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Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi were communicating using their divine souls, so no one heard what they were saying.

"Your brother should be the one who took advantage of me, hmph," Long Xueyi said as she entered Chen Xiang's Divine Sense Sea.

The Divine Sense Sea of Chen Xiang had already been exhausted, and in the middle was his somewhat dispirited soul. He looked to be about the same size as, and there was even a mischievous smile on his face as he looked at the young lady's complexion and the devilish figure of the White Dragon Lady.

Long Xueyi pouted her lips and came to Chen Xiang's side, then said in a tender voice, "What, do you need this Dragon Emperor to take the initiative and go up to you? I've already sent myself over, but you still want me to do it myself?"

Chen Xiang immediately flew over and took off Long Xueyi's clothes. However, Long Xueyi's body was covered in a layer of white light, causing him to be unable to see those beautiful and alluring things. However, he was able to touch them with his hands, causing him to feel that it was not so good.

"Hehe, this is just the divine soul, it doesn't mean that you can do anything. Moreover, my divine soul is stronger than yours, do you really think you can do whatever you want to me?" Long Xueyi said while laughing.

"Don't be so arrogant," Chen Xiang threw Long Xueyi onto the ground, rubbed two of Long Xueyi's body, and then directly entered his body. It's just that the fusion of his soul was different from what he had imagined.

"Stop playing around, you have to hurry up and recover your divine power, this is only the contact of the soul, the sense of reality will decrease a lot. I'll teach you how to integrate the spirit right now, so that you can achieve the goal you want," Long Xueyi saw the look of loss on his face and couldn't help but to giggle.

At this moment, he had already felt his own spirit and Long Xueyi's divine soul fuse together. At this moment, he and Long Xueyi both had a very strange feeling, it was hard to describe, but in short, it made them feel that it was very strange.

"It's about to start, hug me tight," Although Long Xueyi had matured quite a bit, her body was still extremely tender to Xiao Linglong. Just as she finished speaking, Chen Xiang lowered his head and grabbed onto her tender, red lips, before he somewhat roughly stuck his tongue in.

"Wu," Long Xueyi immediately resisted, and lightly bit Chen Xiang's tongue, wanting to let Chen Xiang know the difficulties in retreating. But who knew that this would cause her tongue to be entangled by Chen Xiang?

Under Chen Xiang's provocation, she gradually stopped resisting, and could only retreat, avoiding Chen Xiang. As Chen Xiang's tongue went in deeper, she no longer had any room to dodge, so she had no choice but to follow Chen Xiang's lead. Her little tongue and Chen Xiang's intertwined together.

Although it was his soul, Chen Xiang was especially excited when he saw this. The delicate little beauty that was pressed into the ground by him had turned into a dragon, and her figure was also fiery hot. Although her sense of reality was a bit lacking, this still made him have a very strong desire to conquer her.

"Little Scoundrel, be careful that I might bite you to death," Long Xueyi panted as she pinched the flesh on Chen Xiang's back.

"Where do you want to bite me?" Chen Xiang looked at Long Xueyi who was slightly angry and bashful, and laughed sinisterly.

Unknowingly, a large amount of golden divine power suddenly surged out from within the dried up Divine Sense Sea. The divine power was quickly recovering, and he did not feel that he had done anything.

Long Xueyi pouted: "I've let you take big advantage of me. Next time, I'll definitely get my revenge."

Chen Xiang hugged this soft and exquisite jade body, and rolled around in the ocean of divine power, laughing: "Anytime you are welcome to use this kind of method to get revenge, and kiss again. In any case, you have no losses, we already have … …"

Long Xueyi gritted his teeth and snorted, then took the initiative to move his lips closer to Chen Xiang. His tongue was wrapped around Chen Xiang's, and from time to time, he would even bite Chen Xiang's tongue.

Chen Xiang's body was still in the black lava pool, and it was in a room inside the ring. The only difference was that her main body was frantically eating some spirit medicine flowers, using them to recover her divine power, and also using the G.o.ds join method to help Chen Xiang quickly recover his divine power. No one knew that their spirit had already affected her main body, causing their flesh and blood to change emotionally.

In only an hour, Chen Xiang's Divine Sense Sea was already filled with golden colored divine power. Long Xueyi amicably rolled her eyes at Chen Xiang, let out a light snort, and left his Divine Sense Sea.

Chen Xiang woke up and opened his eyes. He discovered that he was still in the black lava pool, and everything he had done with Long Xueyi just now seemed like a dream, ethereal yet very real. That kind of feeling made him think back, and it also made him feel extremely spirited.

"You're not allowed to tell others about this," Long Xueyi said to Chen Xiang through sound transmission. His tone of voice was filled with hidden bitterness, reminding Chen Xiang of this White Dragon Lady's previous charms.

"Can you come often?" Chen Xiang asked in antic.i.p.ation.

"I don't even want to, don't think about it like I usually am, but I'm not a casual dragon," Long Xueyi softly snorted, but her delicate face started to turn slightly red.

"Hehe," Chen Xiang only laughed, at the moment, the Earth Swallowing Technique was still in progress, he had already refined a large part of the Sparite vein.

The gigantic furnace above Chen Xiang's head started to shake, proving that the power inside had reached the limits of what he could control. Now he had no choice but to stop swallowing the earth, and use all of his power to condense the core.

With his previous experience refining the Myriad Yue Pill, Chen Xiang's progress this time was extremely smooth, and very quickly he produced six snow-white pellets. He named these pellets Earth Profound Pills Earth Profound Pills.

Next, he would have to continue refining. Furthermore, he would have to increase his speed, devour a large amount of land in a short period of time, and refine an extremely high quality Earth Mystical Pill for himself.

Following his crazy swallowing motion from before, the earth started to flow like water from all directions towards where he was standing, so all the Sparite vein that came out of the surface layer came towards him, and before, he had already swallowed half of them, and there was still more than half that, and next, there were still a few that he had swallowed.

Yun Xiaodao and the others had already refined the Myriad Yue Pill that they had eaten previously, and now they were all trying to break through a bottleneck. If they succeeded, at that time, they would just have to go through the Nirvana Doom again.

Chen Xiang quickly sent the remaining half of the Sparite vein all into the huge Magic method furnace above his head, and received its incineration inside. At the same time, he continued to use the Earth Swallowing Art, swallowing the earth, and turning it into energy, he poured it into the Magic method furnace and used it as medicine to refine pills.

Not long later, his spirit power was used up again, and Long Xueyi had been lending the Dragon Power to him the entire time. She had used up a lot of her spirit power, so she could only use the G.o.ds join method to help Chen Xiang recover.

Long Xueyi once again came to Chen Xiang's Divine Sense Sea.

"Be more honest..." Even though Long Xueyi said that, in the end, both she and Chen Xiang became very dishonest. The two were infatuated with the miraculous feeling from before, and very quickly, they started to entangle themselves …

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