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Seeing that Duan Chong, Yun Xiaodao and the others were not in the Thunder Pond, Chen Xiang started to worry.

Chen Xiang relied on his memories and flew towards the city that the rogue cultivator built. When he went there, the city was in ruins with corpses all around.

"Tens of thousands of corpses, are these the Sky Demons?"

Chen Xiang stood in the air and raised his arms, raising his palms upwards. A white cyclone appeared in the air, covering the Sky Demon corpses on the ground in a layer of pale white light, after that, walnut-like white stones floated up from the Sky Demon corpses, and all of them flew into the air, entering into the white cyclone released by Chen Xiang. Chen Xiang combined the tens of thousands of stones that contained a dense amount of energy, and turned them into a small pellet.

This was not Heavenly Alchemy, it was just that the Heavenly Demon's energy source stones were all the same.

He swallowed the pellet into his mouth, and a vast amount of pure energy flashed through his body. Circulating Fire G.o.d method, he turned his dantian into a Fire Dan Tian, and then fused the energy further, turning it into a Innate Qi, and poured into the five Beast statue s, condensing them into a Zhenyuan granule!

"These Heavenly Demons are really good stuff. If I can kill many of them, I might be able to survive the three Nirvana Tribulations!" Chen Xiang said in surprise. The Heaven Thunder Purgatory was originally filled with dense spirit energy and a large number of Sparite vein s, these Sky Demons were obviously formed from the energy, it was just that when they used the pure power condensed in their body through their Evil Arts, they became evil.

Chen Xiang followed a few remnants of Qi, and after going down, he realized that there were a lot of Sky Demons here. If he could find a group of Sky Demons, he might be able to condense a pill like he did just now to eat them.

Pa.s.sing through a large mountain, Chen Xiang heard waves of gloomy beast roars, and the ground was slightly trembling. He activated Heaven tour method, and saw that in the distance, there were tens of thousands of strange beast of different sizes chasing after a dozen charming and moving girls. It was obvious that they were Demon Charming a.s.sociation's little demoness.

The group of Sky Demons were extremely berserk, and after they pa.s.sed through the mountain in front of them, they would be razed to the ground. The Sky Demons were extremely berserk, and after they pa.s.sed through the mountain in front of them, they would be razed to the ground.

From the other side, sounds of fighting could be heard.

"The Demon Empress is fighting a powerful Sky Demon over there!" Long Xueyi said.

"This Demon Empress might know of Bai Ziqian's news, so I might be able to help her, but maybe she can tell me a few things." Chen Xiang rushed towards the spirit demons, stepping on the Shrinking step in the air, he soon arrived behind the spirit demons.

"It's Chen Xiang!" A charming lady with a snow white fox's tail shouted. Chen Xiang's sudden appearance caused them to feel that he was even more terrifying than the hundred thousand terrifying Sky Demons army behind them.

"Ladies, my looks aren't as frightening as those Sky Demons, right?" Chen Xiang laughed: "Don't worry, I'm here to help you!"

Chen Xiang punched towards the sky and a burst of golden light surged out from his fist. The dense Devil-suppressing holy power was released by him and floated in the air.

The big array started to spin, the Spirit grain inside started to flash, every flash engulfed the surrounding Spirit Qi, causing the big array to release even more terrifying Devil-suppressing holy power.

Chen Xiang flew to the center of the array and raised both of his hands up high, as if he was holding onto the shining golden array. He released the Devil-suppressing holy power in his body and shouted, "Demon Subduing Heavenly Thunder Array!"

The golden array flashed, and golden lightning shot out like a violent rain, striking the ground. Crackling sounds came out one after another, the dense and terrifying golden lightning illuminated the dark sky, the rolling thunder shook the earth, and countless heavenly devils gave out mournful howls amidst the thunder.

When the Demon Charming a.s.sociation Spirit Demons saw this scene, they were so shocked that they opened their beautiful mouths. The violent golden lightning made their hearts tremble, scaring them to the point that their faces lost color, they were extremely afraid of the Devil-suppressing holy power.

The entire ground was washed by the dense and concentrated lightning, it was like a lightning purgatory below, the heavenly devils wailed and fell one by one, the tens of thousands of Sky Demons, against Chen Xiang's Devil-suppressing holy power which specialized in restraining demons, had no power at all, and were instantly killed.

Just like last time, Chen Xiang used his powerful G.o.d power and took all of the energy source stones from these Sky Demons' bodies, condensed them into a pellet, and swallowed them!

Just at this moment, the Demon Empress rushed over and she knew that Chen Xiang had arrived from afar. That kind of Devil-suppressing holy power could only be found by Chen Xiang, and upon seeing the Sky Demon corpses all over the ground, she heaved a sigh of relief.

The Little Demon Empress was wearing a plain green dress. Even though she was in a bit of a sorry state, she still looked so beautiful and charming. Chen Xiang had heard that her original body was that of a green lotus and that it was not common for her to transform into a demon.

"There are no more Sky Demons around here, quickly go back to your cave!" The Demon Empress said to the dozen or so Fey.

The leading fox demon looked at Chen Xiang in reverence, before leaving with the other Spirit Demons to thank him delicately.

"Truly ungrateful. Even after I saved your people, you still aren't going to invite me to your cave abode to do something?" Chen Xiang laughed, at the moment his entire body was covered in a pale white light, he was refining the hundred thousand demon essence pills he had just swallowed.

"That is only our temporary shelter. If we can either leave or go, you can come to Demon Charming a.s.sociation as a guest anytime. We will definitely welcome you." The Little Demon Empress looked at Chen Xiang with her pair of clear and beautiful eyes. At this moment, she was not on guard against him.

"That's what you said. Just don't chase me away when the time comes." Chen Xiang laughed.

"Of course!" The Demon Empress also revealed a gentle and approachable smile, "Thank you for saving my Demon Charming a.s.sociation's little demoness just now. I had to ensure that there were no Sky Demons around our cave, so I had no choice but to patrol this area."

"Demon Empress, I heard that you were transformed by a green lotus, you should have a name, right?" Chen Xiang asked this because he wanted to see if Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou knew this Demon Empress.

However, she took a step back and replied with a smile, "Of course there is. When I took the form, it was a little girl, and at that time, it was an old granny who took me in. I followed her surname, Lu, and my name was Qinlian!"

Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao suddenly exclaimed.

Su Meiyao exclaimed, "Old granny whose surname is Lu, this Demon Empress has quite the background! Although we don't know her, we do know that old granny! "

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