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Chen Xiang now understood why Yang Yi was so confident. He had truly mastered a powerful mysterious technique, the s.p.a.ce outside was simply a void, that place was a mess, filled with tyrannical power of s.p.a.ce, and had a very profound law of s.p.a.ce.

But this Yang Yi could enter that void s.p.a.ce at any time, and then let go of that void s.p.a.ce to teleport out. This was too heaven-defying!

Not giving him time to think, he felt a very weak ripple in s.p.a.ce. This ripple was like a very fine speck of dust that landed on the ground, and it was difficult for anyone to detect it. Even the Demon Empress present could not feel such a ripple, so there was no need to mention Gu Dongchen, Yao Shumei and the others.

If Chen Xiang had not cultivated the Divine Blade and refined the deep sea, his consciousness would have reached perfection and turned into Divine Powers, he would not be able to feel this fluctuation right now.

Half of the purple colored sword suddenly appeared, piercing towards Chen Xiang's throat. Everyone was shocked when they saw this, because they could only see the other half of the sword, not the person or the sword hilt!

This stab came from another s.p.a.ce. The most inconceivable thing was that when the half of the sword stabbed out, Chen Xiang slightly turned his head, barely dodging the attack, otherwise, his throat would have been pierced through!

Yang Yi did not manage to hit it, and immediately retrieved back his purple celestial sword!

's face had a trace of a burn wound, as though he had been burned by red-hot iron, and it smelt of smoke and charred flesh. Just now, he had avoided being pierced in his own throat, but the sword still slid past his face.

"Truly amazing. Your distinguished self has truly grasped the essence of the ability of a turtle to hide its head. This humble one truly admires that ability." Chen Xiang ridiculed.

Yang Yi thrusted out his sword again, in response to Chen Xiang. This sword was extremely vicious, and actually stabbed right into Chen Xiang's legs.

"Now I understand why the Peach Blossom Imperial Land is made up of women. I never thought that men are made out of this kind of stuff!" Chen Xiang said angrily. Since the other party was already so ruthless, he definitely could not be merciful.

"Humph, what's the use of having a tough mouth? You can't even touch a single strand of his hair, just give up! " He Caiyong sneered.

"Is that so? Can I really not touch a hair of his? " Chen Xiang glared at him angrily. Stepping on the ground, he immediately caused the earth to shake, the wind to howl, lightning to flash. His arms trembled, and a white mist leaked out.

The incomparably vast Dragon Power was brewing inside Chen Xiang's Dantian, shaking the world, causing the weather to change, the ground to tremble, as though an angry dragon that had been sealed for ten thousand years had been born. It seemed that Yang Yi had truly angered him.

Yang Yi relied on his ability to hide in the void and wasn't afraid of Chen Xiang at all. Right at this moment, he suddenly thrusted at Chen Xiang's legs again, the speed of his thrust was extremely fast, and regardless of whether it hit or not, he would immediately withdraw it back, preventing his Immortal Sword from being attacked!

However, this sword strike did not hit, because Chen Xiang's entire body was enveloped by a strong and transparent force.

"What terrifying power. The Dragon Power that the Taiji Dragon-suppressed kungfu has cultivated into is indeed extraordinary, it is really the same as the dragon's power, and it is even scarier than some of the True Dragon's powers!" This was the first time the Demon Empress saw Chen Xiang only use his strongest power. Previously, when Chen Xiang was fighting with the Heaven Devil King, the Devil-suppressing holy power he used were different.

Yang Yi and He Caiyong were completely shocked by Chen Xiang's Dragon Power. One must know that Chen Xiang had just stepped into the Nirvana stage not long ago, so he had at most went through three tribulations.

This made Yang Yi and He Caiyong want to kill Chen Xiang even more.

Both of Chen Xiang's eyes released a gold light, it was the G.o.d Power that had surged out from his, he focused the G.o.d Power into his eyes and condensed it into two points, looking at his surroundings, he was locking onto Yang Yi's location!

