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The Heaven Thunder City was originally established because of a nearby Heaven Thunder Purgatory. At that time, there were a lot of resources inside the Heaven Thunder Purgatory, although it was destroyed now, the city was still very busy, and the power in charge of the city was one of the four great powers in the east.

The Purple Moon Imperial Land was relatively strong overall, even in the Heaven Realm, it was the same. That was why the area that the Purple Moon Imperial Land controlled was wider.

The Purple Moon Imperial Land suffered heavy losses in the Heaven Thunder Purgatory, but did not lose her position as the Eastern Autarch because the Purple Moon Imperial Land was also very strong in the Heaven Realm. She could send some experts to make up for the vacancies, and now, it was that old lady, Ling Feng, who took over the position.

"Hehe, they can't stay in Pill City anymore, and the entire Dan Alliance has moved here, they have some brains, so they didn't stay in Continent of the King to guard it," Chen Xiang heard from some pa.s.sersby that there were a few large pill stores that had suddenly appeared, without even needing to think he knew that it was brought back from Pill City.

"I'm afraid they haven't taken back their funds yet, these people originally used a hundred million Spar s to buy back the land we bought in Pill City, thinking that they could chase us away. Who knew that we would establish a city near Pill City and completely destroy them," Li Baojun thought of this as he let out a proud smile, he had partic.i.p.ated in this event back then too.

The White Tiger laughed: "This is just like lifting a rock to smash one's own foot. Although they have been cheated by you guys with a lot of Spar, but they are definitely going to use their strength to earn people back in other ways."

"That's right, so we have to take care of their pill shop right now," Chen Xiang looked at Li Baojun and gave him a meaningful glance.

"You can't be thinking of causing trouble, right?" The White Tiger's brows slightly rose. "We made a promise once again, and I only promised you that you would be safe and sound when you were at Three Realms Talk. Don't do anything rash at a time like this."

"What's there to be afraid of? When the time comes, you won't have to do anything, we can handle it." Chen Xiang had already excitedly walked towards the grand and beautiful pill shop in the distance.

Purple Moon Imperial Land and Gold Sun Saint Realm experts were both in the Eastern Sage Realm and their strengths were similar. Moreover, they were experts in using fire, and the disciples of Purple Moon Imperial Land could cultivate purple fire using their own cultivation methods. The majority of Gold Sun Saint Realm disciples used golden flames.

"Could this Purple Moon Imperial Land be related to Hua Xiangyue? Didn't this Little Flower Demon say that she came from the Purple Moon Realm, and that she also has Purple Moon Fire Soul? Although there are many people in the Purple Moon Imperial Land that can use purple flames, none of them have Fire Soul s," Long Xueyi said.

"I'll find a chance to ask her, I keep having the feeling that it wasn't that simple when she came to Mortal Martial Realm from the Purple Moon Realm back then, and that there might be some other secret behind it," Chen Xiang walked very quickly and arrived at the entrance of the Golden Yang Building in an instant. Standing at the entrance, he could feel a strong and slightly scorching aura floating out from within, which meant that the majority of the pills inside were refined by the Golden Sun Saint Realm.

When they saw the White Tiger's helpless expression, Li Baojun laughed and said: "Maybe this brat is just going to go in and buy some pills or something. Don't worry, how about this, we'll pretend that we don't know him and just watch from the side.

Chen Xiang now looked like a very simple and honest young lad. He looked harmless, with a silly look on his face.

The White Tiger accepted Li Baojun's suggestion and pretended not to know Chen Xiang, but they kept a distance.

After Chen Xiang entered the Golden Yang Building, many handsome, beautiful young men and women looked at him with contempt, because regardless of whether it was the outside or inside, the decorations of the Golden Yang Building were all extremely luxurious. Although Chen Xiang's attire was not bad, many people with statuses felt that this kind of person should not appear here.

There were many transparent crystal counters along the walls of the hall. There were many elixirs, as well as some small jade bottles that contained low-grade pills. Generally, high quality pills were rarely displayed, because those wealthy people had set those pills at a high price.

Even though there were no high-grade pills, it still attracted a lot of attention. For the younger generation members of famous families, low-grade pills were a luxury good for them, so they often gathered here to discuss about the medicinal ingredients and pills. Although many of them did not refine pills, they were still very knowledgeable in the field of pills.

"If I could eat a Beauty Dan every year for a thousand years, my face would not be old, but it's a pity that the Beauty Dan's medicinal ingredients are extremely rare and also extremely scarce. It's not easy to gather a thousand of them," a man in green clothes said as he looked at a small blade of gra.s.s.

That small gra.s.s was a Snow muscle jade gra.s.s and the main ingredient used to refine it looked like a girl's snow-white skin. Although the quality of the Snow muscle jade gra.s.s in the display cabinet wasn't that good, it was still eye-catching in the hall.

Chen Xiang immediately walked over to have a look. He had a lot of these Snow muscle jade gra.s.s s, so Bai Youyou often treated these Snow muscle jade gra.s.s s as food to help her learn the Icewind magic kungfu.

"Shopkeeper, is this Snow muscle jade gra.s.s for sale?" Chen Xiang suddenly shouted loudly. He realized that the Snow muscle jade gra.s.s in the crystal cabinet was strange, it was completely different from the one he was familiar with, but it looked exactly the same.

"It's just for sale here, but you won't be able to afford it," a lady in a red dress looked at Chen Xiang with her charming phoenix eyes in disdain.

"What a country b.u.mpkin, yelling and shouting, not even knowing how to behave," A girl in a yellow dress looked at Chen Xiang, then looked at the green clothed man who was talking about Beauty Dan just now, shook her head and sighed, "We are all men, why is the difference between this guy and Young Master Ying so huge?"

Young Master Ying, Chen Xiang actually knew that one of the two great Tong Tian Aristocratic Family s in the east was the Ying Family.

An old man walked over impatiently, he frowned and looked at the big, simple and honest guy in front of him, and said: "Of course I want to sell, can you afford the four billion Spar?"

When the surrounding people heard this price, they could not help but secretly take a deep breath. When Snow muscle jade gra.s.s s were auctioned off, they were all around thirty-five years old or so.

"Can you sell it?" The charming red dressed lady looked at Chen Xiang with contempt and laughed coldly.

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