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"How come he doesn't have a single helper?" Chen Xiang scooped out the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword and immediately rushed towards the three Sky Demons.

"Little baldy, deal with those little Heavenly Demons. Leave this big fellow to me!" Chen Xiang shouted, his divine blade flashed, striking out a green lightning dragon, roaring at the three Sky Demons.

"Green dragon demon-slain broadsword? You are the one who killed the Shadow King? The three mouths of the three Sky Demons said at the same time, and six black Qi gushed out of his six palms, condensing into six black energy b.a.l.l.s that flew towards the roaring green dragon at the same time.


The angry green dragon collided with the six b.a.l.l.s of death energy, causing a violent explosion. The world was covered with rolling thunder sounds, and the Heavenly Demons nearby were also smashed into pieces by the energy waves.

"That trash was indeed killed by me. Today, you will also die in my hands!"

As Chen Xiang spoke, he slashed a few times with his blade. The Dragon Power and the Devil-suppressing holy power collided inside the divine blade, producing an even more powerful force.

A few golden-white holy dragons carried a kind of sacred energy, letting out earth-shattering dragon roars, covering their powerful dragon claws, and flying towards the three Sky Demons like rainbows.

Three Sky Demons were shocked, the power of Devil-suppressing holy power was unleashed through the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword s, the three headed Sky Demon seemed to have met the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable, his entire body was in shock, when the few golden dragons attacked him, he reacted, waving his six arms up and down, a sinister terrifying blood-red skull enveloped him.

When Chen Xiang's blade energy, which was transformed into a dragon, collided with the skull, it was actually all absorbed by the black holes above.

"Junior Martial Uncle, do you need help?" Wu Kaiming asked from afar, as he was busy dealing with the Little Demons on the ground.

"No need!" Chen Xiang held his blade up, the Devil-suppressing holy power in his body surged, causing his entire body to look like a Great Demon Slaughterer radiating with holy light. He came to the front of the three Sky Demons, raising his Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, lightning suddenly appeared in the sky, and all the spirit energy in the area was affected by some sort of force, dancing in the air, releasing waves after waves of lightning that converged onto Chen Xiang's body.

At this time, it was as if Chen Xiang was in the middle of an electric net that covered the sky, crazily gathering lightning, and two of the huge skull's black eyes that were below him, shot out two streams of black qi, turned into two sinister and terrifying ghost hands, and grabbed towards Chen Xiang's chest while howling in pain.

"Humph!" Chen Xiang snorted as multicolored light shone from his body for miles, immediately purifying the black aura that was about to attack him.

At the same time, the lightning in the sky disappeared, while the divine blade shone with lightning.

"Thunder Slash!"

The Green dragon demon-slain broadsword immediately flickered with countless of dragon-like lightning bolts, illuminating the entire sky which was covered by the black clouds. As the divine blade slashed down, the entire ground trembled, and the ground was even more so torn apart by the terrifying pressure released by the divine blade. The black cloud in the sky also retreated to two sides, and at the same time, the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword slashed down onto the seemingly indestructible skull!


When the lightning cleaved down, the ground cracked and the sun and moon were shaken. That skull was shattered with an explosive sound that shook the Heaven Thunder Purgatory, and the three Sky Demons inside were also cleaved into two!

Chen Xiang's hair danced wildly as the winds and clouds in the sky madly surged. He punched towards the sky, and a boundless Devil-suppressing holy power surged out of his body.

"Demon Subduing Heavenly Thunder Array! This is a very powerful great formation within the Devil-suppressing qi array. " Wu Kaiming was shocked: "I never thought that using the Devil-suppressing holy power would be so terrifying!"

The great formation spun crazily, the holy light shone onto the ground, and the heavenly demon bodies melted under the holy light, being sucked into the high sky, all entering the Demon Bestowal Heavenly Thunder Array!

Even the two halves of the three Sky Demons were sucked up and refined inside!

Chen Xiang was going to use these Sky Demons to condense another higher quality Sky Demon Flower Pill!

The spirit energy was controlled by Chen Xiang using his G.o.dly powers and clashed against each other, exploding out with waves of terrifying power of thunder and lightning. One after another, thunder and lightning were all connected to the formation, like a gigantic net made of heaven and earth, intimidating all the demons in the sky and the Sky Demons on the ground.

"Come up here!" Chen Xiang roared, and the ground started to tremble slightly. The Sky Demons who were burnt by the Holy Light started to float up, and started to enter the Demon Bestowal Lightning Formation.

In just an instant, all the Sky Demons on the ground disappeared and the devil cloud had already dispersed, returning to its calm state. Chen Xiang released the Demon Bestowal Heavenly Thunder Array, which was slowly shrinking until it turned into a ball of light the size of a fist.

"Junior Martial Uncle, what is this …"

Before Wu Kaiming could finish his question, he saw Chen Xiang swallow the Sky Devil Flower Pill and then smile at him: "Something edible!"

After Chen Xiang ate the Heaven Demon Flower Pill, the Innate Qi in his body's meridians became like a raging river, a huge amount of Innate Qi started surging in his meridians, as though it was being refined. p >

What are you going to do about it? p >

"Where is the Sky Demon?" The Innate Qi flowed in Chen Xiang's body, the white qi outside his body surged, carrying out such a crazy refinement, it made his blood boil, he wished that he could kill even more Sky Demons to break through his bottleneck.

Wu Kaiming heaved a deep sigh, "Junior Master, please follow me. Many of the hidden places of the powers are surrounded by the Sky Demons. No, it should be enough for you to eat! "

Chen Xiang followed Wu Kaiming as they flew towards a place that was filled with dense demonic qi. Chen Xiang was still refining the Heavenly Demon Flower Pill he had just consumed, and from afar, he could sense that was there, and at that moment, the demonic qi was also secretly surging, as they could sense the threat.

"I was targeted while I was on patrol. In order to prevent these Sky Demons from discovering our hiding place, I had no choice but to lure them away. Who knew that I would run into a Sovereign King? Luckily, this fellow isn't that strong!" Wu Kaiming said.

"How did the a lad arrange it?" Chen Xiang asked.

This way, we will form a very strong group. Unless we have no other choice, we do not want to have any conflicts with the Sky Demons, so as far as possible, we can let the ancient powers go against the Sky Demon Army. " Wu Kaiming said.

Wu Kaiming suddenly flew into a rage: "But some ancient powers actually lured these Sky Demons over to our side! We have already found out which factions these are from! "

"Purple Moon Imperial Land and Feng Clan will definitely have a share!" Chen Xiang's voice was ice-cold. Looking in front of him, his two eyes shot out two streaks of golden light.

"That's right, they are very vicious, they have led the Sky Demons to some other powerhouses, and even the Peach Blossom Imperial Land was set up by them, the Peach Blossom Imperial Land's Lady Peach Blossom even asked us for help, and not long ago, the Leader had already arranged for people to come over." Gu Dongchen said.

Chen Xiang sneered, "Take me to the place where Peach Blossom Imperial Land is staying. First, save Peach Blossom Imperial Land, then eliminate the Sky Demon, and lastly, suppress Purple Moon Imperial Land and the others.

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