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Heaven Thunder Devil Lord never thought that Chen Xiang would use this kind of move, to be struck squarely by the Great Void Star Seal. At this moment, not only did his body receive a heavy injury, his body was also suffering the same fate.

The Heaven Thunder Purgatory had shrunk by a lot. Right now, it looked like it was only the size of a city, and the remaining Heaven Thunder Purgatory s had all been destroyed without a trace, without any signs of life. Most of their energy had been lost, meaning that the Heaven Thunder Devil Lord no longer had any energy left to absorb.

Chen Xiang rushed over from the distance, like a bolt of lightning, waving his Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, releasing the profound meaning of the word "suppress" from the Holy Devil-suppressing seal. The two types of restraining the demon combined to form a huge word "Golden Dragon Town", which was like a treasure mountain smashing down from the sky onto Heaven Thunder Devil Lord's body.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" The Heaven Thunder Devil Lord shouted in anger, using his withered black claw to break the character 'Golden Dragon Town' with all his strength. At the same time, his arm was shattered as black blood was flowing out from his severed arm.

"If you hadn't exhausted the power of Heaven Thunder Purgatory, I would have already squashed you to death! Don't be too complacent, the only time you can defeat me is when I'm at my weakest! " Heaven Thunder Devil Lord suddenly calmed down, giving Chen Xiang a bad feeling.

"There aren't so many 'ifs' in the world!" Chen Xiang let out a cold shout. The Devil-suppressing holy power and the Dragon Power intersected, forming a terrifying golden-white energy. In two steps, he arrived in front of Heaven Thunder Devil Lord and waved his fist at Heaven Thunder Devil Lord's body.

Chen Xiang mercilessly punched Heaven Thunder Devil Lord's body. With a pair of explosive fists that emitted a violent power, he continued to wreak havoc on Heaven Thunder Devil Lord's body, fist after fist.

"If you hadn't trapped us, you wouldn't have done that!" Chen Xiang's fist landed on Heaven Thunder Devil Lord's mouth and shattered his sharp teeth.

"You can't kill me!" Heaven Thunder Devil Lord's body suddenly turned into black qi and disappeared into the ground. "I will trap you to death, haha …"

Chen Xiang stomped the ground and shattered the huge earthquake. After that, he floated into the air and took out Holy Devil-suppressing seal, making the Holy Devil-suppressing seal look like a huge mountain. Then, he controlled the Holy seal to smash everywhere, causing the air to tremble violently.

Every time Chen Xiang used his Holy Devil-suppressing seal to blast out a word, Heaven Thunder Devil Lord would let out a painful cry.

"I will definitely get my revenge!" Heaven Thunder Devil Lord's sinister voice drilled into Chen Xiang's mind. Chen Xiang suddenly felt a surge of spatial energy wrap around him.

This Heaven Thunder Devil Lord actually wanted to teleport him out!

"You're only letting me go now? "If you're too late, I'll kill you before I leave!" Chen Xiang made the Holy Devil-suppressing seal become bigger, enveloping this Heaven Thunder Purgatory that had become very small. If he were to smash it down, the consequences would be unimaginable.

"Subdue!" Chen Xiang roared out, the Holy Devil-suppressing seal shone with a holy light, and when the word Zhen landed, it looked like a symbol of devilish extermination. Under this slow pressure, the entire Heaven Thunder Purgatory was trembling, and all the rocks of various sizes were crushed by the pressure.

If Chen Xiang had not stopped them from leaving earlier, they would not have been able to come out safely. If Chen Xiang had entered the spatial gate with them, then the Heaven Thunder Devil Lord would have definitely used his strongest power to shatter the s.p.a.ce, and all of them would have died by then!

At this moment, the place where they had landed was clearly visible to everyone. However, it was much smaller now. They knew what the size of the whirlpool meant!

There were many people watching Heaven Thunder City, especially the White Tiger. He felt something, and it was very shocking, because he didn't expect Chen Xiang to be able to fight evenly with the Heaven Thunder Devil Lord inside, and in the end, even seemed to have restrained himself!

