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"Arrogant Pill G.o.d 997- Arrogant Pill G.o.d!"

Chen Xiang's forehead was perspiring profusely. In order to get more mountains, he had long ago told Long Xueyi to use the Heaven tour method to look for them. Just now, he had placed his divine power far away and used Form Displacement Shadow to move a large mountain over.

"As long as I can refine this furnace, I will be able to rest for a while. This furnace should be able to refine many grains!" Chen Xiang said, he had to persevere on, if he could not do it, he would have to borrow Long Xueyi's divine power. 13800100.

"So, 10,000 mountains were refined into a few. I thought I would only refine one!" Teng Ying said.

"Of course not, I now plan to refine 30,000 mountains in one go. This might be my current limit, which would take me around ten days. If I were to compress a large amount of energy at a high level, the quality would be even higher, and at that time, I would be able to get more of them." Chen Xiang thought about the huge project that he was about to face, and couldn't help but sigh.

"If that's not the case, Heaven Thunder Purgatory will wake up very quickly since he can't consume any of his energy. He should be recuperating from his injuries right now." Chen Xiang now began to discuss with Long Xueyi. They planned to borrow Long Xueyi's power and get to the point in one move!

Chen Xiang consumed a few pellets that could replenish his spirit energy, but he did not recover much because his Divine Sense Sea was extremely huge, and his spirit energy was of a much higher quality than his spirit sense. The pellets on his body that could recover spirit energy could not satisfy him at all.

"Little Naughty Dragon, lend your G.o.d Power to me, I want to release three Magic method furnace and speed up the refinement process. I am worried that the Heaven Thunder Devil Lord will wake up during this period, and only by continuously exhausting the Heaven Thunder Purgatory's energy will he be able to slow down his recovery." Now, Chen Xiang was even more certain that there was a very important connection between the Heaven Thunder Purgatory and himself.

"Mn, I'll help you find the Sparite vein as well. Refining a large number of Spar is the fastest and best." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang's body suddenly released a white light, he immediately felt Long Xueyi's Divine Sense Sea, the divine power there was white, the divine power was stronger than his, the Divine Sense Sea was stronger than his, this made him very surprised, he could use Long Xueyi's divine power anytime!

It was extremely easy for him to borrow Long Xueyi's power. According to common sense, this should be very difficult to do, but he had asked Long Xueyi, but Long Xueyi had only said that she had signed some sort of contract with him before, and had even possessed his body for many years before being able to do it.

Yun Xiaodao and the others were currently counting the number of mountains that the Magic method furnace had swallowed. Suddenly, two gigantic mountains were enveloped in white light, and another two gigantic Magic method furnace s appeared.

Simultaneously performing three refinements! This caused Duan Chong to be extremely shocked. According to his knowledge, the requirement to be able to achieve this step was very high, he originally thought that Chen Xiang wouldn't be able to handle it, but who knew that the G.o.d Power was actually stronger and thicker than before, as if he had suddenly swallowed an elixir.

"Before, I was only familiar with this divine technique, but now, I am more or less done. However, I am still far from the level of Ten Heavens Supreme Lord! My guess is that the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord can engrave different Spirit grain s onto each one, making the quality of these 'medicinal ingredients' higher. When refining, they use even more powerful refining methods, which will be faster, more effective, and can even refine more! " Chen Xiang said, the Heavenly Alchemy that he was now in control was only skin deep, if he could study more, with stronger G.o.d power, refining tens of thousands of mountains would just be a piece of cake.

It had been ten days already, and Chen Xiang had already used Shadow Shift many times, teleporting to even more gigantic mountains. Fortunately, Long Xueyi's divine strength was very profound, allowing him to endure until now.

At this moment, the Magic method furnace had already shrunk. It was at the side of the black lava pool, about the same size as a normal pill furnace, with a seemingly blazing golden fog inside. The glow it emitted made it feel like several suns had fused together!

This ball of light was formed from Chen Xiang's several tens of thousands of mountains that were condensed and refined by the mysterious method. During the process, he had also absorbed a large amount of spirit energy and was being refined by Chen Xiang using his Heaven fire.

"Elder Duan, do you want it?" Chen Xiang asked.

"No need, just eat it. It's useless for me to eat a pill of this grade right now." Duan Chong shook his head.

Chen Xiang split the ball of gold mist that was emitting a blinding multicolored light into six b.a.l.l.s. These six b.a.l.l.s were given to Yun Xiaodao and the others, and contained a lot of energy, which was enough for them to refine for a very long time.

"Elder Brother Shen, are you not going to eat them?" Yun Xiaodao watched as the golden pellet slowly took shape. These six pellets were obviously for them.

Chen Xiang said: "Eat, but now is not the time, I need to speed up and let the Heaven Thunder Purgatory's power be consumed, otherwise when the Demon Lord wakes up, we won't have another chance."

Six golden pellets had already been formed, and were of extremely high quality. After leaving the Magic method furnace, they shot out streaks of golden rainbow, their auras were extremely heavy!

"Hurry up and eat it, hurry up and refine it. After your strength increases, we can try again, and see if we can break the seal set up for us by the Heaven Thunder Devil Lord." Chen Xiang said: "Right now, the sealing power is a little weaker!"

It was precisely because of this that Chen Xiang believed that as long as the energy inside the Heaven Thunder Purgatory was refined away, the power of the Heaven Thunder Devil Lord would be weakened.

Yun Xiaodao and the others quickly ate it, their body was covered by a layer of golden mist, and at the same time, they were soaking in the black lava pool, receiving the purification of the lightning fire. At the same time, they were also being pressured by the huge pressure of the sealed power, which could more easily help them digest the pill.

Chen Xiang named this pill the "Ten Thousand Moons Pill", and could only be used when it was used for large-scale destruction. If it was used outside, it would only cause a large number of mountains to disappear, which was not a good thing at all.

"Chen Xiang, what about you?" Duan Chong saw that Yun Xiaodao and the rest were already training and asked.

"I need to recover my energy first. I can already feel the Sparite vein in the distance, the spirit energy in the mine is disappearing fast, Heaven Thunder Devil Lord is probably absorbing this spirit energy to recover." Chen Xiang said.

"You refined a Sparite vein?" Duan Chong asked in shock.

"Hehe, we'll talk about it after I get some rest. I'm going to absorb the spiritual energy from the mine to recover right now!" Chen Xiang smiled mysteriously, and suddenly a white mist that was emitting white light appeared in the sky, looking extremely conspicuous in the dark red sky!

This white miasma was like a column of water that gushed over from a certain direction, shuttling over from afar before landing on Chen Xiang's head.

This was an extremely pure Qi that Long Xueyi had used her dragon clan's secret technique, "Dragon's Absorbing Water", and was able to at the same time replenish her energy consumption.

"Arrogant Pill G.o.d 997- Arrogant Pill G.o.d!"

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