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The old lady and the old man who suddenly appeared were all Rankers from the Heaven Realm. Currently, the s.p.a.ce in Di Tian's body was becoming more and more st.u.r.dy, and it would be difficult for him to leave or come down in the future. Therefore, when he appeared here, he had a certain amount of awareness and even planned to stay for a long time.

"That old man is from the Feng Clan, he is a very prestigious clan elder in the Heaven Realm. His name is Feng Quan, and his strength is very strong, just like that Purple Moon!"

"Ling Feng is also an elder of the Purple Moon Imperial Land, and a fighter, his strength is even stronger than the Purple Moon!"

Lv Qinlian told the matter of the two to Yao Shumei, Gu Dongchen and the others.

"Then how is it compared to yours?" Yao Shumei asked.

"They don't dare to attack me, so I can kill them, but that will also cause the Demon Charming a.s.sociation to have a deep grudge against them." Lv Qinlian said.

Huang Jintian sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang at the side, telling him the ident.i.ty of the two old fellows inside the Dragon Subduing City. Amongst this group of people, only he knew the background of the Dragon Subduing School.

However, this Dragon Subduing School was actually made up of a wet behind the ears brat. He had then coaxed a rather strong Dan King from who knows where and pulled his friends from the Super Martial School to make up for it.

Huang Jintian had to admire Chen Xiang from the beginning to end, he had never shown himself in the Leader, but had made people think of him as a powerful sect, and this was also because of the Dragon Bloodline that Chen Xiang had obtained.

Right now, the defense of the Dragon Subduing City was very strong, so Huang Jintian was not worried that the two Heaven Realm Rankers would be able to break through it. Furthermore, he was looking forward to how Chen Xiang would be able to solve this difficult problem, as many people were watching now.

"Leader, use those two dragon heads and attack them directly." Li Baojun urged as he saw Chen Xiang walking around.

"That won't do. You ran away too unsightly just now and you've already exposed yourself a bit. If we just rely on some array formation or something now, others will be able to see that we have no foundation." Chen Xiang suddenly laughed: "We cannot use that move again. Those two dragon heads cannot handle the two old fellows, and you can take it all on yourself after seeing the Dan King!"

"Could it be that you are …" Li Baojun also laughed, he understood what Chen Xiang was trying to do, "Then why are you still not making your move!"

Chen Xiang said, "I also want to take action now, but there aren't enough people here. The old granny of the Purple Moon Imperial Land has brought a few old men, but there's only an old man from the Feng Clan, and if we wait, there might be some from the Flying Immortal School and the Qian Xuan Mountain. Elder Li, you have to know, if I use the power of the Evil Dragon Graveyard, it will be very difficult for me!"

"Has there been anyone stronger in Dragon Subduing School who came out to fight?" Ling Feng's voice carried incomparable ridicule.

I can't be bothered to fight with you guys, you guys had already planned to attack me together, and now you guys want to do this, there's no way, I admit that I'm not as strong as you guys, of course, this is only because our Leader and Great Clan Elder are out, and when they return, you guys won't even know how you died. Li Baojun replied.

"What a coward." Feng Quan mocked.

"It's still better than being despicable, despicable, shameless, cheap." Li Baojun laughed coldly: "How shameless were your people just now? Everyone present has seen it!"

Ling Feng was furious, no one had ever dared to talk to her like that, she waved the walking stick in her hand, and the purple phoenix carving on it flickered with a purple light, purple phoenix cry out loud, flying towards the city gate with a burst of purple flame, as if it could burn the entire city.


However, when Duan Sanchang told the people of the city about the situation outside, it allowed many people to relax. After they found out that the Dragon Subduing School had the upper hand against many ancient powers, and had even killed all the important figures of the ancient powers, many people were filled with admiration towards the Dragon Subduing School.

Boom! Boom! Boom!...

Afterwards, Feng Quan and Ling Feng joined hands and crazily attacked the Dragon Subduing City, and furthermore, they flew high up in the sky, releasing many purple phoenixes, pouncing towards the Dragon Subduing City, but they were all blocked by the defensive formation. Only now did Chen Xiang feel shocked by the defensive formation, and many people felt the same way, as this level of defensive ability caused many ancient powers to feel powerless.

"Leader, they are so powerful, if we were to partic.i.p.ate in the Three Realms Talk, we would be courting death." Li Baojun had seen how powerful the Heaven Realm Warriors were. Although they were safe now, they were still scared.

"Don't worry, our Grand Elder is quite formidable." Chen Xiang was not worried at all. At that time, with the White Tiger by their side, whoever attacked them would be courting death.

Just when Chen Xiang was getting impatient to wait.

A voice came from the horizon, "You two are really fast!"

"Han Kang, you must have come late on purpose, but your Flying Immortal School s and your bunch of people have all turned to dust." Ling Feng taunted coldly.

Everyone knew that this Han Kang person should be a Flying Immortal School Ranker from the Heaven Realm, he was a long bearded middle age man, when he heard Ling Feng's words, he did not get angry, but from his perspective, the Flying Immortal School was as much as they could get, there were no longer any Heaven Realm s to call down from there, the most important thing was the Flying Immortal School's foundation, as long as the foundation was still there.

Just because he was not angry did not mean that he would not make a move against the Dragon Subduing School.

Right now, the experts at a distance could guess, that they were here for the dragon vein, which could only provide Spirit Qi, but the dragon vein would grow, and in the future, it would become an existence that could turn into Spiritual crystal, the Immortal Jade, the Heaven Realm would place great importance on it.

Although they were not the strongest in the Heaven Realm, but they felt that they were more than enough to shock Dragon Subduing School who came from the Mortal Realm. After all, they had sent a strong individual from their respective Heaven Realm.

Li Baojun anxiously said: "Leader, we are almost there. If they were to gather their power and attack, will they break the great array of Dragon Subduing City?!"

"If another ten come, I won't be afraid. I'm just afraid that they won't come." Chen Xiang closed his eyes and began to mobilize the power of the Evil Dragon Graveyard in the distance. That kind of black aura was the most terrifying.

"You ancient powers have gone too far. Since that is the case, we shall not be courteous." Seeing Chen Xiang taking action, Li Baojun immediately shouted coldly.

Hearing Li Baojun's voice, everyone became excited, the Dragon Subduing School was about to make a move.

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