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Duan Chong did not answer Yun Xiaodao's question because there was no longer any need to reply anymore.

The rainbow colored tribulation clouds gathered together, finally forming a ma.s.sive bull covered in multicolored fire thunder. This bull's body was the same as a normal bull's, and the most terrifying aspect of this bull was its terrifying body of multicolored fire thunder as well as its two seemingly invincible horns.

"Does this thing have flesh and blood?" Chen Xiang asked.

"No, it's formed from the Robbery power, but it's very strong, and it has a certain amount of intelligence, and normally it appears in a very strong tribulation, but I can deal with it," Duan Chong waved his hand, and a black mist appeared, condensing into a black curved blade.

The rainbow colored tribulation cloud had already turned into a Robbery beast. If they were to kill the Robbery beast, they would be considered to have pa.s.sed through this great tribulation.

The Robbery beast Fire Bull ran towards Duan Chong furiously, using its head to ram towards him.

Just by running through the air, the bull could split s.p.a.ce and even the earth, creating waves of air currents.

Duan Chong held a black scimitar in his hand, and with agile movements, he avoided the impact of the cow-like beast and swept past the cow's back. He even slashed at the cow's back, creating a deep mark, causing a burst of colorful lightning energy to gush out from the cow's back.

Not only that, he also activated the Earth Swallowing Art and started to devour the land around him, turning it into energy to speed up his energy consumption. At the same time, he could also drain the power of the Heaven Thunder Purgatory.

The Robbery beast immediately felt Chen Xiang devouring its lightning energy and immediately rushed towards Chen Xiang. Duan Chong immediately blocked it and threw the curved blade in his hand towards the Robbery beast.

When the Robbery beast sensed him, it turned its head fiercely and opened its mouth, allowing the blade to enter into it's mouth. It then rushed towards Duan Chong, with its foot stepping on the air, it unleashed a terrifying force, showing how furious the Robbery beast was.

Obviously, Duan Chong had dealt with Robbery beast before, so he knew about the habits of these Robbery beast. Seeing the Robbery beast rush towards him like a bolt of lightning, he avoided it cleverly, and the Robbery beast thought that it could crash into Duan Chong.

A black curved blade appeared in Duan Chong's hand. It was clearly condensed from energy, but it was extremely terrifying. It easily cut open the Robbery beast's back and tore open a hole, allowing the energy to spill out.

"Elder Duan is exhausting his energy," Chen Xiang said. If his dantian was strong enough, he really wanted to swallow this Robbery beast.

Now, he had devoured another wave of Robbery beast's power, making him feel that his Fire Dan Tian could no longer hold it, causing him to stop using the Earth Swallowing Art. Furthermore, refining the Five Elements Heavenly Lightning Fire was extremely difficult, but if he refined it, he would be able to obtain a very powerful energy.

"If we can pa.s.s through this Nirvana Doom, we can be considered to have pa.s.sed through the fifth tribulation," Yun Xiaodao said.

"What? I've only transcended four tribulations?" Chen Xiang was a little surprised, he never thought that Yun Xiaodao's strength would increase so fast.

"Hehe," Yun Xiaodao laughed smugly, but when he thought of Chen Xiang's terrifying fighting strength, he sighed in his heart.

"Younger Brother Shen, if we were to pa.s.s through Nirvana Doom, how do we get out?" Zhu Rong asked.

"The s.p.a.ce of this Heaven Thunder Purgatory is much weaker now, I thought that I would be able to break it open and teleport us out, but I would have to pay a huge price, maybe I will destroy one of my treasures," Chen Xiang said with a sigh. Luotian Gate were extremely useful objects, and now, he could only sacrifice them.

Duan Chong fought with the raging bull, sometimes he would cut off a horn, but this Robbery beast could quickly grow another one.

The Robbery beast's attacks were extremely terrifying, and it had attacked Chen Xiang and the others multiple times, but they were all avoided by Chen Xiang and the others. At this time, the flames on the Robbery beast's body were becoming weaker and weaker.

