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Duan Chong knew many secrets about the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord. He was the Patriarch of the Duan Clan, and he knew everything the Duan Clan had gathered over the years. http:..com/ No bulletproof windows. /

"Elder Duan, do you know where the Emperor's Tomb is? The Ten Heavenly Holy Mountains are not. " Chen Xiang really wanted to go and observe the Ten Heavenly Saint Mountain. It was shocking, but it was just a deceptive thing, and for all these years, there were many people who had been trapped inside.

"I don't know either, but according to the ancient books of my Duan Clan, when the time comes, he'll appear in the world and he should be hiding in an extremely powerful profound Realm. I feel that Di Tian should at least recover his position back then and be above the Nine Heavens and Ten Great Earth!"

Duan Chong was only guessing, but Chen Xiang felt that it was very possible.

"Do you really need Heaven Earth Killing Method to enter the Emperor's Tomb?" This was a saying that had been pa.s.sed down from many ancient powers. Otherwise, there wouldn't have been a large group of people coming to the Pill City to capture him.

"That's right, we do not know the details, but we need to gather all the Heaven Earth Killing Method. It is said that if we want to pa.s.s through the main gate of the Emperor's Tomb unscathed, we need to grasp the Heaven Earth Killing Method."

Chen Xiang sighed lightly, "Right now, I only have the Ground killing and the G.o.d slain method, and I don't have much control over them. If only the Celestial Slain Method was here!"

"I've been here for so long, but I don't have any idea what's going on. If there's any news, I'll come to this house and leave some news." Duan Chong said.

Duan Chong would not stay in the same place for too long, he warned Chen Xiang, "You must not find the Purple Moon Imperial Land. This guy came back from the Heaven Realm, he seems to think that there's a Celestial Slain Method here as well."

"How many people know that the Heaven Earth Killing Method has been split?"

"Not many. There might only be five of them, but they won't spread word of this. Otherwise, others will fight over them!" Right now, that Purple Moon is not the strongest out of all of the Purple Moon Imperial Land. I dare say that he did not say anything, or else there would be more of them. "

Duan Chong warned Chen Xiang about the things he needed to pay attention to, and then, he left the city. He felt that the change in the Heaven Thunder Purgatory was likely due to the influence of some power, and he would continue to explore the secrets of this place.

Not long after Duan Chong left, they heard a loud shout: "The people of Purple Moon Imperial Land are entering the city, quickly gather up and surround them. Let them see how many of us loose cultivators will die no matter how many they come!"

Right now, even if the Purple Moon Imperial Land were to pacify those people, it would be difficult for them to quell the anger of the loose cultivators. These loose cultivators all agreed that if they did not teach the Purple Moon Imperial Land a lesson now, perhaps there would be a day when the Purple Moon Imperial Land would do such a thing and bully the loose cultivators again, and they would be one of the ones bullied.

Chen Xiang obviously wanted to see who the hero of Purple Moon Imperial Land was, to actually dare to come here at this time.

Chen Xiang floated in the air and looked down at the small clearing that was surrounded by tens of thousands of people. There were many people in the air right now, and all of them had their Innate Qi in their hands, so as long as the few Purple Moon Imperial Land people below flew up, they would attack.

The people of Purple Moon Imperial Land were three young men and two old men. They wore the clothes of the Purple Moon Imperial Land and it was very eye-catching to see a bright moon hanging from their purple robes, and it was difficult to not recognize them.

"These fellows came here with such high profile, they must have done it on purpose. Otherwise, they wouldn't be so stupid!" A large man said.

"Do they think we're just talking?" An old man laughed coldly.

A strong bearded middle age man floated in the air and shouted to the people below: "You little rascal from Purple Moon Imperial Land, cut off your own arms and leave. Otherwise, we will chop you all into pieces and hang your corpses at the city gates as sacrifices for your brothers and sisters who were killed by you!"

These words caused the crowd to be excited, it was not only the Purple Moon Imperial Land, but many ancient powers too, all these ancient powers were the enemies of these rogue cultivators, they were also hated by many people.

"A motley crowd, do you think you guys can kill us? Wishful thinking, arrogant brats, you probably don't know our strength! " A young man looked at the people around him with disdain. The sword in his hand glimmered with a cold light as he unleashed his killing intent, making it so that no one dared to approach him.

"All of you get out of the way, or else we won't hold back!" One of the old men's tone was cold and gloomy. It was obvious that he was not afraid of these people attacking him, and they even had the intention of attacking him.

"Everyone, get out of the way. Leave these fellows to us!" They do not know how to repent and yet they came here to provoke us. Today, we cannot let them leave this place. " An old man floating in the air said slowly.

Just as the old man finished speaking, Chen Xiang dove down. A golden-red glow flickered on one of his arms, transforming into a gigantic dragon claw, the Dragon Power crashed into his arm, releasing a terrifying aura, causing the floor to shatter.

"It's Chen Xiang!" An old man from the Purple Moon Imperial Land roared, he anxiously took out a large blade and slashed at Chen Xiang who was rushing down.

With its gigantic dragon claw, the dragon aura surged and its might overflowed into the heavens, reaching above the old man's head and enveloping him. The old man originally thought that with one slash, he would be able to slash through Chen Xiang's attack, but the moment the dragon claw came down, his treasured blade was instantly shattered, his withered old body was pressed onto the ground by the dragon claw, the Dragon Power struck his body, causing his muscles and bones to crack and his entire body to bleed profusely.

"Hmph, I was originally tricked into this place by the Purple Moon Imperial Land, these dog s.h.i.t ancient powers, they trapped us inside the Heaven Thunder City, and in order to leave, we did not hesitate to pay the Spar s to come here, but coming here, they forced us to become their slaves, and even took our Storage magic treasure s!" Chen Xiang's words caused a burst of anger to rise in everyone's heart.

"You … You're slandering us! " Seeing how strong Chen Xiang's appearance was, an elder of the Purple Moon Imperial Land, who had heavily injured them with a single strike, was no longer confident.

"What he said is true, we are the victims. If not for him, we might still be helping you dig out Spar."

"That's right, he saved us. Your Purple Moon Imperial Land is the one spouting nonsense, you evil sects!"

"Evil sect, Purple Moon Imperial Land is a evil sect!"

"There's also Feng Clan, Flying Immortal School, Qian Xuanshan … They are all evil sects. "

"Annihilate the evil sects that are oppressing us!"


Everyone was filled with rage as they let out waves of furious roars.

Young Hero Shen, use your Green dragon demon-slain broadsword to kill them!

"Right, kill them all!"

Chen Xiang had indeed summoned his Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, and when the divine blade appeared, its power was boundless, intimidating everyone present, causing them to stop talking, they all retreated closer to Chen Xiang, and could feel the boiling power inside the blade.

"Don't even think about killing us!" The old man extended his hand out, he actually wanted to s.n.a.t.c.h the divine blade, but Chen Xiang did not let him succeed. Taking a step, he moved behind the old man like a ghost, and with one slash, chopped off his head!

"Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, give me your life!" He had been roaring all day long, but upon hearing this voice, Chen Xiang was startled. The person who had just arrived was actually Leader!

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