"This vortex is quickly shrinking. Could it be that the Heaven Thunder Devil Lord is going to be defeated? What exactly happened inside? "

"Chen Xiang is inside. Maybe he is fighting a great battle with the Heaven Thunder Devil Lord!"

"Chen Xiang defeated Heaven Thunder Devil Lord? Didn't those old fellows from the ancient powers swear on their hearts that the Heaven Thunder Devil Lord had once injured the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord? That is a very powerful existence, how could he be defeated by Chen Xiang? "

There were many different opinions from the Heaven Thunder City, and many of the big shots of the big powers all stopped what they were doing and anxiously found the best spot, seeing the change in the Qi tornado, they were most worried about Gu Dongchen and the rest, and then the people who said that Chen Xiang was definitely going to die.

"That cyclone disappeared!" someone shouted in alarm.

The originally enormous cyclone that covered 10,000 miles began to shrink before, but now it suddenly vanished!

The moment the Qi tornado disappeared, a blinding gold light shot out, causing many people to feel pain in their eyes, they only felt a very holy Qi attacking them, following that, the ground started to tremble, and many parts of Heaven Thunder City were shaken to the point that they cracked open.

The golden light disappeared, and everyone immediately saw two figures appear in the distance. One was a handsome man with a ferocious green blade, and the other was a sinister looking Heaven Thunder Devil Lord who was badly mutilated.

Those who were able to clearly see this scene were instantly stunned!

Chen Xiang was really fighting with the Heaven Thunder Devil Lord, and was even forcing her to keep the Heaven Thunder Purgatory. This meant that the Heaven Thunder Devil Lord was forced into a desperate situation, and even the Heaven Thunder Purgatory was destroyed.

The Heaven Thunder Devil Lord gasped for breath, his body was releasing black Qi, he kept the last of the Heaven Thunder Purgatory, he increased his strength a bit more, but the situation was not looking good, he suddenly rushed towards Chen Xiang like a ghost, at the same time grabbing onto Chen Xiang's chest, he wanted to take out the Killing-G.o.d heart s that he was afraid of!

Shadow Shifter! Chen Xiang immediately used this move to change the position of a huge boulder on the ground. The Black Tortoise Divine Technique also had a Shadowshape Transformation skill, but it was not comparable to the Imperial Dragon Race's ability to consume it!

Heaven Thunder Devil Lord grabbed the stone, but Chen Xiang was already on the ground, a terrifying pressure was suddenly released from high in the sky, and the earth started to shake.

's body overflowed with a large amount of Devil-suppressing holy power. At this moment, he had fused with the Holy Devil-suppressing seal, and could be said to be borrowing the Holy Devil-suppressing seal's power. Although it was extremely harmful to his body, this was the only way he could kill the Heaven Thunder Devil Lord.

"I only have one last bit of strength left!" Long Xueyi was currently a little weak, and his voice did not have the same kind of anger as before. Chen Xiang naturally knew that letting Long Xueyi consume too much would not even benefit him.

"It's the last strike!" Chen Xiang's voice was heavy.

Heaven and Earth Devil Suppression Seal! Chen Xiang merged the Holy Devil-suppressing seal into his own energy and fused it into the Divine Sense Sea, releasing the divine power and Devil-suppressing holy power, executing the Triple Killing technique!

The power that had been brewing in the sky suddenly turned into a giant town, golden flames of lightning flashed and coiled around the huge town, while the trembling ground was also torn apart, and a golden town word appeared on the ground, it was as big as a city.

At this moment, Heaven Thunder Devil Lord was right in the middle of these two words. He was locked down by a terrifying pressure, and that kind of power seemed to have been formed naturally, specifically restraining the power of the demons. The Demon Empress, who was in the distance, was suppressed extremely badly by the pressure released by those two words. The other demons were no exception!

When the two words "town" appeared, it merged together with an extremely quick speed in the blink of an eye. Then the s.p.a.ce shook and the two characters "town" and the Heaven Thunder Devil Lord disappeared with a burst of golden light!

Long Xueyi withdrew his power, and the Holy Devil-suppressing seal also separated from Chen Xiang's body. Chen Xiang placed a Relive Dan into his mouth, and then fell limply to the ground!

He had defeated Heaven Thunder Devil Lord, and the entire place was silent!


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