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The first two batches Chen Xiang refined were for Yun Xiaodao and the rest were also based on their true strength. The one he refined for himself was now much stronger than the previous two batches, and it was just a single pellet, and he had even refined two Sparite vein s. He predicted that if he ate it, he would be able to enter the fourth level of the Nirvana Doom.

Previously, after he had comprehended the Celestial Slain Method and swallowed a white star, he had confusingly stepped into the third Nirvana Tribulation. Thus, if he wanted to enter the fourth calamity now, he would need a very strong energy to replenish it.

"Heaven Thunder Devil Lord, you shouldn't be trapping us here the most, I will slowly devour your energy. If it is possible, I will take advantage of your weakest moment to give you a fatal strike," Chen Xiang said as he sensed the burning power within the Magic method furnace, and the heroic spirit in his heart surged. If he could break through, he might really be able to deliver a fatal blow to the weakened Heaven Thunder Devil Lord.

This meant that the energy inside was even stronger, as if ten thousand mountains had been crumpled into a small bead, but its weight would not change. And the energy inside would change after being compressed, becoming even stronger.

There were still forty days until the Three Realms Talk began, and many people had already gathered in the Heaven Thunder City, because it was agreed that the event would be held here. There were many powerhouses from the third region, and they were all big shots in terms of power, there were even some very low-key but powerful forces that appeared, and these powers were especially eye-catching.

Originally, the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword and Chen Xiang were one of the most important parts of the Three Realms Talk, but now that Chen Xiang was trapped inside the Heaven Thunder Purgatory, according to the legends from the ancient powers, there were only two consequences for Chen Xiang.

So right now, their main topic was to divide up the benefits, to distribute the territory under their control, and to establish their own nation. At the same time, they had to get some resources from the Demon and Devil Realms.

Right now, there were still rumors saying that the Three Realms Talk might discuss about taking down the Evil Dragon Graveyard, because the Evil Dragon Graveyard's Dragon Vein was regarded as the place where most of Di Tian's resources were gathered. It was said that this Dragon Vein would become the most important thing to Di Tian in the future, and it was the key to supporting Di Tian's progress.

When the Dragon Subduing Dan Hall was expelled by Pill City and compensated with the ten billion Spar s, he disappeared without a trace. Everyone suspected that he was hiding in the Evil Dragon Graveyard and the demonic mist in the Evil Dragon Graveyard had expanded by a bit, which was very worrisome.

The side of the Evil Dragon Graveyard was shrouded in a black mist, because the Iron Lion Army was currently constructing a city, which was used by Chen Xiang to suppress the city. However, Chen Xiang had never gone back, and Li Baojun had not dealt with the matter either, since Li Baojun was only responsible for using the large amount of Spar s he had in his hands and the large amount of pellets Chen Xiang had given him, to attract many reliable Alchemist s to refine large amounts of pellets.

They were worried that someone could extract a Magical corruption gas from it, which would be a terrifying matter for them. When the time came, they would discuss how to deal with it, and, the Demon Empress, was being closely watched during this period. She should have been in the Sky Demon Realm, but she seemed to have decided to not leave and it gave off the feeling that she had evil intentions and wanted to extract a Magical corruption gas.

Although Chen Xiang was being watched by the Heaven Thunder Devil Lord in the Heaven Thunder Purgatory, but his life and death was unknown, so people were still very worried.

Inside Heaven Thunder Purgatory, Chen Xiang was gasping for breath. He had used up all his energy to finally condense an Earth Profound Core, and this Earth Profound Core contained a lot of energy, and the quality was also very high. It could allow him to quickly refine the Innate Qi.

Yun Xiaodao, Xiao Chou, Zhu Rong, Teng Ying, Xv Weilong and Lian Mingdong immediately opened their eyes. Their expressions were serious and somewhat ugly as they stared at the rainbow cloud that floated over.

This thick cloud that was emitting a multicolored light drifted over. The black lava that they were soaking in suddenly began to boil. Following which, a wave of oppressive hot air enveloped the area.

"This is …" "The Five elements heavenly fire Tribulation, huh." Duan Chong's eyes opened wide, and a trace of fear flashed past his eyes.

"It's the Five elements heavenly fire's lightning tribulation," Long Xueyi said. "Hurry up and drop to your original state. There's still time until the great tribulation begins. This tribulation is not a joke."

"If we pa.s.s it, our strength will definitely increase a lot. If we can't pa.s.s it, this Smelly Black Pond will be our grave," Lian Mingdong was extremely perturbed, but he could only try his best to remain calm.

"The Five elements heavenly fire Lightning, I never thought that this kind of thing would actually appear," Duan Chong said as he saw the multicolored lightning appearing amidst the rainbow clouds.

"We will have to brew for at least five days and five nights. Everyone should take advantage of this time to properly enjoy ourselves," Duan Chong laughed.

"Enjoy my a.s.s. I won't be able to go anywhere in this black pool, so I might as well just wait for my death," Zhu Rong said as he gave a bitter smile.

Chen Xiang handed one Earth Profound Core to each of them. "Eat it. What I have previously refined, I will use five days to refine to increase my power even more."

"We have already reached our limits. If we do not cross Nirvana Doom, our dantian will not be able to hold so many Innate Qi s," Yun Xiaodao said as he shook his head.

"If you can't handle it, you can just squeeze all of the Innate Qi down. This is what I did, you must do it, otherwise you will very likely die," Seeing how serious Chen Xiang was, Zhu Rong and the others all took the Earth Profound Pills.

Chen Xiang continued to speak: "Because we have Elder Duan here, so the Five elements heavenly fire thunder is very scary. Now that the Robbery power has been decided, if we can still increase our strength a little more, then we will have enough strength to consume the Robbery power, and we can pa.s.s through then."

He also took out an Earth Profound Pill. This was the pill he had concocted later, and it contained a lot of energy.

"If I'm not mistaken, these Robbery power s were formed using the energy of the Heaven Thunder Purgatory. This will help us weaken the Heaven Thunder Devil Lord's power and make our Nirvana Doom even more violent," Chen Xiang laughed loudly as he ate the Earth Profound Core.

At this point, Yun Xiaodao and the others knew that it was useless to be worried. They all swallowed the Earth Profound Pills and calmed their hearts to cultivate.

On this day, Heaven Thunder City also saw the sky blotting out the sky and the heavenly thunder cyclone suddenly changing into a rainbow color, causing everyone to guess what it was.

Ever since the people inside were teleported out of the Heaven Thunder Devil Lord, the entire vortex became abnormally violent, and those who got close to it all had to die. They could only watch from afar, some suspected that the Heaven Thunder Devil Lord used his power to kill Chen Xiang, while some suspected that Chen Xiang and the others were fighting against the Heaven Thunder Devil Lord.


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