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Those who had come down from the Thunder Pond all felt a shadow in their hearts. Right now, they were all waiting at the side for Zhu Rong to make a fool of himself. /

"Old Zhu, you can leave now. Those who can't die, at most, will just live a life worse than death." Xiao Chou laughed. However, when he thought about how he had been trapped in Thunder Pond for a short while, he felt an incomparable amount of fear.

Zhu Rong snorted: "You guys underestimate me a bit too much, why don't we compete, and go down together to see who stays down there for a long time, and win in the end, then you guys will give me one hundred million Spar, and if one of you is the last one up, I will also give you one hundred million Spar!"

Zhu Rong glanced at Chen Xiang: "Including Chen Xiang, this guy has too many variables."

"Yo, you miserly pig, you actually dare to bet one hundred million Spar, are you crazy?" Yun Xiaodao's face was filled with surprise, "Usually you're timid and stingy, but now it doesn't seem like you!"

Zhu Rong said: "That's only because you think that when I was with you, I did not attack? Don't talk about this, do you dare to play now? You have all gone down there before. You know how powerful this pond is, so you should be able to prepare in advance.

Chen Xiang watched with interest from the side and laughed, "Are you guys afraid of Old Zhu?"

"What's there to be afraid of? 100 million, that's it!" Yun Xiaodao was unwilling to accept this.

"Come on, I want to see how you'll beat me!" Xiao Chou also agreed.

Zhu Rong looked at Xv Weilong, Lian Mingdong and Teng Ying, and laughed: "It's only fun if there are more people, furthermore, all of you were to perform well earlier, don't you want to gamble? If I win, I would earn five hundred million Spar, which is much more worthwhile than helping Wu Qianqian search for medicinal ingredients! "

Lian Mingdong shook his head and laughed: "Alright, I also want to see why you are so confident!"

"En!" Xv Weilong nodded, indicating that he would partic.i.p.ate.

"This is my first bet, I have to win. Don't go back on your words." Teng Ying smiled slightly, and said with complete confidence.

Duan Chong who was soaking in the lightning pool thought that it was very interesting and laughed: "I will be the notary. If anyone dares to act shamelessly, I will push their head down and bury them under this Thunder Pond!"

Head down? What would that feel like? When these people thought of this, they shuddered in fear.

"One, two, three … "Come down!" Duan Chong shouted.

Zhu Rong and the others anxiously went down from the Thunder Pond, and just as they went down, the small knife started howling frantically, Teng Ying released waves after waves of eagle-like roars, his entire body shivered, and he roared out loud. Xv Weilong and Lian Mingdong shut their eyes tightly, the muscles on their faces twitching frantically, they were enduring the immense pain.

Only Zhu Rong that b.a.s.t.a.r.d had no expression at all, as if he was bathing in hot water normally. When Yun Xiaodao and the others saw how relaxed Zhu Rong was, they shouted even more loudly.

"Are you guys unable to hold on? Haha... The Spar is mine now. " Zhu Rong let out a very powerful laugh.

Chen Xiang was using his divine power to inspect Zhu Rong's body, but he did not find anything abnormal with Zhu Rong's body, which caused him to be extremely shocked. It seemed like Zhu Rong was not affected by the Thunder Pond, which made it hard for him to understand.

Yun Xiaodao and Xiao Chou wanted to curse out loud, because they had been tricked by Zhu Rong, but they couldn't give up now, so they could only continue to curse. They couldn't even speak, and could only scream in pain while enduring.

He was very clear how terrifying this Thunder Pond was. When he first came down here, his reaction was similar to Yun Xiaodao and the rest's, but this fat guy who was covered in meat was actually smiling merrily as he soaked in the water, and was even washing the fat on his body. What made him angry was that he was humming a very light song.

After more than an hour, five hot people whose bodies were completely charred laid on the sh.o.r.e. Teng Ying was a Kylin thunder eagle, but he had been turned into charcoal by the mysterious lightning power of the Thunder Pond, but his grade was not bad, he lasted for almost an hour, while Yun Xiaodao and Lian Mingdong were the fastest, and could not hold on for more than an hour. What surprised Chen Xiang was that Xv Weilong was able to hold on longer than the Great Strength Race, for about an hour, and Xiao Chou arrived earlier!

Zhu Rong was even weirder, he was still soaking in the water, but he was not as relaxed as he was before. An hour ago, he was shivering all over, but now his face was filled with pain, and his expression was ugly.

"Little fatty, your physique is very special. How did you cultivate it?" You actually managed to cultivate an energy protection layer inside your body, so your energy protection layer should have been broken by the Thunder Pond! " Duan Chong observed for a long time before he realized this.

Because he is too fat, his skin is thick, so there is enough room for a very powerful energy defense membrane. It seems that he also trained here after a lot of training, which can make up for the deficiencies in his body. He is fatter than others, but the defense of his body is not weaker than others! Chen Xiang said. After observing for more than two hours, he had seen quite a few things.

"This d.a.m.n pig, it's actually hiding such a move!" Yun Xiaodao was very unhappy. He was the first to come up, and even though he had recovered quite a bit, he did not dare to go down for at least the next two days.

Zhu Rong did not last long, when he did not let out a scream like a pig being butchered, he walked over, and smiled at the people lying on the ground: "I won, haha …"

Yun Xiaodao suddenly jumped up from the ground and kicked towards Zhu Rong's stomach. Originally, he wanted to kick Zhu Rong down Lei Tang, but who knew that Zhu Rong would react quickly by grabbing his ankle, turning around and throwing him into the Thunder Pond.

"Little Yun, don't underestimate this fatty, I am very strong!" Zhu Rong laughed sinisterly.

"d.a.m.n pig, you actually hid your strength so deeply!" Xiao Chou muttered.

"If you don't hide it so deeply, what will happen if you, the battle maniac, pester me all day long?" It's exhausting. Besides, I'm not battle-type, I'm intelligent, so I can just use my brain! "

When Chen Xiang came to the side of Thunder Pond, everyone was looking at him. They really wanted to know how Chen Xiang performed in the Thunder Pond.

Duan Chong said: "I can only soak in this place for a month at the most, and this Thunder Pond is very deep. I have dived into it before, but I did not reach the bottom."

Chen Xiang was suddenly curious about the bottom of the Thunder Pond. The fact that the Thunder Pond had such a terrifying Thunder power meant that there was something affecting them from the depths.

"My guess is that Elder Brother Shen can last for six hours!" Yun Xiaodao's body was very terrifying, and they had not seen Chen Xiang fight with anyone for many years, so they could not estimate Chen Xiang's true strength.

"Then I'll go down and take a look!" Chen Xiang took off his clothes, wore only a pair of shorts, fiercely jumped into the Thunder Pond, and directly dived down, and then … It never floated back up, just like jumping into an ordinary pond.

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