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The broken pieces of the white star that fell to the ground instantly disappeared. In just a few blinks of an eye, the originally enormous white star disappeared from the eyes of the crowd, while the aura on Chen Xiang's body surged and surged, giving others the feeling that he was the core of the star.

At this time, Chen Xiang was still immersed in the Celestial Slain Method's natural circulation. The five Beast statue s inside his body had their mouths wide open, drinking the surging Innate Qi, while the Zhenyuan granule s all flew out from inside the Beast statue s, floated above them and formed a Stellar Transposition Map. It was because of this Stellar Transposition Map, that Chen Xiang was able to borrow the power of the earth and forcefully pull out a star from the ground, and also shatter it.

The ground was filled with Taiji yin and yang map, while the four sides and the center were filled with five gigantic Beast statue s. The Heaven and Earth Beasts had already been formed, and the G.o.d slain method was just like the Ground killing, which was located in the Divine Sense Sea, but he had yet to find the Beast Slain Method, but the Taiji Dragon-suppressed kungfu and the Four-phase Magic Kungfu seemed to be able to replace them. That was why after he comprehended the Celestial Slain Method, his dantian underwent such a huge change.

The change was not complete yet, following the interaction between the Revolving Star Pa.s.sage Technique and the Taiji yin and yang map, more and more Innate Qi s were being absorbed, and after the Zhenyuan granule s in the five Beast statue s formed the Revolving Star Pa.s.sage Technique, they became empty. The five gigantic Beast statue s originally had a faint glow, but now it was extremely dark, and it was unknown when they would be able to awaken the five powerful Beast statue s.

However, as Chen Xiang was frantically devouring energy, three large b.a.l.l.s of air were formed inside the five Beast statue's body, causing the five Beast statue to suddenly shine with a red light. The current brightness was even brighter than the time when they owned the Zhenyuan granule, which surprised Chen Xiang, because he did not know whether this was good or bad.

"What the h.e.l.l is this guy doing? He did not empty the Sparite vein s, he only absorbed that star. How did he do it, could it be that he has already cultivated the Heaven Earth Killing Method to a very profound level?"

The Tai Chi Dragon Array below Chen Xiang's feet suddenly slowed down a lot, as if it was about to stop. Moreover, the multicolored light also dimmed a lot, and as the Tai Chi Dragon Array slowly shrunk, the multicolored light on Chen Xiang's body became stronger and stronger, causing people to not be able to see his body, and they only felt that he was a ball of strong light.

Amongst the five Beast statue in Chen Xiang's Dantian, those ma.s.ses of air were frantically gathering and absorbing the remnants of the star's power swiftly.

Suddenly, Chen Xiang's dantian released the roars of dragons and tigers, the roars of the Scarlet Peac.o.c.k Turtle, and the majestic roar of the elephant in the middle. The five Beast statue s seemed to suddenly come to life, and at the same time, caused Chen Xiang's body to be filled with energy.

Amongst the five Beast statue, each of them had three pearls, which were of different colors. They emitted a colorful glow and illuminated the entire dantian world.

When Chen Xiang woke up, even he was shocked. He had never felt that the five Beast statue had such dense vitality, and that they would bring him even more powerful strength.

"Little Scoundrel, you monster, how are you able to condense a Heavenly Core right now? That's something only immortals can have, and right now, you're not only condensing one, but 15," Long Xueyi shouted crazily. She couldn't believe that she was actually condensing a Heavenly Core right now.

Chen Xiang was surprised: "No wonder these beads are so familiar, it is actually a Heaven Pellet!"

Long Xueyi said with a little bit of jealousy, "Your current strength should be at the Nirvana Tribulations. The falling star should have turned into a Robbery power to deal with you, but who would have known that it would be refined by you."

"If I were to pa.s.s through the Nine Nirvana Tribulations, each Beast statue would have a total of nine Heavenly Pellets," Chen Xiang said excitedly. "This Heaven Pellet is a little too small."

