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Facing this mysterious and terrifying lightning array, Chen Xiang could not dodge it, or else the people below would be affected. Yun Xiaodao and the others had previously resisted a lot of Robbery power s, so they were heavily injured.

Originally, Chen Xiang thought that the Grain force had drawn out a big array and hid inside the rainbow cloud.

When the lightning array appeared, the attacking speed wasn't very fast. It could even be said to be leisurely smashing towards him, and there wasn't any very strong aura around. However, Chen Xiang felt a very huge pressure when facing this lightning array.

There were many profound ancient Spirit grain s inside the lightning array, it contained the power of great dao that caused people to tremble. Chen Xiang's fists filled with Dragon Power, all of them struck towards the incoming lightning array, the power that exploded out while rushing caused the air to tremble.

A pair of fierce dragon fists struck the center of the lightning array ruthlessly, but an astonishing scene happened. Chen Xiang did not destroy the lightning array, and when his strong fists made contact with the lightning array, the berserk Dragon Power inside immediately dissipated.

The moment he touched the lightning array, he felt as if he had hit a soft blanket. The lightning array paused for a moment, then continued to move forward, its speed suddenly increasing as it entered Chen Xiang's body.

"So terrifying," Chen Xiang exclaimed.

"Do you want it to explode inside your body," Duan Chong saw something, his words scared Yun Xiaodao and the others so much that their faces turned green. They could feel the power of the lightning formation if it were to enter his body and explode inside, it would be extremely dangerous.

Chen Xiang did not answer. His body was currently trembling, he was currently channeling his strongest energy to seal the lightning formation that was drilling into his body.

Although Chen Xiang's reaction was fast, the lightning formation still started to wreak havoc in his body.


Chen Xiang screamed in pain, his chest suddenly exploded, causing a blood hole to burst out, a terrifying ray of purple lightning burst out from inside, the purple lightning streaked across the sky, as though there was a purple crack in the sky, the terrifying Thunder power caused people to tremble.

This was not the end yet. Although the lightning array had exploded inside Chen Xiang's body and a large portion of the Thunder power had been forced out by Chen Xiang, there were still many remnants of power wreaking havoc in his body.

Chen Xiang was in so much pain that he started to sweat profusely. He roared in his heart, and activated the few divine arts he cultivated, coordinating with each other to control the flow of the energy in his body, and then completely absorbing the Grain force which was wreaking havoc in his body.

The violent Thunder power had all been forced out by him, and what was left was only the Grain force. It could be said that his flesh had been burnt by the lightning array just now and fused into his body. Then, using his mystical power, he opened the big formation and absorbed the outside energy to wreak havoc.

and the others were extremely worried, they originally thought that Chen Xiang would immediately take out some top grade spirit medicine to recover from, but what shocked them was, not only did Chen Xiang not take any pellets, he even healing the wound himself at an extremely fast speed.

"Be careful, it's coming again," Duan Chong shouted, and was about to attack.

"I can handle it," Chen Xiang shouted. Then, he opened his mouth wide and sucked with force, creating a huge suction force that even the rainbow clouds in the sky turned into a tornado.

Chen Xiang had fused the Devouring magic kungfu and the Dragon Absorbing Water together, evolving it into a Dragon Swallowing the Sea, which was used for a large amount of devouring.

"Come in," Chen Xiang said as he permeated his divine power into the black hole at the center of the rainbow cloud. He sensed many Grain force and then increased his strength, intending to devour all of the Grain force.

The lightning array that flew out was swallowed by him, following that, an explosive sound came out, and a purple lightning bolt shot out from Chen Xiang's mouth. This time, the lightning array did not harm him again.

Duan Chong was startled. If it was him, dealing with the lightning array formed by the Grain force would definitely take a lot of effort, but Chen Xiang actually swallowed it in one gulp.

Chen Xiang had even sucked out a purple-red vapor from the black hole in the rainbow cloud. It was the Grain force that had been hidden in the clouds before.

Chen Xiang was unable to refine these Grain force, and he did not plan to refine them either, this was a power that was specially used to set up the array. These Grain force were all compressed by him like Magical corruption gas, and were stored in a corner of his Dantian.

There were a lot of Grain force, and from seeing Chen Xiang frantically devouring them for so long, they knew it was true. This made Duan Chong and the others gape with their mouths agape.

If he had devoured quite a few Grain force, perhaps he would have been able to weaken their Nirvana Doom this time around.

Just as Chen Xiang was about to devour for an hour, a m.u.f.fled sound came from within the rainbow colored clouds. Multicolored light flashed and the clouds moved.

In the midst of his surprise, Chen Xiang's reaction was fast and quick.

Bang! With a loud sound, the five-colored lightning was dispersed by Chen Xiang, and one of Chen Xiang's arms was also full of cracks. The sleeves on his arm were also shattered, revealing streaks of blood all over.

"It's about time for me to take action," Duan Chong's face sank. It was obvious that the Five Elements Tribulation Lightning was extremely terrifying.

"Elder Duan, wait, I feel like we can still hold on for a while," Just as Chen Xiang had finished speaking, a blinding multicolored light suddenly exploded above his head, and the entire ground seemed to be covered by this light, causing people to feel as if they were in a s.p.a.ce filled with multicolored light, and the center of the light was extremely glaring, making them unable to look directly at it.

Rumble …

The rumbling thunder came one after another, the momentum was terrifying, shaking the world, a large multicolored cloud suddenly shot out a multicolored lightning, the power was all directed at Chen Xiang, causing people to feel that this rainbow cloud was like an enraged beast, frantically venting its anger at Chen Xiang.

In the blink of an eye, it had all landed on Chen Xiang's body, scaring them so much that their faces paled. This was because this terrifying Five-Colored Lightning seemed to be able to destroy everything in the world.

In that moment, Chen Xiang truly thought that he was done for. He had swallowed a large amount of Grain force, causing the rainbow colored clouds to become angered, but as the countless Five Elements Tribulation Lightning struck over, a gold light suddenly appeared on his body. A powerful golden set of armor appeared, with an imposing manner.

Even though he was protected by the profoundwu diamond armour, he was still struck down by the countless Five Elements Tribulation Lightning and smashed heavily onto the ground.

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