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Seeing that Chen Xiang was relatively more proficient in array formations, Duan Chong was surprised. Chen Xiang knew so much already, at such a young age, that it was extremely rare. Many people had lived for a long time, yet they were still unable to learn as much as Chen Xiang.

"Then what does the appearance of the Grain force mean?" Yun Xiaodao looked at the purple-red clouds in the sky, which were slowly merging into the rainbow colored clouds.

Chen Xiang looked at Elder Duan and softly sighed, "This means that in the great calamity that we face, a natural Great Formation may appear. In order to strengthen this Great Formation, the Grain force has appeared! Very soon, we will be able to see a few Spirit grain in the rainbow clouds in the sky. They will then form a great array and then, the great calamity will befall! "

Lian Mingdong asked: "So that means that the array is very powerful? What kind of person would he be? "

Chen Xiang and Duan Chong shook their heads. Duan Chong said: "I don't know yet, but it's very possible that it's an offensive great formation.

"Perhaps the Five-coloured Lightning Fire is already the strongest Robbery power, which is why a Grain force appeared and a nature formation was constructed. Doing so would require a large amount of energy to support it and would still consume a lot of power from the Heaven Thunder Purgatory, which would be impossible for the Heaven Thunder Devil Lord to stop all of this even if she were to wake up now." Duan Chong said.

Outside of Heaven Thunder City, many people could already tell that the colossal Heavenly Thunder Vortex had turned into a multicolored vortex because someone was crossing Nirvana Doom inside, attracting the Five Elements Sky, Fire, Lightning and Fire Tribulation.

Now, many people could guess that Chen Xiang and the others inside were not dead, and had even invited the Five Elements Desolation Lightning Fire!

The Avalon of Five Elements' thunder and fire tribulation rarely appeared, unless there were thousands of people gathered here, and coincidentally, there were quite a few who would need to undergo it. But even then, it would at most amount to an unparalleled tribulation of a thousand people, and the Avalon of Five Elements' thunder and fire tribulation still rarely appeared!

The Avalon of Five Elements' Lightning and Fire Tribulation had taken five days and five nights to brew, but six days had already pa.s.sed and the rainbow clouds had not dispersed. This caused even more people to guess that the Nirvana Doom crossing was only a day, and the rainbow clouds had not dissipated yet, so everyone believed that the Robbery power was still in the process of brewing!

"Even if they gather more people together, they won't be able to attract such a great calamity, even though there's a powerful old man by their side!" Gu Dongchen looked at Huang Jintian in puzzlement, wanting to see what Huang Jintian knew.

"According to what the Purple Moon Imperial Land people said, the old fellow beside them is very strong, his strength is comparable to the Little Demon Empress!" Yao Shumei said. When Duan Chong made his move, they were not there, and at that time, the people from Feng Clan, Purple Moon Imperial Land and Flying Immortal School had all seen it.

"But that still won't do. Since ancient times, this kind of thing has happened quite a few times in Heaven Realm. I was careless once and entered the range of a junior's Nine Nirvana Tribulations. The Demon Empress shook her head.

"Chen Xiang is a Alchemist, so the Nirvana Doom he has to face is very strong. Furthermore, he is a very heaven defying person, there is a possibility that they might have something up their sleeves. It might even be possible that they dragged that Heaven Thunder Devil Lord along with them when they were undergoing their tribulation!" Hua Xiangyue said.

"If it's about the Heaven Thunder Devil Lord, it's really possible!" Huang Jintian nodded!

The people outside were guessing whether Chen Xiang and the others would return alive. Those ancient powers, who had sworn that Chen Xiang would not stand a chance, were now worried now. They had initially seen a very powerful old man by Chen Xiang's side and were very familiar with him.

The rainbow cloud had been around for ten days. At this moment, Chen Xiang and the others could see the purple-red Spirit grain continuously appearing from the high up clouds.

Chen Xiang and Duan Chong watched intently. They wanted to comprehend something from within, since this was a naturally formed great formation!

"The five elements are incomplete, and lack of metal. There is only wood, water, fire, and earth!" Duan Chong said as he furrowed his brows.

"There's ice in the water, there's wind and thunder, there's fire and thunder, earth and wind, and there's even a group of Spirit grain with many different types of energies fused together. This formation is very simple, but it's also very powerful!" Chen Xiang said.

Duan Chong nodded his head. Although Chen Xiang was simple, that was only for formation masters, so it was actually not simple at all. If one did not have a lot of knowledge on Spirit grain s as a foundation, it would be difficult to discern.

"Why is there no gold? Gold is also one of the stronger of the five types of energy. Chen Xiang asked doubtfully.

"That's right, there should be, adding a few Spirit grain to the mix, could it be that something went wrong?" Duan Chong was also very suspicious about this.

As the last few Spirit grain s were drawn at the same time, the Grain force fused with the rainbow clouds, providing the Spirit grain with immense power. A large piece of rainbow cloud suddenly stirred crazily, in Heaven Thunder Purgatory, the entire land was trembling, as though it was being pressed down by some unknown force, causing cracks to appear on the vast land of the Heaven Thunder Purgatory.

"It's coming!" Chen Xiang roared.

It was also at this time that the suppressive power of the Heaven Thunder Devil Lord had disappeared. They could leave the black lava pool!

"Old Duan is in the middle, let's surround him!" Chen Xiang said. Even though they were not suppressed by the Heaven Thunder Devil Lord's power anymore, they were sealed up by the Robbery power.

Chen Xiang and the others formed a circle, with Duan Chong standing in the middle. He would also make preparations, in case Chen Xiang and the others could not hold on and took action.

"Earth Fire!" Chen Xiang saw a gigantic boulder that looked like a continent descending from the sky. It looked like a giant burning star.

This boulder was flat, and had suddenly appeared from within the large multicolored cloud. The flames on the boulder burned through the sky, and the speed of the fire was extremely fast, as a result of the huge impact, it caused the entire ground that Chen Xiang and the others were on to collapse, causing them to have no choice but to float.

"I'll do it!" Xiao Chou roared, his entire body was shining with a golden light, looking like a teenager, his body suddenly swelled, in the blink of an eye, he looked like a 30,000-meter-tall mountain!

When Chen Xiang and the others saw him, they were stunned. Xiao Chou's current appearance was like a giant who was carrying the sky!

"Haha, this is a secret that no one in Great Strength Race knows!" Xiao Chou laughed loudly, his voice sounded like thunder. The current Xiao Chou was not an illusory image. When he became so big, his body would be made of flesh and blood, and at the same time, would contain an extremely huge amount of power. His huge fist released a golden light, as if he was holding a scorching sun in his hand.

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