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Primordial Pill G.o.d 962- Pride Pill G.o.d.

It was not that he had never seen a strange beast before, but he had never seen one that was so dark. If not for him and Long Xueyi being able to discover this fellow, he probably would have been ambushed a long time ago.

"He's close to me!" Chen Xiang started to run on top of a flat land at a moderate pace. He had done it to lure and lure the Unreal ghost eagle and attack him.

"As long as it reaches the range of its attack, it will immediately attack. This guy is very smart, it seems like it wants to kill me in one hit!" Long Xueyi sneered.

Chen Xiang scolded himself: "Which b.a.s.t.a.r.d sent out this kind of thing, don't let me find him!"

More than an hour had pa.s.sed, and the Unreal ghost eagle was getting closer and closer to him. Right now, it was directly above his head, and if it swooped down, it would instantly grab his head, but only he could sense that it was following him.

"This thing is really insidious, I almost didn't find it!" Chen Xiang had already made his preparations. As long as the Unreal ghost eagle descended, he could immediately attack.

The Unreal ghost eagle could no longer hold it in, Chen Xiang could feel that the Spirit Qi above him was slightly fluctuating, and he also sensed a kind of air flow, the Unreal ghost eagle was shooting down from above his head.

The transparent Unreal ghost eagle seemed to be invisible, and it also had a high concealment ability, making it difficult to sense its existence. However, Chen Xiang was able to catch the movements of the Unreal ghost eagle through the faint changes in the surrounding environment.

Chen Xiang immediately took out the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword s, and with the tip of his blade pointing upwards, his speed was extremely fast. Just as he finished speaking, he felt something hot on his body.

"This idiot is really courting death!" Chen Xiang laughed, and then with a boom, a giant eagle whose body was completely black, and whose body had been stabbed by a blade fell down.

This black hawk had spread its wings for more than a dozen meters and was ruthlessly stabbed by Chen Xiang in the abdomen, directly piercing through the beast core. Furthermore, Chen Xiang even poured some into the Hail magic wind, freezing this huge hawk to death.

"It's not small, breaking the beast core is such a pity, but you can let me refine it!" Chen Xiang released his divine power, only to see the giant hawk being lifted up by a light golden mist, floating in the air.

He took a deep breath and released a light golden, translucent pill furnace. This pill furnace was extremely huge, standing tall like a small mountain, with the Unreal ghost eagle right in the middle of it.

Although Chen Xiang could cultivate G.o.d Power, when he could release it, he could not hide it, and could still reveal a faint golden color. If his divine power grew stronger and stronger in the future, when he used a large amount of it, he would be as transparent as when he used it to scout the surroundings.

Right now, he wanted to take this Unreal ghost eagle and use it together to practice Heavenly Alchemy and refine this Unreal ghost eagle into a pill!

Last time he used it to refine a human, but it did not succeed, because it was in a city, and would be easily disturbed. But now it was different, this Unreal ghost eagle was a strange beast, and the flesh and blood beast pills on its body were originally good materials for refining pills, it was much easier compared to refining a human.

"This is better than using Devouring magic kungfu. If this hawk really refines a pill, I wonder what rank it would be?" Chen Xiang was really looking forward to it. He released the flames and poured them into the gigantic Magic method furnace s, burning the Unreal ghost eagle's body.

"In short, it won't be low. After refining the pellet, you can eat it without worrying about any effect. Using the Devouring magic kungfu will more or less have some dangerous and other effects." Su Meiyao laughed.

This Unreal ghost eagle was not weak, if Chen Xiang was successful in his sneak attack, even if he did not die, he would be seriously injured, but it did not expect Chen Xiang to discover it. Furthermore, when it used its fastest speed to attack, it raised its divine blade, piercing through its beast core, and even froze its consciousness!

This was probably the death of the most aggrieved Unreal ghost eagle in history.

Chen Xiang followed the method of refining everything inside the Heavenly Alchemy and burned this Ghost Eagle. The Heavenly Alchemy also had a detailed description of how to refine beasts, which was different from the method of an alchemist.

A strange beast like the Unreal ghost eagle, even its feathers were treasures. Its feathers were as hard as steel and contained a very special and powerful energy. If it was refined well, it could break down the special energy inside, and in this way, some things would become impurities!

Many beasts were born with powerful physical bodies, which humans could not compare to. Most of these were due to the special power contained within the physical bodies of beasts, which allowed them to grow and grow stronger without the need to cultivate their physical bodies.

This was also why when refining pills, one would need to add some beast blood, beast core strength, and sometimes even some meat and bones.

However, no Alchemist had ever refined a whole beast into a pill. They had their own thoughts but did not know how to refine it!

And the Heavenly Alchemy that Chen Xiang obtained, was something that taught people how to refine all things!

Under the gigantic Magic method furnace, it was burning with raging flames. In the evening, the flames were even more dazzling, the Unreal ghost eagle had long been split into many different types of bizarre energies, the impurities in its huge body had already been wiped out by Chen Xiang. After its body was incinerated, Chen Xiang reduced the size of the Magic method furnace by a lot, but it was still as tall as two people!

He could clearly feel that the special energy released by the Unreal ghost eagle was very special. If he ate it, it would be of great help to his body and the cultivation of the Innate Qi. He could not wait to condense this pellet and eat it!

After the Unreal ghost eagle was incinerated, most of the energy in its body transformed into mist forms, and a small portion into powder. The powder could not be burnt, and now it was just like the normal refining steps, where many types of energy and mist were mixed with the powder, making it impossible to reject the energy, and the energy could be transformed into even more wondrous energy, condensing it into a pill again, which was ready to be consumed!

On the Rankings of the Ancient Beast, this fellow could be ranked seventh, moreover, it was difficult to nurture, and it was extremely difficult to reproduce. Now that he owned one, it could definitely be considered a rare and unique beast, but it had been refined into a pill by Chen Xiang!

If the master of the Unreal ghost eagle knew about this, he would either commit suicide or kill Chen Xiang!

Chen Xiang did not care, the Unreal ghost eagle died from his own blade, he felt it was a pity, and used it to concoct pills.

The Unreal ghost eagle's energy released a rainbow-colored glow, causing Chen Xiang to exclaim repeatedly: "As expected of an archaic mutated beast, you're also so beautiful when refining pills!"

"I really want to eat it!" Long Xueyi's appet.i.te was also aroused, and he was drooling in the ring.

"Alright, I'll condense two pills then, hehe!" As long as Long Xueyi was around, he would often look for these things to refine pills. It was enough for him to eat for a long time.

"Pride Pill G.o.d 962- Pride Pill G.o.d!"

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