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"Let's go!" Chen Xiang floated in the air, like an executioner in h.e.l.l. Although his body had an incomparably monstrous killing intent, he was not evil, and had even made the demons in h.e.l.l fear him!

The imposing divine blade slashed down, as though it was announcing the end of an evil demon, this was a slash that Chen Xiang used all his strength to slash!

"I won't die!"

Heaven Thunder Devil Lord suddenly burst out into laughter. Just as the divine blade was about to strike him, his body suddenly grew larger, becoming as big as a small mountain. Heaven Thunder Purgatory also instantly shrunk, because Heaven Thunder Devil Lord was currently absorbing Heaven Thunder Purgatory's power!


Chen Xiang gritted his teeth as he resented the scene in his heart. He did not think that the Heaven Thunder Devil Lord would suddenly become so big, and even devour most of the Heaven Thunder Purgatory's power, causing him to waste such a great opportunity!

"Haha …" Heaven Thunder Devil Lord laughed proudly: "You are indeed very strong. If you can reach the level of Ten Heavens Supreme Lord, you will definitely surpa.s.s him, but you won't have that chance!"

The Heaven Thunder Devil Lord had returned to its original size, and that section of his arm had also merged into the ground!

"I am invincible in this place. You are now in my body, and you cannot kill me!" Heaven Thunder Devil Lord's severed arm was born again.

This time, it was his turn to counterattack!

"Give me your Killing heart!" Heaven Thunder Devil Lord stretched out his black claw as fast as lightning and pierced through Chen Xiang's chest, and even Chen Xiang's profoundwu diamond armour s. It could be seen that Heaven Thunder Devil Lord was worried that Chen Xiang would be able to block him, so he used his strongest strength.


Chen Xiang's Killing heart suddenly exploded, it was not caught by the Heaven Thunder Devil Lord! At the same time, a black Qi also shot out from Chen Xiang's chest, like a surging volcano, it crazily spurted out.

"Haha, it's such a pity that I didn't get it, but the feeling of shattering Killing heart feels pretty good!" Heaven Thunder Devil Lord laughed out loud.

Chen Xiang could tell that he was just a hair's breadth away from killing the Heaven Thunder Devil Lord. Up till now, the Heaven Thunder Devil Lord was still just a spent force and with the support of the Heaven Thunder Purgatory, he had already expended a lot of energy.

"Don't get c.o.c.ky too early!" Chen Xiang scooping out a piece of Chaos fire, this was the only thing he could rely on.

"Chaos fire!" Heaven Thunder Devil Lord suddenly screamed. He was not afraid, but excited, as his red eyes stared at the Chaos fire in Chen Xiang's hands, filled with disbelief.

Heaven Thunder Devil Lord laughed coldly: "You want to use the protective Sovereign's light to stop me? "Then you're completely wrong. Although you can lock me down, you can't kill me during that period of time. I won't die, haha …"

Chen Xiang felt that his Killing heart had been completely destroyed, and was extremely furious. Just as he was about to merge his blood into the Chaos fire, he suddenly had a very wonderful feeling!

"This is …" Chen Xiang was shocked, this kind of call was actually related to the Slaughter G.o.d's Hand.

At this time, the Heaven Thunder Devil Lord also sensed something. When he sensed the aura, his face actually revealed a terrified expression.

Chen Xiang and Heaven Thunder Devil Lord both suddenly looked towards the sky that was filled with killing intent, because they could clearly feel that the thing was heading their way.

A streak of white light suddenly slid down from the sky, looking like a shooting star. Although it was beautiful, it carried a terrifying killing intent, as if it was a falling star. When it fell from the sky, it actually devoured the killing intent produced by Chen Xiang's broken Killing heart, and it was even for a few short moments!

"This is the Killing-G.o.d heart!" Heaven Thunder Devil Lord's sinister face was filled with fear. He immediately threw a few punches towards the white light, the shadows of his punches were like an ocean, like a gale that swept out, charging straight towards the white light that was emitting a terrifying 'killing' force!

Even though Chen Xiang's Killing heart had been broken, he was exceptionally excited at the moment. He could clearly feel that the Killing-G.o.d heart was the other half of White Tiger Divine Weapon and when it was borrowed by the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord back then, even the White Tiger found it difficult to retrieve it.

Stepping on the Shrinking step, he used his fastest speed to rush towards the white light, and the white light actually flew towards him!

Chen Xiang could clearly see that it was a delicate heart that was like a white jade that had been refined. It looked so pure and holy, but it was precisely this kind of thing that released such a murderous aura that could intimidate the Snake G.o.d Ox Ghost from the Three Realms!

The Killing-G.o.d heart flew over extremely quickly, and actually entered Chen Xiang's chest in an extremely bizarre manner. When it came into contact with the blood inside, it quickly fused with Chen Xiang!

In that instant, it was as if Chen Xiang was reborn. The Slaughter G.o.d's Hand on his hands released waves after waves of white light, flickering along with the Killing-G.o.d heart that Chen Xiang had just merged with. Every time that Killing-G.o.d heart jumped, it seemed to give Chen Xiang an extremely powerful strength.

"Great Void Stellar Seal!" Chen Xiang bellowed, his hands danced, as though he was holding something, and it was as if he was using all his strength to smash it down.

A star formation formed by a large amount of small stars appeared in the sky, and following Chen Xiang's hand gesture, it smashed down fiercely. This small star formation was extremely terrifying, when it fell, it produced a force that could lock onto Heaven Thunder Devil Lord.

So when Heaven Thunder Devil Lord dodged as fast as he could, the Great Void Star Seal still appeared on top of Heaven Thunder Devil Lord's head!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The Great Star Seal that suddenly fell down smashed onto Heaven Thunder Devil Lord ruthlessly. It even smashed a deep hole into the ground, as if the earth itself had been smashed through. Its terrifying power caused Chen Xiang to sigh in shock.

He suspected that the Killing-G.o.d heart might have some insights towards the Heaven Earth Killing Method. Back then when the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord borrowed the Killing-G.o.d heart from the White Tiger, it was probably to bring out the strongest power of the Heaven Earth Killing Method.

"You actually got the Killing-G.o.d heart!" Heaven Thunder Devil Lord's entire body was covered in terrifying purplish black cracks, the flesh on the wound looked extremely disgusting, he had just climbed out of the bottomless pit, and Chen Xiang's move just now had injured him severely.

"This is all thanks to you!" Chen Xiang sneered, and once again used the Great Void Star Seal.

Heaven Thunder Devil Lord immediately flew towards Chen Xiang. He seemed to understand the Great Void Star Seal very well, and thought that if he was to use it, Chen Xiang would not be smashed into it, because it would also affect him.

However, he did not expect Chen Xiang to suddenly disappear, and the Great Void Star Seal to suddenly appear where Chen Xiang had disappeared, rushing towards him! Chen Xiang had used Shadow Shift to change his position from the Great Void Star Seal!

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