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"Arrogant Pill G.o.d."

"This is great, an incomparably pure energy is exploding in my body. This is too great!" Long Xueyi chuckled: "I wonder what it would be like to use a dragon to refine pills? In the future, I will definitely catch an old Emperor Dragon for you to refine a Dragon Pill! "Haha …"

Although Long Xueyi boasted shamelessly, at this time, Chen Xiang was also very hopeful that he would be able to refine a Emperor Dragon. His feeling was the same as Long Xueyi's, the pure energy that surged violently continuously came out of his body and washed over his body, giving him an indescribable feeling of pleasure!

"I'm afraid only this ancient beast can have this kind of feeling!" This was the first time that Chen Xiang felt this good after consuming a Spirit Pill. 13800100.

"It's a pity that Sister You You You You and sister Meiyao can't eat it, but it's a good opportunity for us in the future!" Long Xueyi laughed. At this moment, she was still licking her lips and savoring the taste, her training method was different from Chen Xiang's. As long as she slept, she could quickly digest the energy.

Chen Xiang now had to circulate his energy to refine it, only then would he be able to unleash the power of the Unreal ghost eagle pellet!

"Little Black, did you kill my Little Black?" An enraged voice sounded out, accompanied by a gust of violent wind, that blew the tree spirit tree behind Chen Xiang to pieces.

A red-robed old man descended from the starry sky like a fiery rock. When his feet landed on the ground, it caused the ground to shake violently and his feet were covered with cracks.

After seeing the peach blossom on top of the red robe, Chen Xiang was slightly surprised. This was the people from the Peach Blossom Imperial Land, he had guessed many forces, but he never thought that it was sent by the Peach Blossom Imperial Land. and Mu Jialan had always wanted to befriend him, so there was no reason for them to send people to ambush him.

Chen Xiang was currently full of energy, and was not afraid of anyone finding trouble with him: "You're talking about that Unreal ghost eagle right? "This guy killed himself by hitting the tip of my blade. I thought it was a pity at the time, so I ate it for nothing!"

"Little Black... You ate him? " The red-robed old man was infuriated, his old eyes burning with blood-red flames.

"Hehe, it was this guy who ambushed me from the air. At that time, I was only pointing my blade at the sky, and this idiot was acting all by himself, he deserved it!" Chen Xiang laughed, but the red robed elder actually threw a punch forward, the force of the punch was extremely ferocious, it tore through the air and shook the earth, like a bolt of lightning capable of ripping the heavens asunder.

Chen Xiang took a step forward and in half a blink of an eye, he had already moved away, avoiding the destructive strike.

The red-robed old man was truly worthy of being the master of the Unreal ghost eagle. He was very powerful.

"Old man, you're the one who told the big black bird to kill me, right? He deserved to be eaten by me! Oh right, are there a lot of these things in your Peach Blossom Imperial Land? Chen Xiang licked his lips and laughed.

The red robed old man was provoked by Chen Xiang and roared again and again, like a mad cow, he rushed towards Chen Xiang, his fists struck everywhere, the shock wave from his punches was extremely intense, and with every punch, the surrounding temperature rose rapidly.

"It's just an old man who knows how to use fire. This guy sent that Unreal ghost eagle to kill me. I wonder, is it because of his own intentions or the entire Peach Blossom Imperial Land?" Even though the opponent's fire was very strong, it was only a small itch for him. He could even go through a place like the core of the earth, so how could he be afraid of a fire of this level?

"Chen Xiang, I want to drink your blood and eat your flesh!" The red robed elder was furious, his punches were like wind and tiger's, constantly attacking Chen Xiang, but they were all dodged by Chen Xiang.

"Hmph, fl.u.s.tered and exasperated old man, I ate your Unreal ghost eagle, you eating me is what I eat." Chen Xiang sneered: "If you had teamed up with that beast to deal with me, maybe you could have taken me down, but you fearless old fellow, you would only dare not approach me from afar!"

The red robed old man roared, his body exploding out with red fire that filled the sky, the flames turning into many flaming eagles, rushing towards Chen Xiang at an extremely fast speed.

Chen Xiang waved his hand and released a water wall. At the same time, he also used the Black Tortoise Innate Qi to condense two water whips, holding them in his hands and lashing at the fire eagles.

"Water Vines!" The move that Chen Xiang had released was extremely destructive to the people who trained in fire. After the red-robed elder was wrapped around, not only did the fire Innate Qi inside his body get extinguished, there were also streams of Icy cold power that he could not defend against.

That was the Hail magic wind. Chen Xiang let it silently enter the cold old man's consciousness and in a few blinks of an eye, the old man shivered.

Just as Chen Xiang was about to pull out his blade to slash at him, the red robed elder suddenly shouted out. Blood was flowing out of his body, his blood was burning with a black flame, it was unbelievable that he could actually burn his water vines!

"Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I will definitely kill you!" The red-robed old man suddenly became very calm. Black mist of blood exploded from his body as it burned with black flames. Soon after, it turned into a ray of red light and disappeared in a certain direction.

"You won't be able to escape, I'll definitely kill you!" Chen Xiang fiercely leapt into the air and stepped on the Shrinking step. After a few steps, he disappeared, and his speed was not slow either.

The red robed man was forced to use a secret technique to escape, that technique would only harm his own cultivation or risk being crippled. Chen Xiang could not let him escape successfully.

Chen Xiang's speed had reached his limit, and this was the first time he was using the Shrinking step with all of his strength, so the red-robed elder's speed was also extremely terrifying. In a short moment, he was already so far away, but this escaping technique that could burn his own life didn't last long.

"Little Naughty Dragon, do you want me to refine this old fellow for you to eat?" Chen Xiang laughed.

"Nope, just thinking about it makes me lose my appet.i.te." Long Xueyi said as she curled her lips.

Chen Xiang did not want to eat it either, but he wanted to test the effects of the pill. The speed of the red-robed elder had slowed down a lot, and did not realise that Chen Xiang was following closely behind.

"Where is this direction? It feels like the Spirit Qi there is rather special, and only those large Sparite vein have such a thing! " Chen Xiang said in shock.

The red robed elder suddenly stopped, and from behind, Chen Xiang saw many people rushing out from a tall mountain, all of them seemed to be riding on a beam of light, flying towards the red robed elder.

"It's Yao Shumei and her daughter, and the a lad! The Demon Empress is also here, why are they here? " Chen Xiang was very surprised, he did not slow down at all.

"Leader... "Save me!" He knew that he could not defeat Chen Xiang, he did not know that Chen Xiang's strength was so terrifying. Being able to restrain him at such a young age, if he did not use a secret technique to escape, he would have died a long time ago.

"Arrogant Pill G.o.d."

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