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Chen Xiang replied impatiently, "If I can sell them, why don't you take off all your clothes and walk around the city?

"Little girl, it's my own business whether I can afford it or not. What are you talking about on the side, are you going to be able to afford it?"

"You …" The red dressed woman immediately shouted in anger.

Chen Xiang did not let her continue speaking as he quickly threw out a Storage bag. "Innkeeper, take a look. This is the 4 billion Spar here, I'm going to get off this Snow muscle jade gra.s.s."

He was a Leader of the Dragon Subduing School, sitting on a dragon's vein, with countless Spar, he would definitely lack these few.

The shopkeeper was stunned for a moment and immediately sent his consciousness into the Storage bag. There was indeed a huge pile of Spar inside, even with his level of consciousness, he still had to take a look for a while.

After a while, the old shopkeeper nodded his head, the way he looked at Chen Xiang had changed. It was as if he had discovered a treasure mountain, and did not dare to look down on Chen Xiang anymore.

"It is indeed four billion Spar." That shopkeeper was only a shopkeeper, so he naturally knew that someone who could casually toss out four billion Spar would definitely have a huge background.

The shopkeeper could see a group of well-dressed, cultured and refined young men and women strolling around, but there were very few people like Chen Xiang who bought the pellets so easily. The disciples of the famous sects only showed off their talent, and were able to win the favor of the girls.

The red and yellow dressed women who mocked Chen Xiang just now were completely speechless. Although they knew a lot of young masters, although they all seemed to have a great temperament and self-control, and were even more wealthy than the young masters of many small families, for a guy like him who could throw out four billion Spar s just because he didn't feel much pain, perhaps even the heavenly girls would not be able to do it.

Li Baojun immediately came over, and carefully looked at the Snow muscle jade gra.s.s in Chen Xiang's hand. He slightly frowned and said: "Little brother, this is not a Snow muscle jade gra.s.s."

Chen Xiang knew that Li Baojun and the White Tiger had pretended to know him, so he did the same. "Old man, you're an expert too, to be able to tell what this is," he replied.

The people in the hall were still surprised that the young man in front of them had spent four billion Spar to buy the Snow muscle jade gra.s.s, but then they suddenly heard that it was not a Snow muscle jade gra.s.s.

After hearing it, Young Master Ying frowned slightly, "How can it not be the Snow muscle jade gra.s.s, I have brought a lot of people to admire it, and the Dan King of Golden Yang Building has also been resolute before."

Li Baojun laughed: "There are also times when Dan King sees wrongly, let me tell you this, this is called Black Jade Snow Gra.s.s, it looks similar to a Snow muscle jade gra.s.s, but because this Profound Jade Snow Gra.s.s is not properly stored, a large amount of spirit energy has been lost, it looks similar to a Snow muscle jade gra.s.s."

This was one of the main ingredients used to refine the Face Preserving Pill. The Face Preserving Pill was a high-grade Ground level pill, you only needed to eat one pill to be able to maintain your complexion for a long period of time, and it was much more effective than eating thousands of Beauty Dan s.

"Old man, you have good eyes. I bought this Profound Jade Snow Gra.s.s for four billion, is it worth it?" Chen Xiang laughed.

Everyone in the hall was discussing softly, many people expressed their disbelief, thinking that Chen Xiang was just fooling around.

The main ingredient of the Face Preserving Pill, Chen Xiang, was very familiar with it. He had previously obtained it from the medicinal garden that Dan King Li Tianjun had left behind, at that time when Li Baojun was still guarding the medicinal garden.

Although he could not refine pills, he was very familiar with it, so he came to join in on the fun, "Just now, Young Master Ying said that this is a Snow muscle jade gra.s.s, he should be a descendant of the Ying Family, there's no mistake about it."

Chen Xiang laughed secretly in his heart. It was obvious that the White Tiger was trying to make trouble for Young Master Ying, and it was trying to make things difficult for him.

He is this old man, the fire Qi surrounding his body is this strong, he is probably an outstanding figure in the Dan King, he is just a junior, "Chen Xiang said disdainfully." I, this wild boor, have also refined a few batches of Broken Pills, so I still have a rather good understanding of medicinal ingredients. "

The occurrence of such a thing here immediately attracted the attention of several Golden Yang Building's Pill Sect. These were all Alchemist s who were able to refine three high-grade Ground level pills.

"Little brother, can you take a good look at this?" A Pill Sect member asked. They were extremely suspicious of this, if the four billion Spar could sell a stalk of Snow Jade Gra.s.s for it, it would be a huge loss.

"No, what if you guys want to go back? You guys are members of the Gold Sun Sacred Realm and are a huge force. At that time, who would I find to reason with?" Chen Xiang had not put down the Storage magic treasure yet, he had only placed his hands behind his back.

This made the few Pill Sect members slightly angered. He really wanted to s.n.a.t.c.h it away from them.

Li Baojun smiled and said: "Little brother, if you trust this old man, let me help you refine the Profound Jade Snow Gra.s.s into a batch of pills. I think that my pill refining skills are good, I can produce two pills in one furnace, at that time I will only need one pill, and I will need some other ingredients to concoct the Face Preserving Pill.

Being able to produce two Face Preserving Pills in one pot made many of the Alchemist present feel deep veneration for Li Baojun. They didn't think that such an unremarkable old man would actually be such a powerful Alchemist.

Li Baojun had eaten a lot of Beauty Dan and Face Preserving Pills to make himself look very young, but as an elder of the Dragon Subduing School, he had fought with many great powers on many occasions. In order to not be recognized, he disguised himself as an old man.

"Alright, I trust you. Old man, prove it and show this bunch of people that don't understand anything," Chen Xiang immediately gave the Profound Jade Snow Gra.s.s to Li Baojun.

The few people from the Pill Sect secretly sneered in their hearts. Even now, they did not think that it was a Snow muscle jade gra.s.s. They were very confident in themselves and thought that they would not be mistaken.

Li Baojun immediately took out his Pill Refining Furnace after receiving the herb, and very cleanly and cleanly processed some of the herbs. If one looked carefully, they would be able to distinguish the quality of the herbs, especially those supplementary herbs, which were all very old and could be sold very well.

Chen Xiang was extremely confident in Li Baojun, as he was Li Tianjun's successor.

Li Baojun's pill furnace looked ordinary, but everyone felt the fire from it, and did not dare look down on it anymore. It was because the fire only overflowed some heat, and it made people feel that it was terrifying, and the inconspicuous pill furnace could withstand it.

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