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Chen Xiang summoned his Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, he had just broken through and his strength had increased by a lot, but the Heaven Thunder Devil Lord in front of him had regressed a lot. He wanted to try and see if he could kill this Heaven Thunder Devil Lord, otherwise, he would not be able to leave this place.

"Do you think the old man can get out of here?" Those little ghosts can do it, but that old guy was cursed by me with his power. I think that when he enters the s.p.a.ce Gate, he will definitely be sucked into the other chaotic s.p.a.ces, haha … "

Chen Xiang was immediately enraged, he shouted "Elder Duan" in his heart and slashed towards the Heaven Thunder Devil Lord, bringing with him a overflowing Devil-suppressing holy power, the divine blade was like an angry golden dragon's roar!

At this time, Chen Xiang had brought out the complete might of the Angry dragon slay. The aura that it had exploded out was like hundreds of angry dragons shaking their heads, bringing with it the power to overturn rivers and seas.

This blade was fast and fierce, with the roar of an angry dragon. The previously laughing Heaven Thunder Devil Lord was also stunned, and when that imposing aura enveloped over, he truly felt as if he was facing an angry dragon.

"You want to kill me? You're still too inexperienced!" Heaven Thunder Devil Lord reached out with his devil hands and grabbed the blade edge that carried the divine blade. Although the Devil-suppressing holy power on it made Heaven Thunder Devil Lord feel uncomfortable, even to the point of him feeling uncomfortable, but he was strong, and would not be harmed by it.

Chen Xiang's fierce and furious slash was suddenly stopped, and was actually blocked by Heaven Thunder Devil Lord!

"I will definitely kill you!" Chen Xiang roared, a burst of golden Devil-suppressing holy power gushed out of his mouth, forming the word "suppress".

Seeing the unfathomable power of the word "suppress", Heaven Thunder Devil Lord's face turned serious. He anxiously let go of Chen Xiang's Green dragon demon-slain broadsword and dodged the word "suppress" from the side. The power of the word was too strong, so he did not dare to recklessly block it.

But the Heaven Thunder Devil Lord underestimated Chen Xiang's control over the Devil-suppressing holy power. The moment he dodged, the word 'suppress' was immediately retracted by Chen Xiang, and he stepped on the Shrinking step, rushing towards the Heaven Thunder Devil Lord!

"Demon, die!" Chen Xiang suddenly summoned his Holy Devil-suppressing seal, released his strongest Devil-suppressing holy power and poured it into the Holy seal, causing it to become like a small mountain, suddenly smashing down from the sky and pressing onto Heaven Thunder Devil Lord's body.

The huge seal pressed down, it was as if it had wounded the whole land, causing several deep and unfathomable cracks to appear on the ground.

Heaven Thunder Devil Lord roared out, he had actually blasted away the Holy seal, and leaped into the air. His face was filled with rage, because his head had been smashed so hard that it had caved in.

"I will cut your flesh off bit by bit. I will not let you die comfortably." The Heaven Thunder Devil Lord said in a sinister and terrifying voice. Suddenly, many black bats appeared in the sky, and like a black cloud, they floated over from all directions, enveloping the entire sky!

Heaven Thunder Devil Lord raised one of his arms high up in the air. Countless bats swooped down towards his arm! His arm was like an endless abyss. When the bats came into contact with his arm, their skin and flesh would turn black, just like liquid.

Chen Xiang released the Devil-suppressing holy power, wanting to use the light rays to disperse the bats, but to no avail. Only after that did he realize that these bats were not real bats, but rather, a type of power that could transform into bats.

Heaven Thunder Devil Lord's skin suddenly turned black, his teeth grew longer, and a pair of bat like wings appeared on his back. His eyes turned red, making him look extremely evil, the Evil Qi on his body became even more violent, even if it was a True Martial Realm warrior, facing this kind of Evil Qi, they might immediately lose their mind and go berserk.

Chen Xiang controlled the Holy Devil-suppressing seal to release a huge "Subduing" word towards the Heaven Thunder Devil Lord who was transforming. With an incomparably divine power, he bombarded it forward, as if he could suppress all the demons in the world.

"Hah!" Heaven Thunder Devil Lord roared, a gush of blood surging out from his mouth, blocking the word "stop" from coming over.

Chen Xiang frowned, that word 'control' had actually been pushed back, and with a grasp of the blade's hilt, the Dragon Power and Dragon Power fused together and flowed into the blade's body.

"Demonic!" Chen Xiang shouted, and a golden multicolored light surged out from the palm of the hand holding the blade. It was the energy gushing out from the Holy Devil-suppressing seal in his palm, fusing into the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword!

A golden dragon flew out from the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword like a golden lightning bolt, and then, its entire body turned into a golden "Town" in the sky, rushing towards the town word that was pushed back. The two town characters overlapped each other, and with an unstoppable momentum, it broke through the blood colored tide in an instant, and struck towards the Heaven Thunder Devil Lord who was absorbing the power!


The Heaven Thunder Devil Lord was shocked and stopped absorbing the power. A pair of pitch black gigantic devil claws appeared, as though they were demons from h.e.l.l, attacking towards the word 'Dragon'!

"Hua!" An intense golden light flashed, illuminating the pitch-black ground shrouded by countless bats. Those bats formed from the evil powers were instantly evolved, even the red clouds that carried an evil aura disappeared!

Holy Devil-suppressing seal, the evil that suppresses the heaven and earth!

"Ahhhhhhh!" Heaven Thunder Devil Lord was furious, one of his arms had been shattered, black blood was flowing out, he had become a demon covered in black blood, it was ugly and hideous, the Demonic Qi on his body became even denser!

"Do you think you can kill me like this? "Wishful thinking!" Heaven Thunder Devil Lord suddenly laughed out wildly, an unending stream of power suddenly flowed into his body from all directions, and the arm that was cut off just now quickly recovered.

Chen Xiang's face became gloomy, the power of the Heaven Thunder Purgatory could naturally be absorbed by the Heaven Thunder Devil Lord, so it would be extremely difficult for him to kill the Heaven Thunder Devil Lord, he could only rely on the power of the Holy Devil-suppressing seal and Long Xueyi to hold on, he could not hold on for long!

"Looks like this is the only way!" Chen Xiang's forehead suddenly flashed, and a map of the mountain and ocean appeared behind him. It was a roaring sea, with ten thousand gigantic green mountains in the middle of the sea, and a Revolving Star Pa.s.sage Diagram in the sky. Countless stars emitted rays of destructive light, accompanied by a bright moon.

The topography of the Ground killing, the Heavenly Phenomenon of the Celestial Slain Method, and an incomparably dense amount of G.o.dly strength were all fused into one!

The Killing heart was jumping crazily, with almost ten beats per second. It caused waves of storm-like killing intent to gush out of Chen Xiang's body.

The Slaughter G.o.d's Hand appeared in his hands, holding onto the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, the Devil-suppressing holy power fused with the Dragon Power, causing the Holy Devil-suppressing seal to attack while waiting for the right opportunity.

Suddenly, the map of the earth, mountains and seas behind him merged with the star transition map, turning into a beam of light that shot into his body, causing him to gain an incomparably powerful strength. That kind of killing power, made even the Heaven Thunder Devil Lord, a demon, tremble!

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