"Fortunately you devoured a lot of Grain force, otherwise this Robbery beast would have killed us long ago. This guy doesn't have any arrays on him, his strength is much weaker," Duan Chong said as he weakened the strength of the Robbery beast. This required a lot of time, and this was the last remaining Robbery power.

"Elder Duan, leave it to me, I will refine this fellow into a pill," Chen Xiang said hastily. Furthermore, he also released a Magic method furnace that could accommodate this cow.

"This is not easy, this cow is not easy to deal with. You have to at least make it behave, only then can you concoct pills," Duan Chong said as he shook his head.

"Beast Trapping Technique," Chen Xiang shouted in his heart, and the Magic method furnace immediately covered the Robbery beast, but it was quickly broken by the Robbery beast.

"It won't be that easy, I'll weaken this guy first." Duan Chong continued to use his scimitar to "cut" the Robbery beast's power out.

Chen Xiang took a deep breath: "I will try again, I will use my strongest power."

Earlier, he only used some divine power to test the Beast Trapping Technique. The Beast Trapping Technique was inside the Heavenly Alchemy, and it was used to suppress and burn powerful beasts.

This time, he used all of his divine power to unleash the Beast Trapping Art.

The Magic method furnace covered the mad bull that was rushing forward, following that, a gold light flashed, and the cow smashed into the translucent golden wall of the Magic method furnace, causing the Magic method furnace to tremble, causing the entire ground to shake as well.

Duan Chong, Yun Xiaodao and the others were stunned, they never thought that Chen Xiang was really able to control this ferocious Robbery beast, what made them excited was that this Robbery beast might really turn into a pill.

Chen Xiang gave a low laugh as a strong wave of Heaven fire emerged from his palms. After entering the Magic method furnace, he used the method of burning on the Heavenly Alchemy to make it even more intense, otherwise, it would be difficult to incinerate this Robbery beast formed from the Heavenly Lightning Fire Robbery power.

Duan Chong heaved a sigh of relief and wiped the sweat off his forehead, but he did not slacken his pace, because the Robbery beast was still rampaging inside, and with every clash, it would release a powerful force, causing people to be worried that the Magic method furnace would be scattered.

However, Chen Xiang was confident that he could stabilize it, but he exhausted a lot of G.o.d Power, because the Beast Trapping Technique consumed a lot of G.o.d Power.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d, don't even think about resisting. You wanted to destroy us, but who would've thought that we would end up like this, right?" Chen Xiang said with a cold smile.

Duan Chong and Zhu Rong were speechless. Chen Xiang, the crazy pill refiner, had actually refined the Robbery power, which was a very heaven defying action. They felt that since ancient times, only Chen Xiang had ever done such a thing.

Only Duan Chong knew that Chen Xiang was using the Heavenly Alchemy, able to refine everything in the world. Chen Xiang had only grasped a little bit of it now, and it had become so strong.

The Magic method furnace shone with a rainbow light. The Robbery beast no longer charged towards the Magic method furnace and the Robbery power on its body started to dissolve. Under Chen Xiang's miraculous refinement, it turned into a pure rainbow energy and rushed into the Magic method furnace's head. It looked like the Robbery beast would condense into a core very soon.

"Motherf * cker, this is truly a good item. Just a few more will do," Chen Xiang could feel how great the five-colored energy was.

"Do you want it or not, it's time to condense a core," Chen Xiang said to Yun Xiaodao and the others.

Yun Xiaodao and the others looked at each other, then shook their heads.

Duan Chong sighed: "This kind of thing is better left for you to eat."

"We are afraid that we can't take it. Although it looks good, it must be terrifying," Chen Xiang did not expect the big foodie Zhu Rong to actually say such nonsense.

He split the Rainbow Swirl into two b.a.l.l.s. He planned to give Long Xueyi one, after all he had pushed the big milk dragon away from the soul previously, so he had to give her some compensation or something.

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