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Everyone saw that Chen Xiang was very interested in these profoundbing. Previously, when they were outside, this guy, who was considered big and foolish, had caused Golden Yang Building to vomit blood. Although he had a simple and honest appearance, he must have some skills to be able to recognize the Snow Jade Gra.s.s.

Lv Qinlian carefully glanced at the White Tiger. The White Tiger had changed its appearance before, so of course she wouldn't be able to recognize it. If it appeared with its original appearance, the Heaven Thunder City would definitely explode, because Chen Xiang had once used the White Tiger's appearance to pa.s.s himself off as the Great Clan Elder of the Dragon Subduing School.

Chen Xiang said to the Elder Wan: "Can I take a closer look? I mean using my own special technique, I'm very interested in these profoundbing! "

"Alright, do whatever you want!" Elder Wan believed that Chen Xiang was a tyc.o.o.n, so he was very willing.

Chen Xiang came to the front of a deep purple profoundbing. This profoundbing was shorter than him by a head, and stood upright in place, leaning against the courtyard wall, it released a purple cold Qi, which could be considered the heaviest part of the cold Qi.

Chen Xiang took a deep breath, closed his eyes, only to see a gold light suddenly flowing out from between his brows, as though he had suddenly opened his eyes, and after seeing this scene, the people in the crowd started to stir, and started to shout in shock.

Elder Wan's face changed. He was really worried that Chen Xiang would be able to see through it with this technique. At that time, they would be at a disadvantage again.

"Chaos Divine Eye!" Lv Qinlian was extremely shocked. She had just met a mysterious person with extremely strong powers, and seeing someone using such a strange technique that could cause a huge sensation even in the Heaven Realm made her think that Di Tian had already recovered to his peak condition.

"Chen Xiang, can you see anything? This Chaos Divine Eye is from the G.o.d slain method, I truly regret not learning it back then! " The White Tiger quickly said.

"No, I want to see a few more!" After Chen Xiang finished speaking, he moved to another place, but it was not easy to execute Chaos Divine Eye.

Chen Xiang came to the side of a square shaped blood red profoundbing. This profoundbing looked like a square stone table, he opened up the eye between his brows again, and used Chaos Divine Eye, shooting out a golden light.

Everyone could see that when the golden light entered the profoundbing, it did not reflect the light.

Chen Xiang continued to look at a few pieces, but his expression was currently not looking very good. With one look, he could tell that he had exhausted a lot of energy, and this Chaos Divine Eye, with just a few moves, had consumed a lot of his divine power.

"I want this piece, how many Spar?" Chen Xiang pointed to a greyish black profoundbing and asked.

The Elder Wan was a little nervous in his heart, but he had previously said that it was calculated based on size. Naturally, he did not dare to name a high price, as there were many people watching right now.

"Two billion eight hundred million Spar!" Elder Wan hesitated for a while before saying.

Chen Xiang immediately threw a Storage bag over to the Elder Wan. Seeing this scene, everyone was emotionally moved, their hearts becoming more and more excited. They did not think that such a foolish person would actually buy a profoundbing, even though it seemed to be a little tricky.

Everyone wanted to know what was inside the profoundbing, but they understood that the profoundbing was not that easy to open.

"Elder Li, cut this profoundbing open. It shouldn't be difficult for you to release your flame on the sword and saber!" Chen Xiang sent a sound transmission to Li Baojun.

Li Baojun immediately said: "Little friend, this profoundbing is hard to open, but I want to try. If it succeeds, you can immediately see if there is anything inside!"

Everyone was delighted. They just saw this old man concoct a batch of Face Preserving Pills so easily. He must be a very powerful fellow.

"Alright!" Chen Xiang casually replied.

The White Tiger, Lv Qinlian and more than ten other Rankers in the courtyard all wanted to know what exactly was inside the courtyard.

Li Baojun rolled up his sleeves, and shouted out loud. A ball of flame suddenly appeared in his hand, which then turned into a red sharp blade, but many people could see that it was not forged, but condensed out of extremely dense flame energy!

After Li Baojun created this blade, the cold energy in the courtyard was actually suppressed. However, it was only for a short period of time.

This grey black profoundbing was not small, and was as big as a water tank. If there was something small hidden inside, it had to be shattered, and if it was to be roasted by fire, it would easily damage the fragile things inside, thus the profoundbing was not easy to break open.

"Be careful, don't cut anything good!" Chen Xiang reminded.

"Don't worry, I am here to refine pills. I have to be extremely careful when smelting medicinal herbs in the cauldron!" Li Baojun said, then began to cut down.

The blade formed from his flames was powerful as expected, the incomparably st.u.r.dy profoundbing was like tofu, and it was easily cut down by him.

Just then, the black profoundbing suddenly trembled, then exploded into a pile of black ice crystals. There was nothing inside!

The crowd was stunned for a moment before letting out waves of sighs. 28 billion just went down the drain like that.

"You dare to buy anything inside?" The White Tiger was very confused, "Didn't you notice something?"

Li Baojun also asked Chen Xiang about this through sound transmission.

Chen Xiang immediately responded: "I saw through it, but it also exposed my Chaos Divine Eye. If I see too accurately, then what if others don't let me buy it in the future?"

Li Baojun and the White Tiger immediately understood that Chen Xiang purposely made others think that his third eye was useless.

Chen Xiang immediately muttered: "What dogs.h.i.t inherited secret method, it's completely useless. Not only did it waste Spar s, it also makes me so tired!"

Seeing his expression, everyone secretly cursed the wastrel in their hearts. Their feelings towards Spar were not important at all, if a normal person allowed these twenty billion Spar to go for broke, they would definitely cry for their parents.

The Elder Wan let out a long sigh. In the eyes of many people today, Chen Xiang's Chaos Divine Eye was only a feint, and everyone was rejoicing in his misfortune, while the people of the Golden Yang Building were all smiles and smug, because they had sold a useless and broken profoundbing to an unbelievable high price.

Just as everyone was planning to leave, Chen Xiang suddenly shouted: "No, I can't let this go to waste, I must earn back some money! Old man, wait a moment, you have to cut open the profoundbing for me, the moment there is a gap, these profoundbing will explode on their own, you don't need to waste any effort!"

Chen Xiang squatted down and put away the pair of profoundbing that had turned into crystal sand. He felt that these profoundbing were useful and at the same time, gave them to Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao to study.

"What?" His brain was kicked by a donkey. Just now, he suffered greatly, but his brain still didn't grow! There are really a lot of stupid Spar, where did this guy come from a prodigal son? " A man said.


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