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"Arrogant Pill G.o.d 998- Arrogant Pill G.o.d!"

Long Xueyi could absorb a large amount of spirit energy from the Sparite vein in the distance, but it was not a lot, and was unable to keep up with his speed of refinement.

Yun Xiaodao and the others were all in a state of cultivation. The environment they were in was extremely harsh, but it did not affect them.

Although Chen Xiang had mastered many high level spirit herbs, he did not have the ability to refine any of them. If he were to burn them in the furnace, it would be a waste of spirit herbs! The spirit energy contained within high grade spirit medicines was extremely peculiar and irritable. The higher the quality, the harder it was to tame and the harder it was to fuse with the other irritable Medicine aura.

His current G.o.d Power had already reached the stage where he could control low-grade Heaven level medicinal ingredients, but he was still unable to master the alchemy skills to that stage, unless he could master the fourth stage of Foreseeing Alchemy, which would allow him to refine high-grade Ground level pills.

Chen Xiang absorbed a large amount of spiritual energy and used Nine-turn dragon G.o.d mantra to refine the spiritual energy into divine power to fill the Divine Sense Sea.

Three days had pa.s.sed and he was in high spirits, but Long Xueyi had only used one day to recover, she only needed to eat some Spirit Fruits to recover quickly, in this point Chen Xiang could not compare to her.

"Is it time to start training the mountain again?" Duan Chong joked, he was no longer surprised, because he was already numb to it.

"Of course not, I'm tired of refining. Now I want to refine the land!" After consuming so much energy, Chen Xiang felt his Divine Soul Realm increase a little. Even though it was extremely small, this kind of obvious improvement could be said to be extremely huge.

He cultivated the divine way was not as fast as the Emperor Dragon, so it was very difficult to raise his current realm. Unless he went to devour the divine souls that had cultivated the divine way for a period of time, or search for higher level Spirit Refinement Pills, he would need to work hard to improve. In this regard, he was not too worried, because he felt that if he could comprehend the G.o.d slain method further, he might be able to progress by leaps and bounds.

"Refinement?" Although Duan Chong did not know how to refine it, he still took a light breath as he knew that he could broaden his horizons very soon.

Chen Xiang released his divine power and only saw a gigantic golden white light Magic method furnace appearing a hundred meters in front of him. This Magic method furnace was still as huge as the mountains, but this time, it was alternating between gold and white light. It was translucent and could be seen inside the pill furnace.

This time, he would still borrow Long Xueyi's power. This would make his divine power even stronger.

"Come here!" Chen Xiang controlled the Magic method furnace to envelop them within the black lava pool. The Magic method furnace's three kicks were not able to pressure them at all. Furthermore, the power released by the Heaven Thunder Devil Lord was still suppressing them, preventing them from leaving the lava pool.

"Earth Swallowing Art!" The G.o.d Power inside Chen Xiang's Divine Sense Sea suddenly rushed out, the pale golden G.o.d Power turned into mist, and like ripples in the water, it started to surge out in all directions.

Duan Chong saw that although the ripples on the surface of the golden fog were spreading outwards, they were shrinking!

Duan Chong could see many pits on the ground that were quickly moving over from the distance. Now, he understood the reason behind the Earth Swallowing Art!

The ground was engulfed by the mysterious golden mist released by Chen Xiang, and then it flowed into the Magic method furnace s. After going through the refinement method of the Heavenly Alchemy, it could refine a pill, and the energy that it absorbed was many times better than before.

If that was the case, then Chen Xiang did not need to move the mountains from afar, as long as he was the center and swallowed the earth, the mountains in all directions would quickly move over, at that time, not only the mountains, but also the large number of Sparite vein, Chen Xiang's move would be too terrifying!

This Earth Swallowing Art was one of the methods in the Ground killing, similar to the Shrinking step, but it required a strong power and divine power that combined together to form a strange power that could instantly melt the earth!

The Innate Qi in his body had already reached the standard, but his divine power was insufficient. If not for Long Xueyi's divine power fusing with him, he would not be able to use this move!

This was also because after he and Long Xueyi's divine power fused for a few days, they could perfectly get along with each other, allowing him to completely control this powerful divine power. Right now, he could do it, but it was extremely difficult.

Using the Earth Swallowing Art to devour the Heaven Thunder Purgatory's land would very quickly consume the Heaven Thunder Purgatory's power. It would make it difficult for the Heaven Thunder Devil Lord to wake up in a short period of time and would even refine higher quality pills. Chen Xiang reckoned that he would be able to refine these pills before Yun Xiaodao and the others digest them.

Duan Chong said: "This kind of thing must be kept a secret from these little ghosts!"

Chen Xiang nodded his head: "Right now, I am only devouring a depth of fifteen kilometers of ground. If it is a shallow level Sparite vein, I can also refine them immediately.

In just two days, Chen Xiang had devoured many lands, and he had even b.u.mped into a Sparite vein. At this time, he had already expended most of his divine power, and if not for Long Xueyi eating many spirit medicines inside, it would have been impossible to make up for.

"It looks like I can only use that move to help you quickly recover your divine power. You can use pills to quickly recover your energy, but not your divine power!" Long Xueyi's face suddenly became serious.

"What move?" Chen Xiang saw Long Xueyi's serious expression and was extremely curious.

"Divine Fusion technique, my soul is stronger than yours, my recovery speed is faster than yours. If my soul is together with yours, I can help you quickly recover," Long Xueyi said.

"Then why aren't you using it! If you have this move, why didn't you use it earlier? " He hadn't tried to fuse with Long Xueyi's soul yet, so at most, Long Xueyi could only lend him the G.o.d Power from the deep seas.

"Hmph, I just haven't thought about whether I should do that or not!" Long Xueyi scoffed.

"What else do you want to consider? Hurry, that medium sized Sparite vein is right in front of my eyes, I need a large amount of divine power to use the Earth Swallowing Technique to swallow the Sparite vein. " Chen Xiang urged.

"The G.o.ds join method is the combination of our souls, you idiot!" Long Xueyi pouted and said: "When the time comes, I'll enter your deep sea. My soul will strip naked and do that with you! "Although it's not for real, she's still a girl. We have to think carefully about this life event!"

After Chen Xiang heard these words, something on his body tilted a little! Especially when she thought about how she did it with Long Xueyi, the big milk dragon. Although it was only her soul doing it, she was extremely excited!

"Xue Yi, this kind of thing really needs careful consideration. If the situation wasn't grim, I would consider it. Now, I will let you take advantage of me and make myself feel wronged. Mother Dragon, come quickly! " Chen Xiang's naughty laughter sounded in Long Xueyi's mind.

"Arrogant Pill G.o.d 998- Arrogant Pill G.o.d!"

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