Following the continuous release of his Dragon Power, the earth trembled even more violently. His body was also covered in red-gold scales, making him look like a dragon-shaped human warrior, his entire body br.i.m.m.i.n.g with destructive energy!

Yang Yi was fearless. Although Chen Xiang's current strength was terrifying, it was not able to threaten him who was in a void s.p.a.ce. Even if Chen Xiang had the power to tear through s.p.a.ce, she would not be able to find him.

The night sky was completely covered by dark clouds. Bolts of lightning danced wildly, shining the pitch-black world. Accompanied by the whistling wind, it felt as if a demon had descended from the sky.

Everyone present looked at Chen Xiang with their mouths wide open. They had distanced themselves from him, as they could accept his display of strength. Because, every time a dragon appeared, it was more or less like this.

A purple light suddenly flashed, and Chen Xiang's pair of golden eyes seemed to have already seen it, a hand quickly extended out, transforming into an illusionary image, blocking the purple light, and suddenly grabbed onto the purple immortal sword!

His hand was wrapped with the White Tiger Fist Gloves. Although it was only half a White Tiger Divine Weapon, it was already very powerful, so when it came to dealing with immortal equipment, he did not waste any time talking. Now that the purple immortal sword was tightly grasped by him, it could not even move.

"You …"

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d, get out here!" Chen Xiang used a lot of force and pulled out his sword with him.

Chen Xiang had already expected that this fellow would love the sword as if it were his life, as long as he could grab onto this sword, he would be able to pull him out. Yang Yi just did not expect Chen Xiang to have this kind of power, holding onto the Immortal Sword empty-handed, and even grabbing the Immortal Sword to death!

"Master!" Yang Yi bellowed, while Chen Xiang's leg flew forward, and fiercely kicked Yang Yi's crotch. That heavy kick could even kick Tie Shan, let alone the weak Eggy.

When the men present saw this, Eggy couldn't help but feel pain. They could imagine the scene of an egg shattering as it fell onto the ground!

"Blast your turtle egg!" Chen Xiang said viciously, he remembered that Leng Youlan had been saying this a lot.

Yang Yi was kicked in the crotch area by Chen Xiang, he was almost crippled, in that moment he lost all his strength, and released the purple immortal sword! The foot Chen Xiang gave him was full of power, and nearly used up thirty percent of Chen Xiang's Dragon Power. If a huge mountain was kicked, it would shatter, so Yang Yi's entire lower body would lose all feeling!

Then, a gold light shot out from between Chen Xiang's brows and seeped into the purple sword. He instantly erased the imprint on the sword and placed it inside the ring!

"Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" flew into a rage, they were not allowed to s.n.a.t.c.h the divine blade, and instead the Immortal Sword was s.n.a.t.c.hed away by Chen Xiang, how could he endure this? With a leap, his palm condensed with a burst of red energy, he smashed it towards Chen Xiang.

When Chen Xiang obtained the Immortal Sword, he stepped on the Shrinking step and flew towards Yang Yi, dodging He Caiyong's furious palm, at the same time, he arrived at Yang Yi's side who was lying on the ground and moaning. His palm landed on Yang Yi's Dantian, and his body trembled, releasing a dense mist, at the same time, He Caiyong flashed behind him, and smashed his palm towards the back of's head.

Shadow Shifter!

Under the mist, Chen Xiang immediately unleashed the sacred art he had just learned, allowing him and Yang Yi to exchange positions at an extremely fast speed. Furthermore, the moment that the mist dissipated was also extremely appropriate, allowing Yang Yi to receive that palm blow to the point that his head was about to burst open, and everyone saw this scene!

Chen Xiang immediately ran away on his Shrinking step, and shouted while grinning: "You killed yourself!"

"Pride Pill G.o.d 967_ Pride Pill G.o.d …"

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