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Duan Sanchang's grandfather was once the Patriarch of the Duan Clan. Although there were only a dozen or so people in the Duan Clan, for him to be able to become the Patriarch, his strength must be extraordinary. Furthermore, Duan Sanchang once said that his grandfather was a tomb robbing genius.

The people of Peach Blossom Imperial Land also discovered that there was one more person in their team. This smiling dirty old man was like a ghost, suddenly appearing and following them for a period of time, causing them to tremble in fear.

"Who are you?" He did not slow down at all. As long as they were slightly slower, Chen Xiang would be able to escape.

"I am Duan Chong, who are you?" The old man chuckled. "You guys are faster. You live much longer than that kid. Why are you running so slow?"

Duan Sanchang had mentioned his grandfather's name before, and it was precisely Duan Chong. This slovenly old man was truly Duan Sanchang's grandfather!

"Don't worry about it, you'd better stay away from us!" Although he knew that Duan Chong's strength was not weak, he was not afraid. If not for the fact that he was chasing and killing Chen Xiang right now, he would have stopped to take care of him.

Duan Chong's old face revealed a trace of anger: "I already told you my name is Duan Chong, why didn't you tell me? "You cheated!"

"Scram to the side. If you keep bothering us, don't blame us for being impolite!" He Caiyong shouted in anger.

Chen Xiang's voice came from the front: "This is the Duan Clan's Patriarch, you guys don't want the Peach Blossom Imperial Land's tombs to be dug up, you'd better be a bit more polite towards him."

There were very few members of the Duan Clan, moreover, their movements were usually secretive. Others only knew their surname, so they rarely knew their name. The ancient powers would usually call them tomb robbers!

At this moment, He Caiyong did not doubt in the slightest what Chen Xiang had said. The strange old man in front of him was indeed very similar to the Duan Clan's Patriarch who had disappeared for many years! He also knew that the Duan Clan had extremely powerful concealment abilities, so they could quietly come to their side.

"All of you are really boring. To think that the little guy in front of me is more interesting. I'm not playing with you all anymore!" As Duan Chong spoke, he disappeared in a flash. In just an instant, he had arrived beside Chen Xiang.

This startled Chen Xiang so much that he almost shouted loudly. Even though he was not using his full power with his Shrinking step, his speed was definitely not slow. This Duan Chong actually arrived beside him in just an instant.

"This old fellow …" How did he do it? " Chen Xiang asked Long Xueyi.

"I don't know. It doesn't seem like a secret spatial technique, because I don't sense any fluctuations in s.p.a.ce. Long Xueyi thought about it bitterly, because she felt that Duan Chong's method was somewhat familiar.

"Right, it's Shadow Step. This is a very ancient secret technique. It's said that as long as your shadow is moving, he will be able to follow you and not let you know."

Duan Chong grinned and laughed: "Kid, how did you recognize me? Not many people know my name! "

Chen Xiang said honestly: "Your darling grandson told me. When I came in, he asked me to come and find you!"

"This brat is really considerate. When you go back, tell them that I have something important to take care of here, so they don't need to worry about me!" Right, why are these guys chasing you? " Duan Chong actually didn't suspect Chen Xiang's words.

"Not only did they come to kill me time and time again, they even wanted to rob me. I was forced to kill some of them. I was outnumbered, so I had no choice but to escape." Chen Xiang sighed.

Duan Chong nodded: "You are currently using the Shrinking step, right! Only the people of the Ground killing are able to grasp this kind of footwork. It seems like it is normal for you all to have mastered the initial stage of the Ground killing and to be chased down by them. "

Chen Xiang's eyes lit up, Duan Chong knew a lot of things, many people knew about the Heaven Earth Killing Method, but they did not know that it was divided into many different levels.

"Senior, can you help me?" Kill them all! " Who knew that Duan Chong would say it very casually, "No problem, but after they die, Peach Blossom Imperial Land will definitely know that it was you who did it. Aren't you afraid of offending Peach Blossom Imperial Land?"

"What's wrong with that?" Feng Clan, Flying Immortal School, Purple Moon Imperial Land, and White Sea Imperial Land have all fought against me, so I am not afraid of having another Peach Blossom Imperial Land. " Chen Xiang looked indifferent. He really wasn't afraid.

"Oh my G.o.d, as expected of someone who obtained the inheritance of the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord, you have guts! "Alright, I'll help you deal with these guys, but I'm only responsible for catching them. When you kill them, you'll have to do it yourself." Duan Chong spoke very easily. Looking at his expression, it was as if he was trying to catch someone at the back.

"Thank you, senior!" Chen Xiang laughed, this way he would not have to do it himself.

He Caiyong and the others who were chasing from behind had faces full of anger, because the old and young ones in front of them actually looked down on them. This angered them greatly. They were trying their best to escape, but they were still unable to catch up.

He Caiyong kept staring at the two in front of him, and suddenly, Duan Chong disappeared.

"Be careful!" He Caiyong was extremely vigilant, upon discovering that Duan Chong was not seeing him, he immediately tensed up, and was ready to take action.

Chen Xiang released his G.o.d Power and observed the situation. He wanted to see how Duan Chong dealt with He Caiyong and the others.

"I know your re-elected Leader. We even drank alcohol at that time! It's just that I never thought that the people of the Peach Blossom Imperial Land would not fall to such a degree. They're actually just like those traitors, a group of robbers! " Duan Chong had a strange smile on his face, making people tremble with fear.

The previous Leader had ascended a long time ago. He was a character, and after living for many years, Duan Chong had actually recognized him, which meant that Duan Chong was a person of that era.

If our old Leader is here, he would definitely support us. That kid has a Green dragon demon-slain broadsword after all! He Caiyong was a little afraid. Regarding the Duan Clan, many of the ancient powers only knew that their people were withered and their tombs were stolen all year round. They were cursed, so they did not know much else.

"That makes it even harder to fight for it. Don't you know the origin of that blade?" Guo Chong did not immediately take action, but followed beside He Caiyong.

"Nonsense, we don't know how to s.n.a.t.c.h it?" He Caiyong said.

"Back then, he consecutively received respect from Great Yan Jing for this blade, and it took him a lot of effort to subdue this divine blade. It can also be said that this blade took the initiative to recognize its master, and was blood related to the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord! Later, the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord paid a heavy price to not let this blade disappear with him, and had to cut off all contact with the divine blade. The divine blade was also affected, the soul of the blade was destroyed, but its spirit was still around!

Guo Chong paused for a moment before continuing, "Which is to say, this blade is already linked to that brat's life, unless that brat is the same as Ten Heavens Supreme Lord, but with his current strength, he is unable to do so. This G.o.dly blade cannot be given to anyone else, so no one can take it away, it's futile. This guy is even more sinister than Ten Heavens Supreme Lord. "

"I don't believe it!" Although He Caiyong said that, he believed half of it.

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