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"These guys are really shameless. They clearly didn't do anything!" Originally, it would have been difficult for a normal Pill City to collapse, but now they were the ones playing with it! Previously, they had clearly been warned not to fly in, but now, they arrogantly flew in and were finally taken down by their great formation like flies. They deserve it! "

"If he really wanted to be shameless, he would not have done such an outrageous thing in the Pill City, much less say such words that would make me blush for him. If he did, he would not have betrayed the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord many years ago! This is the tradition of other people. "

"Could it be that they have some kind of thick-skinned G.o.d technique to train in!?"

Everyone mocked. At this time, there were not many members in Dan Alliance, so when they transferred to Dragon Subduing City, many of them left. Before long, the entire Dan Alliance would disband.

Li Baojun said helplessly. "Negotiating with you shameless fellows is really a very stupid thing to do. With regards to fellows like you, it seems like you can only use your fists to speak!"

"Attack!" An old man from the Purple Moon Imperial Land shouted in a low voice. More than ten Dan King s and a few experts rushed towards Li Baojun, actually wanting to fight against Li Baojun together.

Seeing that, Chen Xiang was enraged in his heart, and anxiously sent a sound transmission to Li Baojun: "Quickly retreat, leave it to me!"

With a wave of the Kylin fan in Li Baojun's hand, he released a few fiery Qilins, blocking the group of people charging over. After which, he retreated into the Dragon Subduing City and closed the city gates!

The two dragon heads above the city gates were not for show, but Chen Xiang was controlling the power of the dragon veins and pouring it into the two black dragon heads!

The group from Dan Alliance rushed over, it seemed like they were trying to break the great array of Dragon Subduing City, but when they rushed over, they saw that the two dragon heads had suddenly turned and were aiming at them.

They immediately thought that these two dragon heads might launch terrifying attacks, but it was already too late!

"Evil Dragon's Roar, go to h.e.l.l!" Chen Xiang shouted angrily in his heart, but just as he did so, the two black dragon heads released a burst of black Qi, which abruptly shot out two thick black rays of light. In the blink of an eye, two huge black rays of light, carrying the same terrifying aura as the black Qi from Evil Dragon Graveyard, enveloped the entire group of Dan Alliance!

The black light disappeared. Originally, the group of Dan Alliance had about thirty people, but now, only a dozen people, eight from Dan King, three from Purple Moon Imperial Land and three from Qian Xuanshan were left. The rest had all disappeared!

Those who were able to survive were not much better off. They were all heavily injured, causing people to be extremely fearful of the two black dragon heads of the Dragon Subduing City!

"Five from the Dan King died just now, and only two from the Purple Moon Imperial Land are left. There is only one from the Qian Xuan Mountain, and that Dan Alliance's chief also lost an arm!"

"This Dragon Subduing School is indeed not easy to mess with, but now it's good, the ancient powers like the Purple Moon Imperial Land will definitely let the experts from the Heaven Realm step in, when that happens, will the Dragon Subduing School have even more powerful methods?"

"The Three Realms Talk has not even started, and such a conflict already happened. This is truly unexpected!"

Just now, this group of people wanted to join hands and tear him to shreds, but they didn't expect that not only was the Dragon Subduing City's defense strong, the attack was also so strong. This made them suddenly think of the records they had read in some ancient books, in the era of the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord, there were also terrifying cities similar to the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord.

"Dragon Subduing School, we are not finished with you!" An old man from Purple Moon Imperial Land said coldly.

"Oh? That is to say, regardless of whether I kill you or not, you will all take revenge? "That's good too. I was still hesitating about whether I should kill all of you. You all have given me a very reasonable excuse!" Li Baojun waved his Kylin fan, and the five colored flames that had turned into many light swords shot out, like a wave of dense sword rain, they pierced holes into the bodies of the group of people!

Five elements heavenly fire s, this made many experts who were watching from afar emotionally moved. Furthermore, it was released using a fire attribute holy weapon, its power was unimaginable!

"Don't provoke Dragon Subduing School in your next life!" Li Baojun waved his Kylin fan, conjuring a gust of wind and blew away the group of people whose holes were pierced by the fire swords!

The eight Dan King s and three Innates were smashed into dust by the fan and were blown away by the wind!

"Sigh, I am just a pill refiner. I don't want to kill nor do I want to fight. You are forcing me to do this!" Li Baojun withdrew his Kylin fan and slowly walked into the Dragon Subduing City.

"Be careful, he's a Heaven Realm Ranker!" The Little Demon Empress, Lv Qinlian, suddenly shouted. Li Baojun reacted quickly and immediately sped up, charging into the Dragon Subduing City!

Just as Li Baojun entered the city gate, a streak of scorching purple light turned into a purple phoenix and followed closely behind him. If Li Baojun had been even slightly slower, he would have been struck!

The phoenix transformed from purple fire smashed into the great defensive formation of the Dragon Subduing City, causing the entire city to shake violently, but it was not really a problem!

"Ling Feng, you are also someone with status. To think that you would be able to deal with a junior whose strength is so much weaker than yours!" Lv Qinlian said with a tone of ridicule. It seemed that she recognised the person who struck earlier.

"Hmph, so what?" Hearing this voice, he knew it was an old woman. As expected, a purple-robed old woman suddenly appeared at the Dragon Subduing City's door.

This old woman was a bit short. She had a camel's back, and the wrinkles on her face were very frightening. Her eyes were like those of a cat's eyes in the dark night, making one's hair stand on end. She was leaning on a walking stick that was carved with a phoenix.

"Is that all your Dragon Subduing City can do? Are you guys not planning to come out and stay in there for the rest of your lives? " Ling Feng shouted. At this time, another group of purple robed elders appeared and stood behind her. One look at them was enough to tell that they were strong experts from the Heaven Realm.

"We were a step too late, and all of them died. This Dragon Subduing School sure has a trick up its sleeve!" A white Qi suddenly appeared beside Ling Feng and a tall and skinny old man dressed in a white robe appeared. He looked at the gigantic signboard on top of the city gate expressionlessly, and the three words "Dragon Subduing School" emitted a very ancient Qi. Although it was not an ancient character, it gave off the feeling that this signboard had been there for a very long time.

"It's a city built by the Iron-Lion Army!" Ling Feng's expression sank, and said with a serious tone.

"How could it be them? With the dragon fountain here, and the city built by them, isn't this too much of a coincidence! " The old man's expression suddenly changed.

Chen Xiang paced back and forth inside the city gate tower. These two old fellows who suddenly appeared had strength similar to the Purple Moon that he had killed before. They might even be stronger than that Purple Moon. m

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