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Chapter 993 - Formidable Ones

Ghost Sage was instantly killed, and the person who made a move was actually the master of the Sky Demon Army! The strength that Chen Xiang was currently facing made him lose any will to resist. This kind of powerful existence caused everyone to sink into a deep state of fear.

"It is said that the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord was injured by the Demon Lord, and the Demon Lord is the master of the entire Heaven Thunder Purgatory. His name is Heaven Thunder Devil Lord and I don't know where he came from, but in short, he suddenly appeared and attracted the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord over here to fight a great battle! I thought that he had died a long time ago, but who would have known that he was still alive! " Duan Chong's voice trembled, his forehead was already covered with perspiration.

"I never thought that I would see the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword again. You should all be descendants of the Slaughter Heavenly Alliance. If these few stay, the rest leave immediately and the Heaven Thunder Purgatory will become a true purgatory!" Heaven Thunder Devil Lord's deep voice came from the sky.

Slaughter the Heavens Alliance? Furthermore, he had even destroyed Di Tian. Chen Xiang suddenly felt that he was bound by a force and was unable to move. It was the same for Duan Chong, Yun Xiaodao and the rest.

Other than Chen Xiang and the rest of the eight, the rest were also enveloped by a strong force, but that was also to send them out. In that instant, the rest of the people were teleported out of the Heaven Thunder Purgatory, and appeared outside of the Heaven Thunder City!

Those people who had been teleported out didn't understand what was going on. The gigantic lightning whirlpool in the distance suddenly started to spin at a high speed, causing streams of lightning and astral winds to surge over from that direction.

"Chen Xiang is still inside. I need to save him!" Liu Meng'er flew out, followed by Hua Xiangyue, Dongfang Xinyue, Gu Dongchen, Wu Kaiming, and Lian Mingdong all flew towards the gigantic Heavenly Thunder Vortex.

Just as the other powerhouses were gloating, a grey robed elder dressed in plain clothes appeared, releasing a burst of powerful yet very gentle power to block Gu Dongchen and the others.

Seeing that the old man had appeared, many of the old people from various powers could not remain calm, the old man in grey was Huang Jintian!

"Are you guys looking to die?" Huang Jintian bellowed, his face was stern.

"Martial Ancestor, my uncle and those little ghosts are still inside …"

"Senior, I'm going to save my son!" Lian Yingxiao's face was full of worry.

Huang Jintian said: "Go back, they won't die! I used Heaven extended method to calculate it for them, although the result is very vague … If you go now, you'll be dead before you get close. "

An old man from the Purple Moon Imperial Land said coldly, "Those are demons that have taken the initiative to attack. Those who were able to fight against the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord back then have no chance of survival!"

"You traitors, don't you know that most of your ancestors were killed by those Demon Lords? You guys are truly a tragic bunch of fellows. Your own ancestors were used by the Demon Master to rebel against the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord, but in the end, they died a miserable death, and you, your descendants, are actually proud of the Demon Lord! " Huang Jintian laughed sinisterly: "But this is also your retribution!"

"Bullsh * t..." The old man from the Purple Moon Imperial Land was speechless. It was obvious that he knew some things as well.

"Hmph, that Heaven Thunder Devil Lord still has 10% of his power back then, you think that he is a pushover? When I fought alone against the ten great demon lords and killed nine of them, there was still one left who was half dead. Moreover, that fellow used the ancestors of your traitors to block the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord's attack to survive until now, what do you have to be proud of? " Huang Jintian had revealed astonishing inside information, which was something that many powers wanted to know about.

There were many reasons why that piece of history was covered up. Even the ancient powers of that era were not aware of it.

Those people did not speak, they were worried that they would enrage Huang Jintian, and when Huang Jintian took out some iron evidence and made it known to the world, their reputation would not be good, at least in the eyes of many people, it would be very lowly.

