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"Is this thing human?" Chen Xiang stood up in shock. He then looked at the gigantic stone room and realized that there was a crystal chest in the middle, inside the chest was a stone tablet. The stone tablet looked exactly the same as the one that he had obtained the Ground killing.

"No, it's an evil spirit, probably a spirit nurtured by the Thunder Pond. However, because there are too many grievances, it became an evil spirit. This kind of evil spirit often appeared in many dangerous places!" Bai Youyou said.

The Evil Spirit was very strong, with just a punch and wind, it had sent Chen Xiang flying, he saw that Chen Xiang had stood up, released a roar, and turned into a bolt of lightning, rushing towards Chen Xiang, that terrifying speed struck the dense lightning energy in the cave, causing a burst of thunder.


Chen Xiang, who had just stood up, was. .h.i.t by the evil spirit's fist, and then flew heavily onto the stone wall.

The Evil Spirit had just given Chen Xiang a thunder-like punch, and then turned into a bolt of lightning, attacking towards Chen Xiang.

"Beast!" Chen Xiang anxiously used his Shrinking step to dodge, but the evil spirit ruthlessly smashed onto the stone wall, the berserk force caused the entire stone room to tremble.

This stone room was not simple. Even when it was frequently attacked by this kind of evil spirit, there were no cracks at all. As expected, this was the place where the Celestial Slain Method was hidden.

Chen Xiang was sure that the Celestial Slain Method was inside the crystal chest. If he wanted to obtain the Celestial Slain Method, he would have to kill the Evil Spirit first.

When the Evil Spirit saw Chen Xiang dodging, it became even angrier, and turned to attack Chen Xiang once more.

"Incredible!" Chen Xiang saw the Evil Spirit rushing towards him again, but he did not dodge. The Dragon Power rushed out from his body, charging towards his fist, striking the Evil Spirit's hairy fist.

The two fists fiercely collided, causing energy waves to vibrate and a series of explosive sounds to ring out. Chen Xiang and the Evil Spirit were blasted away by the energy, both of them smashing onto the stone wall.

The evil spirit roared wildly, its entire body flashing with purple lightning. Its body suddenly swelled up, and its black muscles became even more malevolent. Blue veins burst out on its body, and then it charged forward at an even faster speed!

"I have no time to mess with you!" Chen Xiang's chest flashed with a golden light, and the Holy Devil-suppressing seal suddenly flew out. The boundless Devil-suppressing holy power poured into the Holy Devil-suppressing seal, causing it to become extremely huge, like a cauldron, it opened its mouth and faced the incoming Evil Spirit.

Just as the Evil Spirit was about to touch the Holy Devil-suppressing seal, the word "Zhen" suddenly flashed and flew out from the bottom of the Holy Devil-suppressing seal. The word "Zhen" that was emitting a pure gold color was like a net that enveloped the Evil Spirit's body. The Evil Spirit was pressed down on its body by the glowing word as if it was pressed down by a formation and stuck to the stone wall. No matter how much it struggled, it was unable to break free.

Although it was only a single word, it seemed as if it contained an entire world. This was the first time Chen Xiang had used it to attack, and had also drained a lot of his energy, causing him to almost lose his balance!

The Holy Devil-suppressing seal s had become so big that they were held in his palms.

"What a powerful thing, this thing can deal with demons and monsters, it is at the same level as Green dragon demon-slain broadsword! Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable is indeed an Empyrean of the past. He is willing to give up such a powerful item to someone else. " Chen Xiang looked at the Holy seal in awe.

The Evil Spirit had already been subdued, and the "Subduing" seal released by the Holy Devil-suppressing seal seemed to be able to suppress all demons. The Evil Spirit only struggled for a moment, but its body was already sealed by the "Subdue" character, and it did not even have enough strength to use.

Chen Xiang heaved a sigh of relief, and anxiously recovered his strength before wielding the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, killing the Evil Spirit!

"Refine this fellow into a pill. Even though it doesn't look delicious, I still want to try it." Long Xueyi said.

With how powerful the Evil Spirit was, it was definitely good for refining pills. Chen Xiang immediately used Heavenly Alchemy to refine the Evil Spirit.

Last time, the Unreal ghost eagle let Chen Xiang feel the power of this pill. At his current stage, it was more effective than eating pills refined from medicinal ingredients.

But this time, since he refined the Evil Spirit, his progress wasn't as smooth as before. The Evil Spirit was formed from violent lightning, and to refine it into a edible pill was extremely difficult.

In the end, he could only give up and change it to refining the Heavenly Thunder Pill s' offensive type of pellet. It was to compress the berserk Thunder power in the Evil Spirit's body together and condense it into a pellet.

To him, this was still very simple, because if it wasn't meant for others to eat, it would be very easy to refine, saving him a lot of time and effort.

In just half a day, he managed to concoct a grey pill. He named this pill that was filled with Thunder power s of destruction "Evil Spirit Explosion".

"I never thought that the Celestial Slain Method was actually here. Was the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord hiding here personally?" Chen Xiang punched inside the crystal chest, but he was repelled by a force, causing him to spit out a mouthful of blood.

"Idiot. If you were able to smash it into pieces so casually, that Evil Spirit would have already been in your hands." Long Xueyi laughed.

"I thought that I could easily get my hands on the Ground killing after cultivating it!" Chen Xiang did not give up, took out his Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, jumped over, and slashed at the crystal chest again.

Boom! The Divine Blade fiercely trembled, and the humming sound turned into a deep dragon cry. However, the crystal chest remained completely undamaged, not even a trace was left behind.

Since his attack was ineffective, he could only release his G.o.d Power into the crystal box to read the stone tablet. Just as his G.o.d Power touched the stone tablet, the stone tablet suddenly flashed with a white light and shattered the crystal box!

"So easy!" Chen Xiang was a little surprised. He used his hand to stroke the ancient yet tiny words on the stone tablet, and then began to move the contents of the stone tablet into his mind.

After he finished all of this, Chen Xiang laughed: "As expected, it's the Celestial Slain Method. As long as I gather the Heaven Earth Killing Method, I can cultivate it with half the effort and double the results. Although I can cultivate on my own, but I can't go deep into cultivation."

"Do you know how to get out of here?" Bai Youyou asked.

"Don't worry, elder sister You You. I can leave right now!" Chen Xiang walked to the center of the stone room and released his divine power. A white light flashed in the center of the stone room and then he appeared above the Thunder Pond.

"Did the Celestial Slain Method say how the Thunder Pond was formed?" Su Meiyao was very curious about the formation of the Thunder Pond.

"Yes, that's a natural star, but later on it was transformed by the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord to store the Celestial Slain Method. Maybe it was discovered later on, but those people couldn't enter, and only needed to create a seal to create that chaotic s.p.a.ce." Chen Xiang said.

At this time, the sky was dark, dark clouds were rolling about, and the sky was filled with an evil killing intent. He frowned and said: "What is going on? Why is the Evil Qi the same as the Heaven Devil King? "

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