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After Chen Xiang swallowed the Earth Profound Core, he felt as if he had swallowed a volcano, and a large amount of Innate Qi s crazily erupted from his dantian. He activated the Fire G.o.d method, and used the fastest speed possible to refine the Innate Qi brought by the Earth Profound Core.

If he wanted to step into the Nirvana tribulation, he would have to condense a core seed, which would require a very large amount of Innate Qi s to condense it. As long as the core seed appeared, the Nirvana Doom would descend, cultivate the Nirvana Doom, and acquire the Power of giving, allowing the core seed to take shape. At that time, the core would be very small, and all he had to do was continuously press in the Innate Qi to improve the quality of the heavenly pill.

Now, he had to pour the Innate Qi into the last formed Heaven Pellet of every Beast statue, and let these Heaven Pellets grow to the Great Perfection Stage, which also meant that he would have to cultivate the current Heaven Pellet to the extreme. The higher the quality of the Heaven Pellet, the more Innate Qi would be stored inside, and once the Innate Qi entered the Heaven Pellet, it would immediately become very strong.

Ordinary immortals would only be able to condense one Heaven Pill, but Chen Xiang was able to condense a dozen of them, and they were all under the Nine Nirvana Tribulation.

The rainbow colored flame thunderclouds had already floated above them, releasing a barrier that would prevent them from escaping. The rainbow colored clouds were surging, brewing the largest Robbery power …

Although Duan Chong and Chen Xiang did not go through the tribulation, they were here, so after Nirvana Doom sensed him, they would gather more energy while brewing Robbery power. Right now, the ones undergoing the tribulation were Yun Xiaodao and the rest, but Chen Xiang had already eaten the Earth Profound Pill, so maybe by then, he would be able to catch up to his own Nirvana Doom.

"These brats are really crazy. Originally, this was the Nirvana Doom attracted by the six brats after they made their breakthroughs, but now they continue to forcefully break through, and it looks like they can still break through another level, and perhaps even attract another wave of Robbery power. If Chen Xiang also made a breakthrough, he would also attract another wave of Robbery power, but that would only be a tribulation, a fusion of three tribulations."

Chen Xiang had also thought that the fusion of the three tribulations would happen, and the Nirvana Doom would definitely be very terrifying, but this was their way of survival through danger, because even if they were able to pa.s.s through the Five elements heavenly fire and tribulation, they would definitely wake up the Heaven Thunder Devil Lord, and at that time, the weak Heaven Thunder Devil Lord would definitely kill them regardless of everything.

But if it was the fusion of the three tribulations, then all the energy extracted would belong to the Heaven Thunder Purgatory. Even if Heaven Thunder Devil Lord was woken up, his power would be weakened a lot.

At that time, Chen Xiang's strength would also increase by a lot.

In another five days, the Heavenly Lightning Fire Tribulations would descend. If Chen Xiang and the others broke through during this period, they might even attract two sets of Robbery power s that were even more powerful.

The Heavenly Thunder Vortex had already stopped absorbing Di Tian's energy, which was very surprising. The Heaven Thunder Purgatory was constantly absorbing Di Tian's energy through this enormous vortex, so why did it suddenly stop absorbing? Furthermore, it had turned into a rainbow vortex, and although the multicolored light was beautiful, it made people feel that it was very dangerous.

In a tall stone tower in Heaven Thunder City, many people walked to the window of a hall and looked at the rainbow colored cyclone that covered the sky.

Lv Qinlian was also very worried about Chen Xiang. Chen Xiang was a very good partner, she said in a low voice: "What happened inside."

Huang Jintian frowned and said: "Seems like this is the Five Elements Heavenly Lightning Flame, one of the ten great tribulations of Nirvana Doom. It will take five days and five nights to prepare."

The Peach Blossom Imperial Land, Chen Martial Continent, Demon Charming a.s.sociation and the other allied forces were all gathered together. They were waiting here for the Three Realms Talk to begin, in order to prevent sneak attacks from the Feng Clan, so that they would not be trapped inside the tower. This way, even if there were experts attacking them, they would have to pay a heavy price.

"Several months have pa.s.sed, and they are still able to endure the heavenly tribulation. This is good news," Wu Kaiming laughed.

"That's right, it's impossible for Heaven Thunder Devil Lord to receive this kind of Nirvana Doom. Only they can do that, but the Five Elements Thunder Fire Tribulations are very powerful and make people uneasy," Huang Jintian said as he nodded.

The people outside did not know what happened to Chen Xiang and the others in Heaven Thunder Purgatory, so many people thought that they would be killed by the Heaven Thunder Devil Lord from the start.

Liu Meng'er and Dongfang Xinyue were both Chen Xiang's female slaves. With Master-servant Contract, they could feel that Chen Xiang had not died yet.

Lian Yingxiao shook his head and sighed, "I hope that Ming Dong can live on."

Yao Shumei asked: "Senior Huang, what should we do if Dragon Subduing School's Leader appeared in our midst?"

Huang Jintian chuckled, "If Dragon Subduing School's Leader will really appear, then you will know how to deal with him. He is an extraordinary fellow, in short, my Super Martial School won't have any designs on Dragon Subduing School, I don't want my clan to be exterminated."

Hearing Huang Jintian's words, everyone was shocked, they never thought that Huang Jintian would actually know Dragon Subduing School from the Dragon Subduing School.

She could not see through Huang Jintian. Although the outside world believed that Huang Jintian's strength was only that, but Huang Jintian was now the leader of their small alliance.

Huang Jintian knew that Chen Xiang was Dragon Subduing School of the Dragon Subduing School, he did not know how strong Chen Xiang was right now, but he could still kill people like the Purple Moon anyway.

"If he really appears, you will know by then," Huang Jintian looked at the gigantic rainbow colored cyclone in the distance. Chen Xiang was still inside, and he did not know whether Chen Xiang could make it in time to partic.i.p.ate in the Three Realms Talk.

Gu Dongchen pondered for a long time before saying: "I guess this Dragon Subduing School must be a Dragon extinction that cultivates very powerful, which is why he has such a name. Look, the Evil Dragon in the Evil Dragon Graveyard was subdued by him, and the dragon vein underground is his as well.

Chen Xiang glared at him. Chen Xiang was his disciple, so according to the seniority of the disciples, he could still go to the Dragon Subduing School to become an elder or something in the future. Of course, he did not know that there was currently a group of brats that were acting as elders in the Dragon Subduing School.

On this day, the entire Heaven Thunder City was shaken because the Great Clan Elder had appeared here. However, after appearing for a moment, he had disappeared without a trace.

Back then, when the various Rankers had surrounded Evil Dragon Graveyard, Chen Xiang had used the White Tiger's appearance to trick them. Now that the White Tiger could not stay in White Tiger profound Realm and had come out to walk around, it was recognized as such.

With the White Tiger's intelligence, he quickly figured out what was going on and secretly scolded Chen Xiang for using his appearance to flaunt and deceive. He sensed that people were eyeing him and immediately hid himself.


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