in a moment!"

Chen Xiang came to the front of a white profoundbing. This piece of profoundbing was extremely big, and looked like a huge bed, the price must be very high. This piece of profoundbing was something Chen Xiang had not seen before with his third eye, so everyone now believed that Chen Xiang was just fooling around.

"This one!" Chen Xiang patted the profoundbing: It's so big, there must be something inside. How many Spar?

"100 billion!" The Elder Wan's voice trembled with excitement, and he had even raised the bid a little.

Chen Xiang frowned, how could he not see that the profoundbing's price had slightly increased? He said: "Elder Wan, all of you know the rules of the bet? The kind that play with Destiny box, use the broken herbs inside to refine them into pills, not only will you gift the ingredients, you can also waive the cost of buying the Destiny box. "

The Elder Wan nodded his head: "Of course I know, if we fail to refine the pill, you have to give us another set of Spar!"

Chen Xiang laughed: "That's it, how about we play like this too. If there is something inside this profoundbing, not only will you give me back my hundred billion Spar, you will also have to give me another hundred billion!" If you don't have anything, I'll give you another 100 billion! "

Chen Xiang took out another Storage bag and threw it on the ground, telling everyone to pour their spiritual sense in.

Chen Xiang's wealth shocked many of the young people, and they all wanted to gamble!

The Elder Wan hesitated, he looked at the few experts, saw that the experts nodded, and immediately nodded: "Alright, I will play with you, making the guests happy, is the main theme of our Golden Yang Building!"

Everyone all agreed that it would be worth it if someone as foolish as Chen Xiang didn't scam him!

Chen Xiang said to Li Baojun: Old man, let's do it! "If you win, I'll give you 10 billion!"

Li Baojun believed that there must be something inside this huge profoundbing, if not Chen Xiang would not play like this! His fingers gently touched the huge white profoundbing and everyone's heart skipped a beat. When they saw that the profoundbing had turned into ice and scattered on the ground, they all held their breaths.

Just as Chen Xiang was about to go and rummage through the ice crystals, the Elder Wan said, "Wait, we can't let you go inside with us to search for this. This is a gamble, we need to give a fair certificate! Why don't we let the Demon Empress handle it? I wonder if the Demon Empress can give us some face? "

Lv Qinlian nodded his head: "I am willing!"

Lv Qinlian waved her hand, and the pile flew up into the air after all, floating in the air, separated into different pieces. From afar, it looked like a shimmering curtain, with nothing to be seen, which meant that the inside of the gigantic white profoundbing was empty!

Looking at this scene, the peerless beauty sighed, "Sir, I have let you down!"

Everyone exclaimed, because not only did this foolish big guy spend a hundred billion to buy a pile of white sand, he also lost a hundred billion. Two hundred billion Spar entered Elder Wan's storage ring just like that, and if they were not here, Elder Wan would definitely laugh maniacally.

"Leader, what are you doing!" Li Baojun replied to Chen Xiang painfully.

"Don't be so anxious. If you win, you can only win a little. Do you think that's enough? Last time, when we tricked the one trillion Spar in Dan Alliance, even they felt that it wasn't enough! Thus … I did it on purpose. Otherwise, how would they be willing to bet more? The Demon Empress is my friend, when the time comes, all of you should cooperate a bit, and we will scam him to death! " Chen Xiang replied Li Baojun and the White Tiger with his sound transmission, dispelling their confusion.

He never thought that Chen Xiang would actually be so sinister! Of course, Li Baojun knew that when Chen Xiang had used the name of the good man Li, he had already used this move, and he was already at the peak of perfection.

"Elder Wan, count these few pieces, I want them all!" Chen Xiang pointed to a large piece of profoundbing in the corner.

"He must have had a Qigong deviation, right?"

"This kid must be crazy!"

"This isn't the way to use many Spar, it's so good to give it to me!"

"Every year, idiots appear. This year, there are even more, and they are even more foolish!"

"This idiot gave another Spar to me!"

Elder Wan coldly looked at the noisy crowd and asked them to quiet down. This group of people were giving him Spar s, if they talked too much, Chen Xiang would go back on his words.

"A total of 520 billion, I'll give you a discount, just 520 billion!" Right now, Chen Xiang was the G.o.d of Fortune in his eyes. He wanted to get a luxurious chair for Chen Xiang to sit on, and arrange a few beauties to ma.s.sage his back and legs, to entertain Chen Xiang with the Spar s.

Chen Xiang scratched his chin, "There's really a lot. Didn't you guys just use the method of betting pills to play with me?"

"Sir, as far as I know, many powers would have to break through hundreds or even hundreds of profoundbing in order to obtain something from it …"

"Demon Empress, that's not right. If this Young Master was lucky, maybe he would be able to get something good soon?" The Elder Wan interrupted Lv Qinlian, but he did not reply to his question.


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