"You think it's too small? How about you give me a few pills, I will definitely only be able to cultivate Twin Dragon Pearls, you little monster can actually cultivate many pills," Long Xueyi said with jealousy.

Chen Xiang never thought that he would undergo the third tribulation in such a way. Right now, his strength had indeed risen by a lot, but what made him gloomy was that the Celestial Slain Method had only circulated smoothly for a short period of time before disappearing.

Wu Kaiming saw Chen Xiang standing dumbfoundedly on the ground that was covered with layers of skin, and called out.

Chen Xiang regained his senses, and in a flash, he arrived beside Wu Kaiming, startling both Wu Kaiming and Yao Shumei.

"Heh heh, Madam Peach Blossom, we meet again. The fragrance coming from you and your daughter's body is pretty much the same," Chen Xiang shamelessly took in a deep breath, making him snort with a smile.

Yao Shumei had always wanted to talk to Chen Xiang. Although they had met a few times and didn't have the chance to talk about it in detail, it seemed that he didn't need to talk about it anymore.

"Sorry about losing your territory, I couldn't control myself at the time," Chen Xiang apologized.

"That's nothing, you've even helped us a lot," Yao Shumei said quickly.

"Junior Martial Uncle, what were you doing just now?" Wu Kaiming asked.

Chen Xiang scratched his head and laughed: "I was crossing Nirvana Doom, with my current strength, I am still unable to make the stars come down, but I can do that in the future."

Wu Kaiming was shocked. Yao Shumei and Mu Jialan were the same as well, because they were very close to Chen Xiang. At such a distance, it was very easy for them to be dragged into it.

"Don't worry, you guys are fine," Chen Xiang laughed.

Wu Kaiming looked as if he had barely escaped death, and heaved a sigh of relief. He silently cursed Chen Xiang a few times in his heart, to think that he would be able to get through the tribulation in such a situation.

"Madam Peach Blossom, you should get together with us Chen Martial Continent. It will be safer this way, when we return to discuss it with Senior Brother Zun, we can go and suppress them," Wu Kaiming said.

Yao Shumei's face sank as she nodded her head. The reason why Purple Moon Imperial Land and the rest had attracted so many Sky Demons was to make sure that some of the Heaven Devil King appeared.

Chen Xiang said: "If you want to deal with the Purple Moon Imperial Land, you should just go out and deal with them. Leave the ones inside to me, so what if you guys attack here, you should fight them outside to vent your anger."

"I will go and see where the Sky Demons are coming from. We can't stay here forever, I might not be able to defeat all of you, but it won't be a problem dealing with those Heaven Devil King s. Goodbye," Chen Xiang had already had a sense of direction, after devouring so many Sky Demons, he could feel that these Sky Demons had been settling down here with grudges for many years, absorbing a large amount of pure spirit energy to form into their flesh and blood. They possessed strong power, so if they succeeded in transforming, they could still become Heaven Devil King.

Watching Chen Xiang leave, Yao Shumei and Wu Kaiming brought a large group of Peach Blossom Imperial Land's disciples and quickly left.

Chen Xiang not only wanted to find a place where the Sky Demons gathered, he also wanted to find a place like the Purple Moon Imperial Land, which would bring trouble to others with their Sky Demons. If possible, he also wanted to find a few Heaven Devil King s at the Sky Demons' gathering point and use their own methods to deal with them.

Chen Xiang ran wildly in the Heaven Thunder Purgatory for two days, looking for the place with the densest devil clouds. He did not find anything, but he did find some traces of a huge battle, left behind by Duan Chong and the others.

"Elder Duan brought those guys to wreak havoc everywhere. I wonder how their current strength is," Chen Xiang traced along the remaining weak auras and searched for Duan Chong. These auras were also left behind on purpose by Duan Chong, otherwise, he wouldn't have discovered them.

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