Huang Jintian's origin was also very mysterious. He knew so many secrets, his strength was deeply hidden, and he also knew about the heaven defying Heaven extended method.

Gu Dongchen and the others were still a little worried for Chen Xiang, because what Huang Jintian had said just now was just a blurry reflection of what was going on inside!

Heaven Thunder Purgatory and Heaven Thunder Devil Lord are closely intertwined, and Heaven Thunder Devil Lord will not consume his own energy to deal with Chen Xiang and the others. He will only open the Heaven Thunder Purgatory, and with their abilities, it will not be difficult for them to preserve their lives! Huang Jintian looked at Hua Xiangyue and the others, and said: "You all should calm down. Chen Xiang is no longer a child, and even I am unable to accomplish some of the things that he had done. His strength is far more terrifying than you all imagine."

Huang Jintian suddenly looked at the sarcastic and mocking man from the Purple Moon Imperial Land, rolled up his sleeves and shouted: "What are you looking at? Do you want to fight? I was just worrying that no one was training my hands. "

"Feng Clan, you lured a group of Sky Demons into my Peach Blossom Imperial Land's territory, and wanted to use this opportunity to kill us. I will let this debt go to you, disciples of Peach Blossom Imperial Land, no matter the cost, you have to make my Feng Clan pay!" Seeing that the peerless beauty was angered, everyone secretly started to worry for the Feng Clan.

"My Demon Charming a.s.sociation has already allied with the Peach Blossom Imperial Land. We will definitely help Madam Peach Blossom!" The Demon Empress walked in midair. Her figure was graceful and her voice was light, her words made the faces of the people from the Feng Clan all the more unsightly.

"My Super Martial School is also allied with the Peach Blossom Imperial Land. I believe that from now on, Madam Peach Blossom will definitely help us in this way. For the matter of suppressing the Feng Clan today, my Super Martial School will join!" Gu Dongchen's voice was loud and clear, allowing everyone to hear it. Then, and everyone else moved in a flash to surround Feng Clan.

Hua Xiangyue, Liu Meng'er and Dongfang Xinyue all knew of the hatred between Feng Clan and Chen Xiang, and right now, they only wanted to do a few more things for Chen Xiang.

"Dan Fragrance Pure Land has joined!" Hua Xiangyue said. As her purple skirt fluttered in the wind, a layer of purple flames surged, surrounding her body. One look was enough to tell that this was a person possessing a purple Fire Soul.

"Divine Weapons Heavenly Country has joined!" Liu Meng'er took out her Jade Dragon's Kiss. The White Jade Dragon Bone Spear had released the famous Ice Wind Cold Energy of the Three Realms. This beauty's strength also made some strong warriors feel a lot of pressure.

Although Dongfang Xinyue did not agree to join, but if they were to fight, she would definitely cooperate with Liu Meng'er. Soon after, some of the powers in the Chen Martial Continent expressed their agreement to ally with the Peach Blossom Imperial Land.

In the Heaven Thunder Purgatory, a portion of their experts had been turned into minced meat by Duan Chong's Flowerâ ¦. They had suffered heavy losses and were on par with Peach Blossom Imperial Land, but right now, the Peach Blossom Imperial Land had many powers helping them, especially the Demon Empress!

Feng Clan had already been completely surrounded. What made Feng Clan angry was that the Purple Moon Imperial Land, Flying Immortal School, Qian Xuan Sect and other ancient powers that were hiding in the city with them had all hidden away into the distance.

The powers of Devil Realm and Demon Realm were also watching the show from the side. The Three Realms Talk was only a few months away from the start, they never thought that the Feng Clan would face such a situation, but they knew that it was caused by the Feng Clan.

"Kill!" The beautiful Yao Shumei shouted out a word filled with killing intent, only to see Wu Kaiming, Gu Dongchen, Huang Jintian and the rest of them taking action together, heading straight for their target!

At that moment, the screams of the people from the Feng Clan were filled with hatred as they thought back to the time in the sky …

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