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The Evil Qi protecting the dragon vein was released through a large natural formation, forming a gigantic and terrifying dragon sitting there. It released waves of Evil Qi, looking like the Evil Soul of an evil dragon, thus it was named Evil Dragon Graveyard!

After Chen Xiang fused with the dragon vein, he could control a portion of the dragon fountain's power, but he had not complete control of the Evil Dragon Graveyard, so he could be used to deal with these people who came to cause trouble. The reason why he built this place was so that when there were people who could attack the city in the future, he could borrow the power of the Evil Dragon Graveyard to retreat.

Dragon Subduing City was still quite a distance away from the Evil Dragon Graveyard, but from afar, they could see that the Dragon Subduing City was right below the gigantic black dragon head. It made them feel as if the entire Evil Dragon was protecting the Dragon Subduing City.

Suddenly, the black aura from Evil Dragon Graveyard surged, a deep dragon roar came out, it was as if it came from h.e.l.l, gloomy and terrifying.

Sensing that there was a change in the Evil Dragon Graveyard, all of the experts' faces changed, the giant black dragon made of black Qi suddenly moved, the gigantic black dragon in the sky opened its mouth and roared, the entire sky started to tremble, a violent force was pressuring down on the sky, causing the sky to buzz, waves after waves of tremors came from it, the Qi was pressuring down from the skies, the might was extremely strong.

The two huge eyes of the Black Dragon flashed with a red glow. Under the scorching sun, that kind of light could dye the entire ground red. The killing intent was extremely strong.

Everyone looked at the angry Evil Dragon in fear, especially the targeted Heaven Realm Rankers. They were so intimidated by the aura that they were unable to move, and the fear in their hearts made them feel extremely powerless!

Along with a loud explosion, everyone was shocked, but then a burst of black Qi surged out of the dragon's mouth, shooting out towards the group of people outside the Dragon Subduing City, it shot out a huge black light, a vast and berserk energy rushed out like a tsunami, in an instant, it struck the ground and caused cracks to appear on the ground, the shock wave created was like a flood, causing the Qi waves to surge out, causing the people of those powers to be drowned in the vast and terrifying power!

The Dragon Subduing City was surrounded by the black mist, and within the black mist, there were a few gold lights flashing, the Rankers in the sky could see that a few of the Rankers from the Heaven Realm were bleeding from their mouths, and that their bodies were protected by a glittering immortal equipment, allowing them to escape from death.

The Feng Quan of Feng Clan, the Han Kang of Flying Immortal School, and the Ling Feng of Purple Moon Imperial Land, these three extremely strong Heaven Realm Rankers did not die, and they could even protect one of them to follow the old man, but they were all heavily injured!

Chen Xiang had used up all his energy just now and collapsed to the ground. Although he couldn't kill the three super strong Heaven Realm Rankers, he still killed more than a dozen of them.

There were a total of seventeen or eighteen people sent down by the three forces, and now, there were only six people left, which made them very angry, they wanted to destroy the Dragon Subduing City into ruins, this kind of loss could be said to be very heavy, even if they were to annihilate a force in the Heaven Realm, at most, a lot of them had been severely injured, but more than ten people had died today. These people were among the top of the Heaven Realm's forces, although they could not be considered experts, they still had some strength, and their status was quite high.

Li Baojun hurriedly helped Chen Xiang up from the ground, then said loudly: "You guys hurry up and scram, I'll tell you what's up with you later, don't provoke the Dragon Subduing School anymore, if not we will definitely remove your foundation in Di Tian, and keep it to the truth!"

It was just the defensive power of a city, but it was already this terrifying. Those people from before who wanted to get the attention of Dragon Subduing School, did not dare to have any other thoughts!

"Just you wait!" Ling Feng was currently in a very sorry state, their immortal equipment had already been broken, that strike just now was simply too powerful. If their reactions weren't fast, they would have been completely annihilated.

After the three Heaven Realm s from the Flying Immortal School, Purple Moon Imperial Land and Feng Clan left, the rest also left. In the hearts of many people, the strength of the Dragon Subduing School s had already far surpa.s.sed those of the ancient powers. Even the experts from the three ancient powers were unable to shake a city of theirs, let alone the mountain gates of the Evil Dragon Graveyard s.

"Seems like I need to leave a person here to guard the Dragon Subduing City to prevent myself from being attacked!" Chen Xiang recovered some of his strength. Although he did not use the power of the Evil Dragon Graveyard too much, the effect of the attack was extremely great, almost exterminating that group of people.

After a few hours, the Evil Qi had dissipated outside, the big doors of the Dragon Subduing City opened once again. It was a mess outside the city, but the inside of the city was filled with cheers!

Duan Sanchang rushed over, and laughed: "Those people will not be coming back for a while, if they come again, I will go and dig their graves thoroughly."

"I need to go into closed door cultivation for a period of time. If anyone comes to find me, then I'll arrange for him to stay in City Lord's Mansion. The White Tiger had said that it would come find Chen Xiang before the Three Realms Talk.

Chen Xiang entered the deep dragon vein. After going through the Four Nirvana Tribulations and obtaining the Killing-G.o.d heart, he had not been able to calm down and stabilize his cultivation.

The last time he had obtained the Killing-G.o.d heart, he had suddenly comprehended the terrifying Celestial Slain Method, the Great Void Star Seal. He believed that the Killing-G.o.d heart might contain the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord's insights into the Heaven Earth Killing Method, so he wanted to take a good look at this powerful Killing-G.o.d heart now.

"What a strong heart. It seemed to have been cultivated through some sort of special method. It could very possibly be the heart of that big white cat, but it doesn't seem to be a real heart at all." Long Xueyi was suspicious: "This heart did not grow in a human's body, but was formed by nature!"

"Naturally formed?" Chen Xiang shook his head: "When I ask White Tiger next time, he should be the clearest about the Killing-G.o.d heart."

Chen Xiang calmed his heart and peeked inside the Killing-G.o.d heart's body and discovered that it was a vast expanse of white s.p.a.ce inside. What he found inconceivable was that the pure white energy inside the Killing-G.o.d heart was actually condensed from killing intent! The killing aura was already quite evil, but it had now become abnormally pure and holy!

His mind was immersed in the Killing-G.o.d heart's vast s.p.a.ce, and just as he was exploring, he suddenly discovered that inside the Killing-G.o.d heart, a golden light curtain had appeared, as if it had cut off the vast expanse of s.p.a.ce. Just as he wanted to rush over, he was blocked by a resistance, and it even caused his entire Divine Sense Sea to tremble violently, which gave him a splitting headache.

"There's something inside this Killing-G.o.d heart!" Chen Xiang withdrew his spiritual will and gasped for air: "It's a very powerful thing, what is that?"

"When your Killing heart shattered, the Killing-G.o.d heart was drawn out by that murderous aura. This should be your heart now, what's inside, what can't you see?" Long Xueyi was also very surprised.

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