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Chen Xiang knew that Duan Chong had a deep understanding of the lost history, and anxiously asked: "Elder Duan, how much do you know about this Heaven Thunder Purgatory?"

"I don't know much, this is the control area of the Heavenly Thunder Demon Clan, Heaven Thunder Devil Lord was considered the strongest amongst the ten great demon lords back then, so he invited the other nine Demon Masters to ambush here. In the end, the other nine Demon Masters died, and only Heaven Thunder Devil Lord survived. What Duan Chong said that he knew was about the same as what Huang Jintian had said before.

What Duan Chong knew was the same as what Duan Chong had known. After hearing everything, Yun Xiaodao and the others clapped their hands and cheered because the ancient powers that had helped the Heaven Thunder Devil Lord back then were actually used as shields by the Heaven Thunder Devil Lord in the end.

"So you're saying, these devils have a plan to ma.s.sacre the heavens? Didn't they establish the Slaughter Heavens Alliance? In the end, they really did succeed. " Chen Xiang sighed. Not only did he kill the Heavenly Emperor, he also destroyed the Tenth Heaven.

Duan Chong shook his head: "I'm not too sure about this, Di Tian isn't so easily exterminated. Also, after Ten Heavens Supreme Lord is heavily injured, it doesn't mean that he's at his beck and call, he still has the power to build a Emperor's Tomb for himself. As for how Di Tian broke down, by whom? What other major event happened during that period of time? This is the answer that our Duan Clan has been looking for. "

Chen Xiang looked around at the surrounding mountains. Originally, it was a lush green, but now it had withered and died. The spirit energy here was no longer as dense as it was before. The feeling he got was that the Heaven Thunder Purgatory's power was gradually weakening.

"I feel that there is a connection between Heaven Thunder Purgatory and himself, and that Heaven Thunder Devil Lord must have been in deep sleep to recover from his injuries, but he was awakened by us. He used a lot of energy to torture us in his anger, but who knew that it would cause him to consume a lot of energy. Chen Xiang's conjecture also received Long Xueyi's approval. Both her and Chen Xiang's perception were very sharp, and they could clearly feel that the Heaven Thunder Purgatory's strength was declining.

"What do you mean we have a chance to get out?" These past few days, it had been a nightmare for him, but it had indeed made him stronger. It was all thanks to the mental cultivation methods that Duan Chong had taught them previously that he was able to use pain to cultivate when he was being tortured.

Chen Xiang nodded his head, "But it will take a long time, and we also have to increase our power. When necessary, we have to go up against Heaven Thunder Devil Lord!"

Duan Chong saw that Chen Xiang's eyes were shining with wisdom and asked anxiously: "Does that mean you have a plan?"

Now that they had all been forced to soak in the black lava, although it was not enough for them to let out wails, the pain still made them uncomfortable. They did not have enough strength to escape this black lava pool.

"Of course there is. We will start to raise our strength now and weaken the Heaven Thunder Devil Lord's power at the same time. This guy is probably asleep, when the time comes, we will definitely be able to break out of here!" Chen Xiang was full of confidence, and if necessary: "We still have to face Nirvana Doom! This place is very strange, it isn't like the profound Realm where Nirvana Doom can be avoided. If we are together right now, if anyone tried to break through, they would definitely affect us! "

When they thought about Nirvana Doom, the faces of Yun Xiaodao and the others turned green, especially when they were with this kind of monster like Chen Xiang. They knew that Chen Xiang's cultivation was slightly higher than theirs, and furthermore, was itself so heaven opposing, so his Nirvana Doom must be scary.

"What are you afraid of? Weren't you afraid of him?" Chen Xiang was very optimistic.

Xiao Chou smiled bitterly with a bitter green face: "Master, you are a Alchemist, and yet you have changed so much … Abnormal, our Nirvana Doom is definitely not weak, with Elder Duan's strength being so strong, he would only be able to attract stronger Nirvana Doom.

"Don't worry, I was able to pa.s.s through it. Didn't you say so already?" I am the Alchemist, and I have enough pills to help you all recover from your injuries. Chen Xiang did not take this to heart at all. Instead, he hoped that the Nirvana Doom would be stronger so that they could use it to increase their strength.

"Then hurry up and give us some cultivation enhancing pellets, such as Five Elements Profound Dan s, or even two or three hundred of them." Zhu Rong anxiously said.

"Two or three hundred Heaven level Pills? You think it's soy! I don't have a single Heaven level Pill. " Chen Xiang looked at him with disdain. Of course he had it, he just didn't want to be targeted by the little fatty.

"Chen Xiang, are you not far from Three Realms Talk yet? With your personality, you have to partic.i.p.ate in the Three Realms Talk, and that's the reason why you brought him out, right? " Lian Mingdong laughed.

"d.a.m.n scholar, are you thinking about my high level pills?" Chen Xiang also laughed.

"Chen Xiang, didn't you say you wanted us to quickly raise our strength? Take it out now, I haven't eaten a Heaven level Pill before! " Teng Ying said.

Chen Xiang looked at Teng Ying as he silently cursed Long Xueyi in his heart. White Dragons and Kylin thunder eagle were both part of the Primordial Beast, and both of them had the habit of being greedy for food!

Zhu Rong, Yun Xiaodao, Xv Weilong, Xiao Chou and Lian Mingdong all looked at Chen Xiang with shining eyes, hoping that he would take out a basket of Heaven level Pills and eat it like eating beans, in order to increase their strength.

"Don't worry, I can help you all increase your strength faster even if you don't need to eat the Heaven level Pills. But you all need to eat something else." The corner of Chen Xiang's mouth rose slightly as he smiled sinisterly.

Zhu Rong swallowed his saliva when he saw Chen Xiang's crafty expression. "Chen Xiang, my appet.i.te has just started to rise, please don't ruin it. What kind of crazy dancing was Elder Duan doing previously that made me want to vomit when I saw your meat!"

"Little fatty, I'll show you something even more amazing if I get the chance!" Duan Chong laughed, which made Zhu Rong and the others feel nauseous. There was actually something even more powerful!

Chen Xiang looked at a mountain not far away. At this time, Duan Chong had already guessed what kind of mountain he was going to give Zhu Rong and the others.

"Just use that move. Although it is not a good thing to cultivate, it is still edible. Furthermore, the effect is at least the same as a Superior Grade Ground level Pellet, or even close to a Heaven level Pellet." Duan Chong laughed.

Chen Xiang released a vast amount of divine power that enveloped the mountain. The powerful divine power gathered together, revealing a golden multicolored light that turned into a gigantic pill furnace that could fit inside a mountain!

Seeing the half transparent golden pill furnace putting in a mountain, although Zhu Rong and the others were shocked, but they immediately understood what Chen Xiang wanted to give them to eat!

He actually wanted to give them rocks and mud!

Chen Xiang wanted to use the Heavenly Alchemy to refine the mountains and earth here into pills that contained pure energy. Not only for Zhu Rong and the others, he wanted to eat them too!

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