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"Alright, my Super Martial School will definitely settle this score with them," Wu Kaiming said as he simmered with anger. If he could unite multiple powers, then he would definitely cause these ancient powers, such as the Purple Moon Imperial Land and the Purple Moon Imperial Land, to pay a huge price here.

During the Primordial Era, the Peach Blossom Imperial Land did not try to sell out the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord with those ancient powers and had always been neutral. But now, those ancient powers had always wanted to drag the Peach Blossom Imperial Land down with them, so they secretly contacted the Great Clan Elder of the Peach Blossom Imperial Land to try to use this to defeat Yao Shumei.

Now, the Peach Blossom Imperial Land was completely in Yao Shumei's control, but the Peach Blossom Imperial Land was teaming up with the Chen Martial Continent. Those ancient powers were worried that the Peach Blossom Imperial Land would become their enemy in the future, so they planned to eliminate them in the Heaven Thunder Purgatory.

Chen Xiang and Wu Kaiming headed towards the hiding place of the Peach Blossom Imperial Land. Under Yao Shumei's control, the Peach Blossom Imperial Land had always kept a low profile, but he was still very strong.

Far away, the mountain range was surrounded by a group of pitch black Heavenly Demons. That mountain range was protected by a very powerful array. The Heavenly Demons were unable to enter, but the array was slowly being devoured by these Heavenly Demons.

The countless beast type Sky Demons let out eerie howls as black b.a.l.l.s of evil Qi shot out of their mouths and bombarded the big array. The entire mountain range was surrounded by these Sky Demons, if stacked up, it would be even higher than that mountain range.

"So many," Wu Kaiming saw them from afar and couldn't help but shiver.

Chen Xiang never thought that there would be so many of them. In front of him, there was a large area of land that was filled with beast type Sky Demons, and they were like a vast ocean, with no end in sight.

"If the Peach Blossom Imperial Land can escape this calamity, it seems that we will become enemies with the ancient powers, and we will have another ally," Wu Kaiming said. All the sects and families in the Human Realm thought that there would be a war with the ancient powers sooner or later.

The ambitions of those ancient powers slowly surfaced. They were starting to swallow up and destroy some small sects. In the future, they would definitely kill those forces that opposed them just to dominate this world.

Chen Xiang's eyes shone with a strange light, as if a big table of appetizers was placed in front of him. Right now, he felt that there were not enough Sky Demons.

Long Xueyi suddenly said: "Look over there, a few people just flew out."

Chen Xiang looked in the direction that Long Xueyi pointed, and sure enough, there were a few people with a layer of evil aura quietly sneaking out from the sea of the Sky Demons.

"These must be the guys who lured the Sky Demons over, I can't let them return alive," Chen Xiang took a few steps forward, and with a few flashes, he arrived above those people.

"You must be the Purple Moon Imperial Land," Chen Xiang said with a cold smile. "That useless Leader of yours has already died in my hands, and you bunch of people don't know how to behave yourself."

"Chen Xiang, it's you," a middle-aged man said in shock. In their eyes, since Chen Xiang could kill their powerful Leader, he must be very strong.

Chen Xiang released his Genuine qi of five elements, condensing a three thousand meter tall mountain in the air, releasing two gigantic hands, surrounding the mountain, and smashing fiercely towards the few people. At the same time, countless of angry rivers appeared behind him, allowing him to condense an extremely terrifying might.

Although it looked heavy and heavy, its speed was not slow at all. In just a single exchange, it caused the few Purple Moon Imperial Land s to be smashed down, pressing onto the ground, and sticking together with the blood and flesh of the Sky Demons. However, they did not die.

Chen Xiang released the Devil-suppressing holy power, dove down, and stepped heavily on the chest of a middle-aged man, directly breaking his breastbone, causing the middle-aged man to let out a scream.

"You … An important figure who is even more powerful than the Leader has already descended from the Heaven Realm s. He has even brought along a very powerful immortal beast as well.

"I have already killed your Leader, no matter what, the Purple Moon Imperial Land will not let me go, so what if I let you guys go? Do you think that only you people can control the Purple Moon Imperial Land," Chen Xiang mocked, a few rays of light shot out from his forehead, using the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell, entering their sea of consciousness, trying to find any information regarding the Purple Moon Imperial Land.

Unfortunately, these people's Sea of Consciousness all had the ability to protect themselves. As long as they were invaded, they would self-destruct.

The beast type Sky Demons piled up like a mountain around Chen Xiang, but they did not dare get too close to him. The holy light emitted from Chen Xiang's body shone onto them, as though they were being burnt, some of the Sky Demons had already shed a layer of skin, but the Sky Demons that did not have any intelligence became even more furious, and continued to roar at Chen Xiang.

This was a Tai Chi Dragon Formation, it could produce an extremely terrifying suction force. Now that Chen Xiang had released the fire from the Fire G.o.d method, as long as the Sky Demon were to be attracted here, they would all be melted into a pure Innate Qi by him.

In the blink of an eye, it had expanded to more than three hundred meters, and all the surrounding heavenly demons were completely engulfed by the Tai Chi Dragon Formation. Watching from high up in the sky, Wu Kaiming only felt that the shocking Tai Chi Dragon Formation was like a bottomless abyss.

Countless Sky Demons rushed towards Chen Xiang in a frenzy. The moment they came into contact with the Tai Chi Dragon Formation, they would be melted and set ablaze, the energy source stones in their bodies immediately melted and turned into Innate Qi, gushing into Chen Xiang's dantian.

In order to speed up the smelting of these Sky Demons, Chen Xiang increased the size of the Tai Chi Dragon Formation beneath his feet, covering an area of five hundred kilometers.

Moreover, his body had already reached the large success stage of the Immortal Devil Body. The interior of every meridian was as wide as a great river, and they could quickly absorb or spurt out large amounts of Innate Qi.

There were a lot of Sky Demons, so Chen Xiang's devouring speed was fast enough, but it would take a period of time before he could completely digest them. This large group of Sky Demons were currently held down by Chen Xiang, although they were all spitting out streams of Evil Qi towards Chen Xiang, as long as they entered the Tai Chi Dragon Formation, they would all be purified.

The people in Peach Blossom Imperial Land had always been preparing to fight with the countless Sky Demons, their great formation had always been trembling, but now it suddenly quieted down, and Yao Shumei couldn't help but run out to investigate.

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