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Long ago, many ancient forces in the Heaven Thunder City were calmly plotting something against the Dragon Subduing School. Now that the Dragon Subduing City appeared, all of Pill City were destroyed in one go, which accelerated the implementation of this plan. This meant that the ancient forces would make their move against the Dragon Subduing School before the Three Realms Talk.

For those of the Xudu people, this was a grand show and they could not afford to miss it. They followed behind a large group of giants to watch the great battle that could go down in history.

No matter how strong the other forces were, they had no way of s.n.a.t.c.hing it away. At most, they would just say some unfair words and not take action, since the Evil Dragon Graveyard was not a joke after all. The Demon Empress had almost died because of the Evil Dragon Graveyard.

When everyone saw the majestic and imposing Dragon Subduing City from afar, they knew why Dragon Subduing City could defeat Dan City. That kind of imposing manner, that kind of dense spiritual energy, was something many large cities couldn't even compare to.

The people who continued to fly towards the Dragon Subduing City were all from Dan Alliance. There were around ten odd Dan King, ten odd big shots, and dozens of elders from other powers.

Ever since Zhao Yiprofound had taken Zhao Yiprofound as his female slave, the entire White Sea Imperial Land had become extremely low-profile and secretly developed. Although they would occasionally say a few harsh words to deal with Chen Xiang, they basically did not take any action.

"Hmph, so what if we flew in, your Dragon Subduing School is really too much, disregarding all morals, s.n.a.t.c.hing away our Pill City's business, causing our Pill City to be destroyed in an instant," The guy who spoke was Leader's Wu Xu. Dan Alliance's chief was related to him, so he was very angry, because he had obtained a lot of benefits from Pill City.

"Get down here," Li Baojun said angrily as he activated the Dragon Subduing City's formation. Instantly, the entire Dragon Subduing City trembled slightly, and a dragon's roar sounded as a terrifying pressure filled the skies above the Dragon Subduing City.

"Ahh …"

Amongst those floating in the sky above Dragon Subduing City, many of the weaker elders were so shaken by the power that their internal organs were shattered and they were forced to the ground by the immense pressure. Only the powerful Great Leaders and some old fellows were able to resist the terrifying pressure, but they had no choice but to land on the ground.

In just an instant, more than half of these people were crippled, this scene made many of the people who came from far away, especially to watch the show, they were shocked, the Dragon Subduing School was now even more terrifying, doing so would undoubtedly anger the ancient powers, and instantly cripple half of the elders.

"Dragon Subduing City doesn't welcome you all, this group of impolite fellows, I have already warned you before that Dragon Subduing City is forbidden from flying, you all didn't listen, this is asking for trouble, all of you get the h.e.l.l out," Li Baojun said as he activated a powerful array, which could actually teleport this group of people that had fallen outside of Dragon Subduing City.

There were many great formations in the Dragon Subduing City, which could clearly prevent others from flying in, but they had deliberately sent others in, and then used a great formation to cripple more than half of the people. In the end, they had swept them out like they were sweeping away trash.

"Elder Li is too evil, haha …" "Deliberately allowing this group of arrogant fellows to enter the a.s.sessment formation, this group of idiots," Duan Sanchang laughed.

Li Baojun had already exited the Dragon Subduing City and activated the Great City Barrier Formation. This way, he wouldn't have to worry about the entire Dragon Subduing City being destroyed in a fit of rage by that group of people.

"Dragon Subduing School, you have guts. You will definitely pay the price for what happened today," Wu Xu said angrily as his fists surged with a truly berserk Innate Qi.

Oh, it seems that our Dragon Subduing School did not offend you, right? When we established the Dragon Subduing City, other people voluntarily came to my place to open a shop, so I am not going to bully others and force them to come in. "Li Baojun laughed coldly," What you have done in Dan City has already caused many people to grudge you for a long time, but you cannot keep them here anymore, and now you are blaming us for stealing your business.

Gu Dongchen laughed loudly: "What kind of ancient power is this, aren't they relying on their own strength to bully people all day? As expected of the traitors who betrayed the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord back then, their descendants are all like that, why didn't you guys get eliminated back then, what a calamity, and a thousand years of calamity!"

"Junior, shut your dog mouth," Wu Xu shouted angrily at Gu Dongchen.

"You dog mouth, a lad, he is insulting you with his words, I allow you to beat him up, you are the Leader of the Super Martial School, how can you be insulted to this extent, you cannot use your fist to get back at him, immediately scram," Huang Jintian stroked his beard and said.

Originally, it was just a matter between the Dragon Subduing School and an ancient power, but now that the Super Martial School wanted to intervene, it meant that the Super Martial School was planning to ally with the Dragon Subduing School, but many people did not think that it was unexpected. The powers above the Chen Martial Continent, they had always been eyeing the ancient powers, thinking that they were all very stubborn, unlike the ancient powers, who had lowered their heads and were not weak, and dared to risk their lives.

Gu Dongchen received Huang Jintian's permission and immediately disappeared, causing everyone to immediately retreat and float to the sky. A battle between such powerful experts was not something to be trifled with.

"A little Super Martial School, isn't it just with the support of a Undead Race?" Wu Xu said in a disapproving tone, "When this father was dominating the Flying Immortal School, you still weren't even born yet, you little punk."

Gu Dongchen was indeed a young man in Wu Xu's eyes, but that did not mean that Gu Dongchen was weaker than him.

Gu Dongchen suddenly appeared and struck out with his palm. His palm was graceful and agile, looking extremely gentle and gentle. It didn't have any power, looking extremely illusory and intangible.

"Hmph, with just this bit of ability, you still want to teach me a lesson?" Wu Xu sneered, the killing intent in his fist surged as he punched towards Gu Dongchen.

'Pa! '

Not knowing why, when Wu Xu's fist struck Gu Dongchen's body, it directly pa.s.sed through him and Gu Dongchen also slapped Wu Xu. As if swatting a fly, Gu Dongchen was smacked away, landing on the wall of the Dragon Subduing City not far away. Not knowing how, Wu Xu's fist pa.s.sed through Gu Dongchen's body.

"The hollow spirits of the Ancient Spirit Race are powerful indeed. They can turn their own body into a hollow spirit, making it hard to injure with blades and spears," Yao Shumei praised.

Gu Dongchen belonged to the Ancient Spirit Clan, and it was not a secret since long ago, but Gu Dongchen's strength was astonishing, he had actually sent Wu Xu flying with a palm. Wu Xu was still a Leader, after all.

"This is the result of insulting my Leader. a lad, come back, if that guy dares to attack again, I will personally teach him a lesson," Huang Jintian said leisurely, then swept his eyes over the big shots of the ancient powers. "I heard that you guys have always been against my Super Martial School, otherwise, use your fists to explain yourself.

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