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"He really is a pervert!" Zhu Rong opened his mouth wide in shock.

"He is indeed a little monster. I can't believe he wasn't affected at all and directly dived into the ground. I couldn't have done it back then!" Duan Chong was the most shocked, because he knew what kind of pain it would bring to insert one's head into the Thunder Pond, but Chen Xiang seemed to be fine.

Lian Mingdong asked: "Elder Duan, what would happen if you were to immerse your head in Thunder Pond?"

"That is a very dangerous thing to do, wait until your bodies can be soaked in Thunder Pond for three days and three nights, then I will dare to let you guys go down to practice! In other words, seal your entire body, and prevent any kind of energy from invading into your body, and also prevent any kind of Qi from leaking out. This will last for a long time! When you all can soak in the Thunder Pond for ten days straight, the energy that you all have concealed yourselves within will reach a very high level. It will be difficult even for me to discover you all! "

"As for the physical body and the Innate Qi, they will also receive extreme tempering! If you can immerse your head in the water, it will temper your sea of consciousness! Once you guys have completed your basics, learning our Duan Clan's secret techniques will be twice the result with half the effort. You can start a ruckus with Chen Xiang! "

The Dragon Subduing School that Yun Xiaodao and the others had created were not simple, and the enemies that Chen Xiang had provoked were all powerful forces in the land. As Chen Xiang's friends, as members of the Dragon Subduing School, they had to be extremely strong!

Duan Chong looked at the six youths lying on the sh.o.r.e, and his heart was filled with mixed emotions. It was because Ten Heavens Supreme Lord had friends who dared to poke the heavens, that was why he agreed to help Chen Xiang cultivate them.

Zhu Rong and the rest had rested for a day, even though their bodies were still in pain, they had still jumped into Thunder Pond, but Chen Xiang had dived for a day, and there was no news at all.

After Chen Xiang jumped down the Thunder Pond, he had been diving deeper into the ground.

When he came down, he was attacked by extremely strong lightning. However, his body was strong, he had Yulong blood, and he had experienced all kinds of painful tempering over the years, so his endurance was very strong.

Being soaked in Thunder Pond's water until the head, his consciousness would be attacked very strongly, but Chen Xiang's cultivation of his soul, which was able to refine the Divine Sense Sea, this kind of attack was useless against him, at most it would make his head hurt a little.

He had been diving for two days, and the closer he got to the bottom, the stronger the thunder attacks became. Moreover, the thick power of thunder also formed a ma.s.sive pressure that pressed down on his body from all directions.

"I had only been diving for two days. The bottom is bottomless, and the bottom is terrifying. Especially when I reach a certain place, there will be a great resistance. I have tried many times, but to no avail!" Duan Chong sat on the sh.o.r.e and muttered as he looked at the Thunder Pond with a worried expression.

and the others were already fast asleep. Being tossed around in Thunder Pond was incredibly difficult for them, as both their spirit and body would be honed to the extreme. Now that they were exhausted, they fell asleep immediately, not hearing Duan Chong's words.

At night, Duan Chong looked at the twinkling stars in the sky and sighed: "I have already searched through the places that Heaven Thunder Purgatory could explore but I have not been able to find that thing. Now that the Heaven Thunder Purgatory's enchantment is getting weaker and weaker, many people can enter. But where were the remains of that war? Did the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord leave that thing behind? Where did those Sky Demons come from, and what is the Ghost Sage? "

Then, he looked at Thunder Pond: "What is hidden in the depths of this Thunder Pond? I really have lived in this place for so long, yet I actually know nothing about these things! "

Chen Xiang had already arrived at the resistance Duan Chong spoke of. There was indeed a very strange power blocking his descent, making him feel as if he had reached the bottom. However, if one looked closely, that was only a transparent barrier, it was just that it was very difficult to break through.

This barrier was very special. Water could freely pa.s.s through it, and Thunder power could also pa.s.s through, but humans could not!

"It's a very familiar feeling!" Could it be that one? " Chen Xiang asked doubtfully.

"That's right, as long as we can pa.s.s through, we will be able to enter a chaotic s.p.a.ce. You have met them before at the bottom of the Demon and Devil Sinkhole! "The reason for the appearance of this chaotic s.p.a.ce is most likely because the energy is too strong. It will not weaken in the long run and will eventually take shape in your own body. If you go over there, you must be prepared to not return!" Long Xueyi said.

Back then, Chen Xiang had encountered this kind of situation when he was still at the bottom of Demon and Devil Sinkhole.

"I have to go take a look. Duan Chong has been searching for so long, but he still couldn't find the Celestial Slain Method! He also said that he could not go down any further. Who knows, maybe Celestial Slain Method is hidden underneath! " When he needed to look for the other scattered Heaven Earth Killing Method s, he could tell from the strange feeling produced by the Ground killing that he was cultivating, not to mention something like the chaotic s.p.a.ce below.

Back then, a lot of things like this had appeared under the Demon and Devil Sinkhole.

Chen Xiang took out the Luotian Gate, took out the spatial origin orb again, and poured a very powerful spatial energy into the Luotian Gate. In the depths of this lightning terrifying Thunder Pond, he opened a spatial door, allowing him to pa.s.s through the transparent barrier.

When he left his original position, he placed a very large glowing rock. He went through the barrier and swam towards the rock, but the further he swam, the further away he went from the glowing rock.

Going forward was going backwards, and going left could mean going left or going right. Going right could mean going in another direction, but there wouldn't be a single direction that could lead him back to his original location!

Right now, Chen Xiang could only continue to explore deeper, only then would he be able to find the source of energy to create this chaotic s.p.a.ce, as long as he destroyed this place, he would be able to go out. The same thing happened last time in the Demon and Devil Sinkhole.

The Chaotic Dimension was very special. Originally, it was only a hundred steps, but you had to walk a thousand steps and ten thousand steps to complete it.

"I'm too strong, I need to use the profoundwu diamond armour. Otherwise, I won't be able to continue staying here." Right now, Chen Xiang could not support it with only his flesh body, so he had no choice but to release profoundwu diamond armour s, allowing him to continue.

Chen Xiang had not come up for a few days and this Duan Chong was extremely worried. Then he went down and let Yun Xiaodao and the others cultivate on their own.

Duan Chong spent about two days to reach the location of the barrier. He only saw a glowing stone person with words engraved on it.

"Elder Duan, please don't worry, I'm fine!"

Chen Xiang knew that he had been trapped in this chaotic s.p.a.ce for a long time. Duan Chong must have returned.

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